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    Unit 161 162 for bull elk

    Looking for any information on 161 162 for bull elk. we are going next week look at the area. Old timer 80 years old has the tag, wilderness is out. He can walk depending on how steep, probably good for total three miles. Any information would help. Thanks Mike
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    Can u still shoot chuckar this year with lead? Thanks
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    meat process

    Does any one know, if there is a place in Mtn Home that will process a deer? Thanks Mike
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    Left Over Tags

    I been looking through the regulations, looking for a answer to my question, haven't found it. I had drawn a controlled hunt last year, couldn't put in this year. Does that also apply to left over tags? Makes sense if it does. Thanks Mike
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    Unit 40 late

    Any news of anyone shooting big bucks in the unit?
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    unit 40 question

    been looking at maps and google. Looks like if i come in from grandview heading on mud flat road, looks like it might be paved for ten miles or so. And the rest of the mud flat is gravel. Thinking camping around poison creek area. Just trying to find the easy route from grandview or jordan...
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    leica adapter

    Has any one use the strap rubber strap, that attaches to your tri pod for your leica binoculars. I thinking about buying. Thanks Mike
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    unit 31 antelope

    Few questions on Unit 31. Can you get a trailer in the area to camp , or is it just better to take a tent. I have looked around on the internet really can't find a lot of information. I have 13 non res points son has 12 so we thought lets try to draw a area, before I get to old. Thanks for...
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    Unit 39

    Always hunted 39, cant make it this year. Wondering if feed is starting to grow back, after the fire? Heard it was pretty bad fire, hopefully there was a lot rain.
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    Three Creek Res. Beaver Utah

    Going next weekend to help a old timer on a non res elk hunt. One non res tag, he is 73. He wants to camp at three creek, I think it is around 9500 ft. But said we would be hunting at 11,000 ft. Is this where you guys would camp? I am going to pack only. Little bit worry packing meat out, at...
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    elk east of beaver

    Going to help a old guy that is 73 east of beaver. He was drawn for a archey hunt. Well I am the packer I have never hunted elk. I guess there was one non res tag. Any one area we should be looking at? He order maps. I have been looking at google earth. Hate to ask a dumb question, are they in...
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    Meeker Co

    Looking for a cabin to rent for unit 22 third period. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Mike
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    Plateau Boulder Camping

    I am planning to camp at Griffin Creek. Never been there. Have Oct deer hunt. Any pros or cons I should know about? Thanks Mike
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    Deer Unit 66 muzzleloader

    Does any one know of a good guide for this unit. Friend of mine that is 73 years old drew this unit, I cant go with him, he wants to hire a guide. Thanks Mike
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    Sheep zone 1 marble/ clipper

    Got lucky this year going sheep hunting. Tme to get in top shape.
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    Plateau Boulder/Kaiparowits

    This is the unit I put in for.Just lerning how to use Google Maps. not very good at it. I am hoping there is desert area, in this hunt. To me it looks like it, but not sure, put in with a friend. Whats the chance of shooting a decent buck. not scared of hiking. Any information would help. Thanks...
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    Unit 17 elk

    I am reposting this message. I didn't know it was unit 17. Looking for information. Does any one know someone that has horses would pack out a elk, if he shot one. He is 73 he can hike, but packing a elk, not gonna happen. He did pack about 15 lbs in Nevada where my son shot his deer. Not sure I...
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    nm 3/275 elk

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-21-13 AT 09:22PM (MST)[p] Trying to help an old friend out. He got drawn for a muzzle loader hunt for elk. Gordon is 73. Tried talking to him about hiring a outffitter, no way, has to be on his own. Been looking at maps for him, I think the unit is right on the border. I told...
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    unit 6

    Heading out to unit 6 to hunt, my son has a tag. can't to get on the road Wed morning. Scouted three days, he is stoke. I hope for some snow.
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    Taxidermist Elko

    Just wondering if anyone knows a good taxidermist in Elko. Not sure just yet if my son willl need one. But from what we been told, we can not bring the head back in CA. Does any one know if this is true? Just want to be prepare in case he needs one. Thanks Mike
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    Scouted 61-68 Deer

    Just got back. Spent four days learning the roads. Thats some big country.We went from sun up to sun down. Went to the Indenpence mts, Tuscorora mtns parts of it, Mahoganies, desert rd to midas, Penn mts, & the loop around the Owyhee Indain Reservation back to 225. We wanted to learn the roads...
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    Deer Unit 61-68

