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  1. Buckmiser

    Siskiyou Bull Elk

    Great bull!
  2. Buckmiser

    AZ gov tag produces a public land 470

    pathetic really.
  3. Buckmiser

    Likely Tables Period 2

    Nice one!
  4. Buckmiser

    Likely Tables Period 2

    Bummer to hear. Plenty of goats about 10 years ago.
  5. Buckmiser

    Mt Emily spike 1st season

    A question for those of you who have hunted Mt Emily. If a guy puts in the time/effort, drops into some deep canyons in basins he’s scouted elk, gets away from the ridge top pressure, can he reasonably expect to find a spike? My original question, are there that many spikes in this unit. I have...
  6. Buckmiser

    Mt Emily spike 1st season

    A bugle call never even entered my mind. As I stated I meant to put in for the bull tag and just get another PP. $588 for a spike is a lot of $$$. Still don’t know if I’ll bother. Like osu said, it’s better than staying at home! Time will tell, maybe I purchase the tag, maybe I don’t.
  7. Buckmiser

    Knoxville wildlife area

    Found it. Just trying to limit the # of yahoos on the WA. They do it for Upper Cottonwood also. Good luck.
  8. Buckmiser

    Knoxville wildlife area

    All I can tell you about Knoxville in August is it will be HOT. Not seeing this special draw hunt anywhere, am I missing something?
  9. Buckmiser

    Mt Emily spike 1st season

    I agree with your sentiment. I feel if I put in the time and effort I should be able to get it done. All the while checking out some new country. Good luck this fall.
  10. Buckmiser

    Mt Emily spike 1st season

    So it looks like I put in for the spike tag. Meant to put in for the bull tag and just earn a point with the long shot chance of drawing. Only had 2 points so no big deal. looks like 600+ spike tags plus the bull tags. Sounds like a zoo with low (16%) success. Is it worth it? Are there that...
  11. Buckmiser

    A zone pics

    Are dead ones ok?
  12. A909D585-D5D9-4290-989D-2E9F7E425442.jpeg


  13. Buckmiser

    Likely Tables Period 2

    The tables above Likely. Look for the 300’ radio antennae on the west side of 395. Head East on the dirt road across from said antenna. Plenty of land, plenty of goats. I have been drawn twice and took both of my goats in the general vicinity. Water may be a problem this year. The north east...
  14. Buckmiser

    Ca posted

    Fort Hunter Leggett period 3 bull. Max points
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