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    308 Brass

    Thanks, I will do that
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    308 Brass

    I’m just curious if people are looking for 308 brass? I bought a gun a while ago and it came with a bunch of brass some I believe has the new primers installed but I don’t reload so I don’t have much use for them
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    non res point cost

    I am a resident here and I’ll be honest with you, there’s not a zone in this state that’s worth the cost if it’s $300 per year in my opinion. I put in because it’s cheap as a resident but any other state would be a better investment.
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    New Commissioners

    There are lots of people here in CA that are pro hunting...there are just a lot more people here who are not! Don't put us all in one category, we don't all surf before school either. Plenty of good people in this state, but we get overrun by the big city BS. I wish they could keep the politics...
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    Shed Antler Hunting Photo Contest ... Nice Prize!

    Here is a CA buck I found with my son and found his sheds a few days later.
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    Keeping my stuff on the wall

    Thanks guys! I just looked at the McKenzie website and found exactly what I was looking for!! Don’t know how I couldn’t find that before but thanks again guys I appreciate it
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    Keeping my stuff on the wall

    I’ve got a question for you guys, I’ve got a couple deer that I had mounted for me and they just have a hole in the back in order to hang it on the wall. The problem is that they constantly twist and even fall from time to time. I have one that has a steel plate on the back with a groove and it...
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    Binoc case/ one out there?

    Badlands for me as well, lightweight and my favorite thing is how easy it is to remove and replace my binoculars . Tried some others that didn’t work near as well. Least favorite have been the KUIU ones. And I like a lot of their products.
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    Same Buck??

    Looks like the same buck to me without a doubt, in 2 years they can change a lot but it still has enough similarities for me to believe it is the same buck.
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    Non Res Guide Draw

    Just curious if anyone has seen their results on the Non-Resident guide draw yet? Good luck, I have been checking but haven't seen anything yet
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    SOLD Swarovski El Range TA 10x42

    Thank you for the response, I am considering the upgrade like I said but I have to send in my old pair of Swarovski EL Ranges to make sure there is no problems with them and then sell them before making the jump. The button relocation is perhaps one of the coolest features in my opinion because...
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    2020 Mexico Coues Deer Hunt-Part 3

    Some real great bucks there! Congrats
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    SOLD Swarovski El Range TA 10x42

    I just heard about these and I have the original El Range 10x42 and am just curious what it is about them that you don't like? I am considering an upgrade because they finally switched the range button to the other side and dropped the minimum yardage, figured they would be much better for bow...
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    Finally Dropped

    Thanks guys, it was awesome to find the buck and then his antlers only 100 yards from where we last saw him
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    Finally Dropped

    Found this buck with my son last Monday and picked up his antlers on Friday! Pretty good CA buck, and my best set of browns.
  20. Nice Finds

    Nice Finds

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    Thanks guys for all your responses, it looks like I’m gonna have to get some foldgers! That’s what I drink at home but wasn’t sure if there was some outdoor brand that everyone else was using for instant.
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    I love having a cup of coffee on the mountain, which I was recently introduced to a new method on a Jet Boil, and instant coffee pack. Do any of you have a specific brand of instant coffee that you swear is the best?
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    Kuiu Northstar gloves?

    Sitka Incenterator gloves are definitely the warmest
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    G3 Zone 2020

    Yup that’s the guy! Great guy! I didn’t think it was over 28 when we saw it but unique buck.
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    G3 Zone 2020

    That fork hit the dirt , they said he was 30.5 wide
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    G3 Zone 2020

    That other picture didn’t do that buck justice, here’s another picture of him.
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    G3 Zone 2020

    it’s not a giant but there are still a few in there. We saw one buck better than thie top one, just too far for a picture. The bottom picture is a good representation of most of the mature deer running around. Lots of 26-29 inch 3x3 bucks, Finding a true giant in this unit is just like every...
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    Big 3

    Thanks guys, yes he is a d zone buck. Although I’m tagged out I do hope that they can at least open some of the public land soon because I have a lot of friends looking to fill their freezers. Good luck to the rest of you!
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    Big 3

    Finally got one of the bucks we’ve been looking for this year, due to smoke we haven’t been able to glass real long distance so just got into the bedding area and after the fifth time going in finally found him. He’s 26 inches wide and super heavy. Here’s a few pictures of him, one is him in...
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    Should Idaho Have a Land owner voucher system?

    I know if I spent the money to buy a ranch big enough to qualify for landowners tag it would be nice to have the option to sell it on a year that I wouldn’t hunt it. Just saying there isn’t a lot of margin in cattle or hay ranch now a days
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    Long Range Shooting

    Thanks for the advice, I’m gonna do that milk jug idea! That’s a good representation of a kill shot on most big game animals and would definitely help build confidence, or destroy it!
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