    Have a question. Do you think it is worth scouting before the season? My son has the late tag. I am planning on going in the middle of Aug. the, only time I have. Then I got to thinking maybe the deer will re locate before we get there. Thinking starting out in Mt City, scout around that area...
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    Rv Rental

    Looking to rent a decent tent trailer, out of Elko. Does any one know of a place that rents them? Talked to Gateway rv they don't rent. Really don't want to haul my 24ft trailer for 11 hrs. Mike
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    Deer Unit 61-64 late

    My son got drawn. Order maps should be here next week. With the research we done so far we are thinking starting in 62. Is 61 a migration route from Idaho, or do they go in a different directions? We are going to make couple of scouting trips, 9 hours one way, but it will be fun. If you have any...
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    Antelope unit 41 42

    Where is the best place to stay? I have never been there. I will need to stay in a motel. Don't mind if it is off the beaten path a little. I am gonna draw on Friday.
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    Units 54 55 or 47

    I like to desert hunt. I am leaning towards unit 54 for the draw,for deer. What do you think? If I was to draw, I want to hunt for that special big deer. Willing to eat the tag, if needed. For reason unit 54 stands out. Mike
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    Atlanta Area

    Thinking about hunting below Atlanta, Has any stayed at the Twins Springs Resort? Is there any other options, close, other than Featherville. Never hunted down low thought I might try it. Thanks Mike
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    Alaska Fishing

    Have some friends that want to go salmon & halibut fishing. Is it to late for them to go? They are looking to be guided. Any information would help. Thanks Mike
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    trail cam

    Just bought a bushnell trophy cam.Read the book two times. Is there any other tricks I should know about. I am going to set it this Friday. Thanks
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    Unit Question

    What area would you hunt in 43,46,48,49. I have hunted in 39 three times, we have had decent luck. I thinking about unit 43, try something different. Any comments. Thanks Mike
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    Finally a decision on unit

    22. Been going back & forth trying to figure out, what the unit that me & my buddy would put in for, for some reason 22 seems to stand out. We talked about going guided, either with Timberline, or 7L, but in the end, we would like to do it on our own. Hell Gordon is 71, great shape. I would like...
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    Yote hunting first time

    What a blast, we got them to answer on coyote call, they wouldn't come in. Don't know if we started correct, started with a rabbit in distress, but no go, then we use the coyote yelping, they answer. We can only get better at this, going again this weekend. Mike
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    Best deer unit

    If you were going to apply, for the best deer unit what would it be? Non resident. I have 10 points, & want to do it on my own. No horses, it would be by foot. I perfer, the desert area. Thanks Mike
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    Colo cow elk unit 3&4

    My son is hunting these units now, called today & said he hasn't seen one cow. A lot deer, few bull elk. Hiking into some canyons today, to see if he can locate any. Maybe it is the weather, not enough snow. Any one have any suggestions? Thanks Mike
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    Just got back from Unit 40

    Learned alot in unit 40. Seen a lot of deer. The tree biggest ones in the 30 inch class. Biggest deer,was not that great,short forks. One of them was a heavy 4x4 right at 30, we tried stocking him for two days no luck. I am no bow hunnter, helping a friend, I can say now, anyone that hunts with...
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    South Mtn. Archrey

    Hello, we are going to hunt South mtn, for archrey. Does anyone have any suggestions, where we might look around. Thanks for any information. Mike
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    Unit 40 archrey

    Hello, buddy of mine drew one of the two tags for non res. for archrey, should be a lot of fun. We have been looking at the maps,talked to the female biologist, can't think of her name, very nice. We going to start at South Mtn. If don't have any luck, we thought we might move to Sliver City...
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    Cold Feet

    I need some help. In Idaho last year, I got caught in the open on a ridge, last year, trying to hike to the top. I layed for two hours, on the ground. My feet were so dam cold. The deer, were there, so I did not move. But, maybe has to do with age 53. What is a good boot system & socks? Thanks Mike
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    GPS Question

    Looking for some help, for a GPS. Really don't anything. It is to be a Christmas present for my son. In the range of $350.00 he will use it for hunting, & mapping structure for fishing. I have read the remarks, but still not sure. Thanks for any information. Mike
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    Unit 40 Forked Horns

    Taking my son to unit 39 to hunt. I bought a extra tag for him. I thought we could leave early from 39, & let him hunt 40 for a forked horn, on the way home, would this be a good idea, or should we just stay in 39. Thanks Mike
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