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  1. mulebuck

    This is ridiculous!

    Welp. We've learned two things from this thread. Lions are still a problem in this state and Dupont is a complete TOOL.
  2. mulebuck

    Would you support doubling the cost on General Season deer tags if...

    As Hornkiller & Founder touched on, restricting technology HAS to happen at some point. I'd love to see a reasonable proposal drawn up on the matter. I wonder what western state, if any, will attempt it first?
  3. mulebuck

    A very cool giant buck mount.

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!
  4. mulebuck

    POLL: Nasel Bones or No Nasel Bones??

    The absence nasals may not necessarily mean it wasn't done correctly, but it more than likely means whomever did it doesn't know how to remove all the flesh without damaging them. Beetles are one way, maceration is another. Whichever method, it takes time. Lately there seems to be a lot of folks...
  5. mulebuck

    POLL: Nasel Bones or No Nasel Bones??

    Interesting. I've never heard anyone say "looks trashy" yet. I guess you could do a quality euro and then knock the nasal bones out. Not sure why though. I've done hundreds and have never had a client ask me whether they wanted them intact or not. I do know that when the nasal bones are not...
  6. mulebuck

    POLL: Nasel Bones or No Nasel Bones??

    If the nasals or turbinates are gone then it wasn't done correctly. Just sayin'.
  7. mulebuck

    Is it the same buck?

    Same buck to me. Magnum P.I. would be proud of Brian.
  8. mulebuck

    "Angry pose" mule deer mount

    I like it (y)
  9. mulebuck

    Use of magnesium carbonate

  10. mulebuck

    Use of magnesium carbonate

    So you're essentially using it as a thickener in order to apply the peroxide. That makes sense. I wanted to know if its common practice to use it as a polymer mixed with glue for a finishing coat.
  11. mulebuck

    Use of magnesium carbonate

    I recently had a gentleman bring be a bear skull that was in need of having most of its teeth glued back in place and re-sealed. It was finished by another taxidermist. At first glance I noticed something off about the color/finish. It had a slight pink/yellow hue to it. I asked if he wanted the...
  12. mulebuck

    Use of magnesium carbonate

    Gotcha. So, this a whitening method then. That said, do the guys that use this stuff bother with de-greasing?
  13. mulebuck

    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

    Should have titled this thread 'glory whores'. Haha, all great bucks guys. Thanks for sharing. (y)
  14. mulebuck

    Use of magnesium carbonate

    Has anyone ever used or heard of using a mixture of magnesium carbonate and glue to finish skulls (european mount)? Just curious if this practice is common among taxi's. Thanks
  15. mulebuck

    Displaying multiple euro mounts

    Yeah cause the Ag station people are real scrupulous in their efforts. :rolleyes:
  16. mulebuck

    G3 Zone 2020

    Still love those shots/bucks Roy (y)
  17. mulebuck

    G3 Zone 2020

    Ahhhhh, I remember holding that buck in person at Joe’s house years ago. Absolute giant. It makes you wonder what went wrong in Goodale… There are so many variables but not one is the sole reason for lack of big bucks nowadays. Of them all, I would put the increase in ‘trophy hunters’, coupled...
  18. mulebuck

    "Angry pose" mule deer mount

    HAHA!! Not quite but close. I believe that's called the Old Yeller pose.
  19. mulebuck

    "Angry pose" mule deer mount

    Curious if anyone has ever seen a mount finished like this before. You know, when they put their head down, ears laid back, and act pissed off when another buck comes around during the rut. If so, would they mind sharing a pic. Also curious as to the difficulty of this style mount. Thanks for...
  20. mulebuck

    On the fence, Wyoming

    Thanks grizz. That's kinda what I assumed. Our dad is 78 so leaning towards 34. Still interested in knowing what the hunting pressure is like in G. With horses, is it still possible to get away from the crowds? I never realized there were unlimited resident tags until recent. That eventually...
  21. mulebuck

    X9A 2020

    Gee, why would that happen? 🙄
  22. mulebuck

    On the fence, Wyoming

    Which would you rather hunt, region G or 34 (limited quota)? Just looking for some persuasion on deciding which area to apply for. Non-resident with 9 points. Thanks for any direction.
  23. mulebuck

    CA Hosing Junior Hunters

    Agree with Homer, it should have never been changed in the first place. That said, its ridiculous they are now going back on it. Wonder if there's any way to fight it? As for the point system, there's not one method that makes everyone happy. They all have pros/cons. I prefer NV's randomness to...
  24. mulebuck

    Looking for advice on X9a or X12 or G6 draw

    Plenty of known reasons but I'm not going to highjack this thread.
  25. mulebuck

    Looking for advice on X9a or X12 or G6 draw

    9A & 12 herds are in pretty bad shape. If I had 9 points, I'd be looking further north.
  26. mulebuck


    >Ome heck of a GOV tag >buck. 235"s? You talking about tires or score? If the latter, you may need to go back to the eye doctor.
  27. mulebuck

    SOLD Cabelas $1150 gift card

    >This has been fun to read. > Agreed
  28. mulebuck


    >so....this is the auction tag buck >killed in G3 this year???? > > > > > Yes. Right off Division creek. Paul was right.
  29. mulebuck


    >You do know the reason they >hold out for the G3 >hunt is not because they >are expecting a 200? buck >it's because they have already >hunted lassen,Modoc and the Anderson >flat hunt and they haven't >found a buck they feel >is worth shooting so G3 >is the last chance. That's one...
  30. mulebuck


    I guess I'll add to all the positivity in this thread. Ha! G3 has been over-rated for a couple decades now. As to why, well that's another long thread. That said, there's always a buck or two around that has beaten unsurmountable odds. Hard part is finding it. Especially on years with very...
  31. mulebuck

    trail cams

    >What to do..... I know exactly what I'll be doing...
  32. mulebuck

    My son drew X12

    >I lost Don's phone number. > >Not sure how many points he >had. PC I know. I was being silly based on your thread about losing Don's number. Great year to draw. Hopefully you have some time to get up here at scout. Only guy I know of that drew had 6 points. Best of luck to you guys.
  33. mulebuck

    My son drew X12

    Call Don Peezer
  34. mulebuck

    Score! Any X9A hunters here?

    Well that escalated quickly...
  35. mulebuck

    Draw done

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-11-19 AT 11:33PM (MST)[p]>5 points didn't get X9a. That's ridiculous
  36. mulebuck

    Nevada was generous this year

    Thanks for rubbing it in. ;)
  37. mulebuck

    Euro question

    Squeaky wheel gets the oil right. Hopefully you've spoke with him since your drop off date 7 months ago. That is ridiculous. Have you given him any $ yet? I've never kept anyone's head longer than 3 months. No matter how busy I am or amount of time/attention a project may need (ie, a...
  38. mulebuck

    New business

    Looking good pard! Any plans to do a flex-fit style hat?
  39. mulebuck

    Quick little Rant !

    I think it's time to fight back. Give those dbags some resistance since this fantasy state won't.
  40. mulebuck

    badlands 50% off sale

    Son of a... Wanted one of their flex fit approach hats in L/XL. Out of stock already. If anyone orders one and doesn't like it, I'll gladly buy it off ya.
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