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    VERY close call today

    :ROFLMAO: I can't agree more in that how we survived our youth is beyond me! I used to catch snakes as a kid, both poisonous and non-poisonous. Western Diamondbacks, Sidewinders, King snakes, Gopher snakes, you name it, whatever I could find in the Santa Monica Mountains of LA, or the deserts of...
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    VERY close call today

    After reading about all these rattlesnake encounters, I had no idea we have so many women Monster Muley members! :p
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    No hunting

    Thanks for the pictures Joe, now I know what to expect from my pending surgery. Stay focused in your rehab, there are bucks and bulls to be killed in the near future! :)
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    Fundraiser Draw

    You do not have to "Pick" a zone beforehand. You can hunt any legal zone until your tag is filled. You can start with X5B, then go to G39, and finish with G3 if you like. When you fill your tag, it's over. Have fun!!
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    Dang buzztails

    They sure are pretty!
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    No hunting

    Damn Joe, that looks like a nasty surgery! You will come out fine, you certainly have the right attitude and will be ready to kick some A$$ next hunting season. I am still one Point ahead of you for Utah Elk points! Like you, I had to put in for a point this year due to my pending back surgery...
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    over turned.....

    General Hunting Forum.
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    Wild America (a movie)

    Having grown up with five brothers, I was on the giving and receiving end of a lot of pranks, and some were pretty mean. My three older brothers would to call out for me to run up to the upper play yard. They would have their backs turned as I approached them. When I got close, they would...
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    No hunting

    Your report reads just like mine. Holding off until late November, early December for my surgery (#3). They will be fusing the L3, L4, L5 and S1, and addressing the stenosis in the L2. I had my neck done 4 years ago, and it went well. Hope your surgery goes well and you have a complete...
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    While growing up as a kid, we had an array of pets, Spider Monkeys, 2 horses, homing pigeons, chickens, ducks (Mallards), snakes, lizards, Desert Tortoise, Tarantulas, Tegu, dogs and cats. But when I had kids, things got a little out of hand with snakes. When my kids were old enough to go on...
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    LOL....I thought the same thing! I even yelled out to my wife "was their a big quake somewhere"?
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    Avocado prices where you’re at

    Just bought 2 yesterday......$2.99
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    Hunting Rifles

    Browning A Bolt Stainless Steel Stalker in a .300WSM. It has been my go rifle ever since I traded in 2 winning rifles for it at a RMEF Banquet 15 years ago in Fresno, California. I have won several rifles over the years at Banquets, from .22's to .338's, but this is the gun I always pull out...
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    I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters, and none of them hunt. My wasn't a hunter, but did enjoy his firearms. When my dad passed away, my mom gave me all my dads pistols.
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    Felling trees is Mans Work

    He handled that chain saw like a hot butter knife.
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    Anybody try paddle fishing?

    So did I! :ROFLMAO: 😁
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    Felling trees is Mans Work

    I have a nephew who is a fireman. He has a side business felling trees. I shake my head looking at some of the pictures of him in action on Facebook. Some of those chipper stories are pretty gruesome too.
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    Different foods

    Damn! Those are some fine looking meals on this thread!!!
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    Treasure hunting stuff

    Having worked in construction for 37 years, mostly involved in residential work, I have found a few cool items over the years. My first "treasure" was found back in 1984, when we were demolishing an old Sambo's Restaurant in Santa Barbara, California. We were carefully removing the dining room...
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    Why are so many contractors

    I got into contracting quite by accident. I was working for the Chart House Restaurants in management for 7 years, and was starting to get burned out working ungodly hours. I transferred to one of their restaurants in Redondo Beach, California. It wasn't long before a storm that generated some...
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    Montana Elk results are posted...

    General Deer Combo for me. Fish & Game said they had a record year for applicants for Elk & Deer, both resident & non-resident.
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    Ca Zone D6

    First off, I would post this in the California Forum. I'm sure you will get some good information on D6.
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    I'm sure glad I loaded up during the Obummer years. I'm set from .22 caliber to .338. Hopefully, things will ease up, but I don't see it happening for a long while.
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    Turkey Bacon!!!!

    OK.....Looking forward to it! Make it another one of those "Toad" Russian Boar!
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    Turkey Bacon!!!!

    We are going to work on you! Anybody posting pictures like that should be grinning ear to ear! Those are sweet Pigs and Turkeys you have harvested the last few months! 😁 😁 😁 Kidding aside....great job. Love hunting those boars.
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    Opening day Success!!

    Every photo you post, with great pictures by the way, you are so stoic in your photos. If that were me with those animals, I would be grinning ear to ear!! 😁's easy!!! Heck of a boar by the way!
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    How many days are you gonna get in 2021?

    As it stands right now, 12 days at a minimum, with a possible 19 days. It may be tough with all the work that is coming up. I passed on putting in for Utah Elk with 25 points due to my medical issues. Maybe next year. I have Utah and Montana deer, with possibly a cow tag in tow.
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    In what state did you take your biggest buck?

    Rifle by the way. One Shot, snow and high wind too! :rolleyes:
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    Turkey Bacon!!!!

    Damn is right! Smile for Pete's sake!! 😁
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    In what state did you take your biggest buck?

    Wyoming........just barely! Followed by Montana.
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    I like it!!!
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    Opening day Success!!

    Do you ever smile???:p:ROFLMAO: Congrats!!! Well Done!
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    The knee thread

    Meniscus tears are pretty easy to repair via arthroscopic surgery. Father time and general wear and tear does take it's toll on the knees. My backpack limit is 40 lbs., due to leg and back issues. Anyone 60 and older needs to be careful with heavy duty activity!
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    Mexican Stromboli

    Damn! After all these years never looking in on the Shot/Game/Cooking section until this past Wednesday, I have been missing some good stuff!
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    Traditional Irish Dinner

    I had a nice corned beef sandwich for dinner while watching the John Wayne/Maureen O'Hara Classic "The Quite Man", followed by sipping some Irish Whiskey, all the while listening to my old man sing Irish folk songs on his records. He was an excellent Irish Tenor!
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    Shawn Bradley Paralyzed

    Poor guy, I remember him well. He was thin as a pencil during his playing days. His family is in for some difficult times.
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    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to all fellow Irish MMer's! Enjoy my dad singing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"!
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    How many Mule Deer mounts have you got?

    It's a little crowded in my office, but they do keep me company.
  39. IMG_0979 (1).jpg

    IMG_0979 (1).jpg

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    What was the toughest job

    When I wasn't bagging their groceries, I was usually in the frozen food section helping them out! The only celebrity customer in which I would run the other way was Phyllis Diller! Truly though, she was very nice. She drove an Excaliber; I used to tease her about it.
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