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  1. Bossbrott

    Who's Excited About Draw?

    15points between the two of us, got to keep scouting. Haven't narrowed it yet, but found some promise a couple weeks back. What little snow remains it's going to be a dry one.
  2. Bossbrott

    Not many Blacktail Buck pictures?

    The one that got away
  3. image.jpeg


  4. Bossbrott

    This is ridiculous!

    For the record, I hunt near a wardens blind. My Birdseye view claims he's a shitty shot.
  5. Bossbrott

    Rush - RIP

    His passion and vision, we lost a truly great man. Rest in peace Rush.
  6. Bossbrott

    No birds(waterfowl) in central valley yet!

    Fantastic weekend around Marysville. Good weather moved em around pretty good. Should stay good as long as we don't get another heat snap.
  7. Bossbrott

    G3 Zone 2020

    I stand corrected, it was 2010 when my son had the tag. I took that pic the day prior to the hunt, and I watched him go down as well. Did you ever get pics of the fork that was running with him? He was the biggest fork I've seen to date.
  8. Bossbrott

    G3 Zone 2020

    A great buck we failed to close the deal on in 2013.
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  10. Bossbrott


    Only stepped foot on one refuge this season, Modoc, and had a great time. Been hitting the blind a few times with good success on the specs/honks. Haven't even shot at a duck from the blind yet, which is strange.
  11. Bossbrott

    A buck for Megan

    Huge congrats neighbor. I'm just down the road in Meadow Vista. That smile says it all.
  12. Bossbrott

    chineees stuff.

    Picking up a new MinnKota and a new Stihl this week.
  13. Bossbrott

    Poacher Busted! Anyone here ever caught a poacher?

    Bought my first rifle from a poaching reward. Walking home from school a fella had 7 does laying in his garage. I called him in and got the reward. Dirtbag deserved all he got, including eviction.
  14. Bossbrott


    Looking forward to next year, unfortunately one sprig, but that'll have to do.
  15. Bossbrott

    Ca DFG Cannabis program

    Although I don't imbibe I am friends with a couple "legal" growers. DFG makes certain zero water is taken from streams, and no runoff enters streams/waterways. I'm not a fan of the process, but yeah, they're ahead of the curve.
  16. Bossbrott


    Slow year in the North valley, d10. Flood up these last couple years is staged, and birds just hopscotch from newly flooded to newly flooded. Late season panned out thankfully and we had decent flights of sprig, specs, spoons, widgeon in that order. Mallards, well, we have no virtual resident...
  17. Bossbrott


    I'd suspect we'll see a couple good ones just like every year.
  18. Bossbrott

    X7B General

    LAST EDITED ON May-21-19 AT 09:22PM (MST)[p]I may be getting older but I'm certainly not gone, yet. I'm curious as to his trip as well.
  19. Bossbrott

    Who's up for a horse hunt?
  20. Bossbrott

    Forest Service researcher treed by wolves!

    The next person entering that territory had better be prepared.
  21. Bossbrott

    How many bonus tag tickets do you buy?

    0, cash cow gets enough.
  22. Bossbrott

    Just in

  23. Bossbrott

    By far the biggest I?ve seen to date

    Saw a buck extremely similar in MV. Wondering if it's the same one?
  24. Bossbrott

    Grizzly Island, or Siskiyou?

    With hunts that have 2 or fewer tags points don't matter, they're allocated to general draw. Not an awful lot of bull tags available. I have max points and am considering a cow myself. The idea of packing out an elk at 60+ years sounds kind of unappealing.
  25. Bossbrott

    X zone archery hunts for deer

    X9a, b, c all have what you're requesting. 9a obviously has a higher ratio due to the mix in habitat and good access, but if you're looking for high alpine with good deer numbers, 9a would be it. I've hunted all the zones you're referring to, and high alpine really only exists in the southern...
  26. Bossbrott

    Rainy day dog down😁

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-20-18 AT 08:34PM (MST)[p]Great job. Mouth call or foxpro?
  27. Bossbrott

    Cache creek bull

    Wondering how the weekend panned out?
  28. Bossbrott

    CA B zone blacktail

    Great buck, well worth the 8hrs to do a euro mount.
  29. Bossbrott

    Dove hunt bonus!!

    Take that over a 2oz bird my day.
  30. Bossbrott

    Cache creek bull

    Any updates? Waiting patiently, somewhat..
  31. Bossbrott

    X7B General

    theres a lot more deer on the western slope than the eastern slope, and plenty more hunters. You will find good numbers of deer down low, and that's where everybody who wants a crack at horn will be. For a better hunting experience imo I'd stick East of Crystal Peak Rd. Find water and green...
  32. Bossbrott

    Alexus' 2016 Nevada Bull

    That's truly badass, a huge congrats!
  33. Bossbrott

    My daughters X zone hunt, 3 new friends and GREAT memories!

    Nice buck, always looking for the tripod myself.
  34. Bossbrott

    Xzone hunt

    Once again, another nice buck. Congrats
  35. Bossbrott

    California Success

    Leaving on my trip this week, hoping to have similar success. A big 3pt is a beautiful trophy, congrats on the daggers.
  36. Bossbrott

    Muzz Deer Success

    Beautiful buck, congrats.
  37. Bossbrott

    Deer cape

    Fantastic buck! Hope someone can help him out.
  38. Bossbrott

    Odd or Unusual Encounters

    I sat motionless in a jumble of boulders amidst some tall timber just West of Lake Tahoe, CA hunting deer. I'd sat for several hours just motionless and watched a few doe walk by yards away due to the great wind I had blowing in my face. Not one deer even suspected any danger was near due to...
  39. Bossbrott

    Opening morning buck

    One heck of a buck, congrats!
  40. Bossbrott

    first tag of the season filled!

    Congrats, that should eat real good.
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