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    270 GMX 130gr

    I picked some up due to the unavailability of Barnes TSX bullets. Curious about load differences or should I just go with my std Barnes load, powder being at a premium now I don’t want to use more than necessary to work up a load. On second thought I guess I’ll have to anyway 🤨
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    Trout Creek Traditional

    They were probably upset that one of their honey holes was outed. Loose lips sink good units.
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    Big 3 Elk

    if you don’t have a plan for mt Emily bow season can be a tough hunt. I second everyone who says use your points ASAP and don’t waste your time continuing to thru both time and money into Oregon’s mismanaged system.
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    Any use in getting a 2nd rifle bear tag 66/67?

    Didn’t see much bear sign last year and I personally wouldn’t get a bear tag if I were hunting in those units.
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    Loss of Taste and Smell

    I had it in early January and my sense of smell is back about 60%. I took about a month to begin to enjoy my morning coffee. It been slowly coming back, my other symptoms disappeared very rapidly in comparison. No lung or other issues.
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    2020 Big Game Stats are up--FINALLY!

    +1 Dry Creek outfitters, my son got a random draw sheep tag in 2013 with 6pts. He got a good ram with dry creek, I can’t say enough good things about that outfit. I also agree max point holders will fall off at an accelerated pace. Most of us are going to be too old or die before we get a...
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    I got some projectiles a couple of weeks ago on but it wasn’t cheap. You May pay thru the nose but if you net rounds you need them.
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    SW desert Deer

    What they said....
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    Unit 67 4x4 Access

    Good info, thanks for the condition update. I hope some rains do come in the mean time, I see some wildfires burning in nearby units. I may have to put some sand bags in the back of the truck for case it rains. I usually have two spares on these trips too, having learned that...
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    Unit 67 4x4 Access

    Archery Elk (9/7 - 9/30 or tagging out which ever comes first)
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    Unit 67 4x4 Access

    Thanks, I appreciate that. How are the roads when it rains, will I need mud tires? (I'll have chains and a highlift jack, and a chain saw ;).)
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    Unit 67 4x4 Access

    We're driving out in a 4x4 truck and not having been in the unit, wonder whether we are going to get stuck or not be able to drive to some of the trail heads. What do the roads look like and will we regret not having a quad?
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    12 AW Fire

    Looking forward a couple of years and this might be a good thing. But for now it sucks.
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    Tick tock.....

    Got our default D3-5 tag along with everyone else.🤗
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    Ca posted

    Looking forward to a story on how the hunt goes.🤠
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    OIL Results

    Put in for deer this year let’s see how the numbers fall. Today’s the last day to apply.
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    Elk Hits?

    Confirmed we got our elk archery tags in unit 67. Looking forward to it already.😉
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    Elk Hits?

    CC hit and waiting for email confirmation.🤗
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    Good Luck in the Draw

    I should add that the 3 point unit we got drawn for in CO is about 30% success for archery... go figure how CA manages its game??? Though the quality potential is higher in CA but with the points it takes to get a tag you could have hunted four times in CO with the same amount of points.
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    Good Luck in the Draw

    The NE Archery Elk tag is about 1/4 with max points but their success is 40% for only 10 tags in what should be a 60-80% success unit. They cut the season short for archers, and give the rifle guys the last two weeks of september. So easy to draw hard to get a good bowhunt in. Cheers, Ed
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    Good Luck in the Draw

    Glad I swung for the fence and put in NE Elk rifle, cause we got our CO archery elk tags and I doubt I'd have time for both! I would make the time if I got drawn though, ;) Things are falling into place for the season...
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    Tick tock Christmas in June

    CC got hit for two elk tags, looks like my brother and I will be archery hunting elk in CO this year. My Bro got his archery deer tag too.
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    Draw results

    Deer tag cost hit the CC. Now come-on elk tag in the same unit!
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    Did California Today

    Doing my CA apps tonight or tomorrow. I have max points for elk, sheep and antelope. Going for Deer points this year as my son won’t be able to hunt deer this year, so we’ll be another point up for next year. I got my AZ app in yesterday swinging for the fence, and waiting on Co results...
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    Nevada draw results

    Got another set of points...
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    111-113 archery elk

    Struck out in NV. Next up to the plate, Colorado.
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    CA Draw Coming Up, What to Do?

    We were in no mans land the last couple of years but if there’s no point creep this year we may cross the the great divide into the promised land.😉 the one glitch is my son’s wife is expecting their first child and instead of a week he’s thinking a long weekend. Just gotta find one before he...
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    Draw results

    I used to think so too, and one year I had a Colorado unit 21-30 deer tag and a Utah LE bull tag. The seasons overlapped and I ended up burning the deer tag though I did get a bull. I only have so much vacation too. This year we’re in the running for a good x zone tag with family in October...
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    Draw results

    It would be nice if they were early, so I know how to complete my CA and AZ apps. I don't want to get over extended with hunts that I can't do.
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    CA Draw Coming Up, What to Do?

    Except now they arn't holding classes because of CV-19. I took the online portion last year, but couldn't fit in the class when I went down to scout the unit. Not a big deal, and a good refresher. This year, you have a year (instead of 90 days) to complete the physical class if you take the...
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    111-113 archery elk

    There are some lucky guys, with great bulls. NV system works and skews towards those with more points, but this shows that guys with 0 can still get drawn and get a great bull. I'm sitting on 23 elk points and hoping it happens this year. Clearly i'm not as lucky as some. :)
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    CA Draw Coming Up, What to Do?

    I agree with all that you have said. I didn't mean to say it was peaches and cream. I don't hunt here unless I get a premium tag, just no time to waste on OTC deer here when there are so many better hunts beckoning me from out of state. This seems to be the way hunting is going to go unless...
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    CA Draw Coming Up, What to Do?

    Tule elk
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    CA Draw Coming Up, What to Do?

    I think you’re right about quality of deer. But desert sheep has been well managed and if you are lucky you have a chance at some B&C sheep. Antelope is pretty good and where else do you get to hunt tile elk? The Rocky Mtn elk are mismanaged in the state, I’m not sure about the Roosevelt...
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    Cmon sheep

    Nice rams all round, and some very lucky guys! I'm still hoping for my NV tags to come in....;) My son got a desert tag in 2013 in CA with 6 points.
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    21 NR Deer & Lope Points

    I agree! I will send you a PM.
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    Utah raises NR fees, a ton!

    Buzz, In CA the no lion hunting came about through a ballot measure that was voted on by the people in the state, which took control away from the Department of Wildlife. The antis were aware that the Department of Wildlife was going to open lion hunting up on a limited basis and mounted a...
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    Max Antelope points

    Max point draw odds are very good for Likely Tables and Lassen. Likely Tables 1st period = 1 in 3; 2nd period 1 in 1.4 chance Lassen 1st period = 1 in 7; 2nd period is 1 in 4. The max pointers will be drawn out in about 7 years at this rate. No horn data on the CA website, but the last info...
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    Apply in the draw

    There is a good write up on the NDOW website. The way I understand in Nevada draw to work is that if you have 10 bonus points then your points are squared and that gives you 100 random numbers in the draw. The lowest of your 100 random numbers is what they use to determine what hurts you get...
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    Apply in the draw

    Both. it depends on .... The unit potential How many years you have to hunt How many points you have What kind of hunt you would be happy with Etc....
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