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    Who's Excited About Draw?

    Not much discussion going on about the upcoming Draw. Use to be a lot of talk anbout Zones and Points, etc., has everyone given up?
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    New Commissioners I don't think the new Commissioner is pro hunting
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    Archery Bear

    Have a tag. Never tried archery for bear yet. Season starts August 15 this year?
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    Left Over Tags

    I was hoping for A31 to be on this list, but I took A32. Also interested in possibly getting AO tag...anyone know what the latest hunt is in AO?
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    Deer Archery

    Where would be a good Zone to put in for Archery If you had seven points? Thanks in advance!!
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    ITX Non-Toxic Roundballs

    Any one using these? My concerns are; patches, powder amount.
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    Western States Muzzleloader Hunts

    Is there any publication that provides a comprehensive list, describing in some detail, muzzleloader hunt opportunities in various Western States?
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    Looking for any A32 info. Probably not a good zone, but I'm trying it this year. Any info, advice or tips greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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    Percussion Breach Clean out

    The cap clean out plug is frozen on my TC Hawken breech. I have tried many steps: Soaked three days in liquid wrench Soaked two weeks in 3 - 1 Oil. Boiled in water for twenty minutes. I looked for a impact bit for this, however, the blades are all too thick to fit in screw slot. Any...
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    1975 .50 TC Hawken

    I've decided to take old Hawken out of mothballs. I haven't fired it since 1983, so it needs some work. I also need a breech plug for percussion cap. My concerns: Lead free Calif. Powder Accuracy Question: Does anyone still use one of these and what are pros and cons compared to modern...
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