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    Kids Youth Cow Hunt Success

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-21-17 AT 03:36PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-21-17 AT 03:25?PM (MST) Sorry for the late response but had to install a new water heater, get a new freezer(a good thing), and process some elk. Well, we made it back late on Monday and had a blast. To update Gator's last post...
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    Has anyone gotten their tag in the mail yet?

    Has anyone gotten their hands on an actual elk or antelope tag yet?
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    Anyone hunting the EARLY 22N in the next few weeks

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-01-13 AT 10:57AM (MST)[p]For those of you who were hunting the 22N early hunt in the last few weeks, if possible I would like to hear how your hunt went and what you have been seeing. ALSO all you 22N archery guys coming up. I have the 22N hunt at the end of the month. We...
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    ISE Expo Show in Las Vegas Feb 2-4

    Is there anyone on here that plans on going and have you every been to and ISE expo in the past.
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    Javelina down

    Spent a week chasing deer and javelina in AZ. Saw some deer but not luck for me getting closer than 70 yards so had to let 4 nice bucks walk. A buddy and I scored last week on Javelina. Saw a few groups and was able to sneek into a few groups of them some as close as 5 yards. Check out my...
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    Javelina Success!

    A buddy and I scored last week. Saw a few and was able to sneek into a few groups of them some as close as 5 yards. Enjoy. Check out my quiver it broke on day 2 and i had to be careful not to stick that thing in my leg the rest of the trip.
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    Archery Success

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-15-10 AT 02:56PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Sep-11-10 AT 09:16?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Sep-07-10 AT 07:40?PM (MST) I was finally able to connect this weekend on a nice buck. I have had several opportunities to close the deal but wind, a twig, or something was making it a no go...
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    Good Luck Archery Guys

    I know that the Archery Seasons start for most of the state this weekend in the Sierras so Good Luck everyone. Post up if anyone scores. Kurt
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    So Cal buck from D14

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-03-09 AT 04:45PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Nov-03-09 AT 04:44?PM (MST) There are some bomber bucks that are coming out of California this year. I saw a 195 typical and a 195 Non-Typ on antoher forum so look for it. However my Dad got a nice one, it is not a super monster but a...
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    My Boy, a Buck, and Priceless Memories

    This by no means is a Monster Muley but I had to post on here this little guy. Not the deer, which is just a forky, but my boy and how proud he was being with me when I tagged out. You all remember the first time you and your Dad got a buck and this will be engrained in him memory as well as...
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    Thanks for those that voted for Corinne Chapman

    Wanted to give an update one a vote, a while back I asked for the MM fans to vote for my sister in a contest. Well results are in and she WON one of the four opening spots for Littlebigtown. She will be at a show in March and she may be in your neck of the country, and possible more if they...
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    Hey all Calif guys and gals Vote for My sister

    I posted this topic in the campfire but this really needs to be posted here. My sister, Corinne Chapman, is a California native and is in a contest to win a opening spot at a concert for Littlebigtown a country group. She needs to be in the top 4 for the opportinuity. So go to the link below...
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    Can you vote for my sister

    Hey I need all you MM fans to support my sister. She is in a contest to open a concert for Littlebigtown a big country music group, go to this site and look for her name here is how to do it. You can vote up to 5 times a day just change your zip code, contest going until the 27th of Feb. 1...
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    What B zone would be best

    Trying to score a close to book blackie and wanted to know what zones anyone would hunt to have a good chance.
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    What pack to get

    I really what to get a new pack this year and I wanted to know what you guys think. Would like a pack that will hold up to the punishment of 6-10 mile hikes loaded or unloaded with meat or gear. May be have a pack large enough do a 3,4, or 5 day backpack hunt. Price is not super important...
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    Tags in photos?

    Just wanted to ask what the MM community thinks about this hotly discussed debate from another forum about having your tag on the animal when taking the photos. DFG as made statements that non-tagged animals could not go into state publications unless the tag was visible, something about...
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    Info on any pig hunts near Redding

    Just wanted to know if anyone has any info on pig hunts near Redding. Or any places they would rather hunt if given the chance. thanks for the help
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    So any one have experience with AZ Javalina, Deer in Jan

    Starting my research on archery hunting Javalina and deer in january of 2010 in AZ. Not looking for a specific area just what people have done in the past and what steps need to be taken. Thanks,
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    Need info on Nevada 161-164 Archery

    Anyone out there have any info we could use for Nevada 161-164 Archery. Cost of gas will limit scouting trips. Thanks
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    Just wanted to share my 3x3 buck

    Well I wanted to post a picture of the buck I got this last weekend in California with my bow. Enjoy
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