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  1. foldem_aug

    results up. all red!

    2 years in a row. All red. Well at least that wait is over. On to Utah.
  2. foldem_aug

    Barbary sheep hunting

    OTC for TX. Draw units and OTC units in NM
  3. foldem_aug

    Barbary sheep hunting

    I would have to agree with Muleman I did a Barbary hunt in new Mexico on public land a couple years ago. It was guided and we crawled all over those desolate rocks to find a mature ram. Covered close to 70 miles on foot. Pack out was14miles. A public land hunt is no joke. I am totally hooked, it...
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  5. foldem_aug

    Did someone actually mistake a bighorn

    From what I have been told. We had a gut shoot a ewe this year in Nebraska thinking it was a mule deer. Never under estimate stupidity. 20,000 for the fine.
  6. foldem_aug

    Sportsmans bought by Bass Pro

    Scheels and Fleet farm are the last hope. Jonny buying out all the competition in retail and 1/2 the boat companies in the us is trying to eliminate all the other mid size companies for a tax right off. He has ruined cabelas and a lot of families lively hood. I don't care what he says in public...
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    Score? New to elk hunting looks big to me.

    I would agree with the low 300s and looks to be real young. He also looks to have good threes and good main beams. Genetics look good he could be a really nice bull in a couple years. Location is the deal for me, if this is Colorado public shoot him. If its central Arizona I'd hold out.
  8. foldem_aug

    Semi-live Utah LE Elk Muzzy Hunt

    Thanks for sharing it was a awesome thread!! And Congrats!!
  9. foldem_aug

    AZ Elk Semi-Live

    This thread is awesome!! I hope you guys connect!!
  10. foldem_aug

    Southern Utah Hammer 🔨

    Congrats he is a monster!!!
  11. foldem_aug

    Manti early rifle

    Looks like you guys had a Blast. Congrats!!!
  12. foldem_aug

    2020 Utah Archery Buck Down!

    Congrats. I hope to be still after them at that age. Amazing
  13. foldem_aug

    Post up what you drew

    All red:cry::cry: Until next year. I cant wait to read about every ones hunts.
  14. foldem_aug

    POLL: Who makes the best boots?

    My narrow feet love my zamberlan's. They really held up good going through a lot of rock this year I am impressed. I have not heard a single good review, from a serious outdoors man or woman about kenetrek.
  15. foldem_aug

    Draw on? Already happen?

    I'll take any of my apps green. And I need a excuse to get back down there and pick up some more of those green chilies too.
  16. foldem_aug

    Aoudad Success

    28" plus I would say would be like a 160-170 deer anything over 30 is a true giant. My guide has hunted them since the first season opened, probably guided hundreds of people over the years. He had a seasoned eye for size. The mass changes a lot from 24 to 28+ and of course the size of the body...
  17. foldem_aug

    Aoudad Success

    I had it made into sticks and sausage by a local locker, it tastes great. Texture is different than deer for sure. I don't think i would eat it with out processing though, probably the same for any animal that can live this long, with a few exceptions.
  18. foldem_aug

    Aoudad Success

    Finally spending some time sharing another great story from this past year. Ill try to keep it short and sweet.(LOL) So I got sheep fever last year and debated on west Texas or New Mexico. And went with guided pool public land New Mexico because I guess I wanted to suffer a little or a lot. I...
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  20. foldem_aug

    2019 Mule Buck

  21. foldem_aug

    Rhodes Canyon Bull

    Great bull. Thanks for the story. I would love to draw that tag someday.
  22. foldem_aug

    Fun hunt!

    Well done!!
  23. foldem_aug

    My 2019 Nebraska Bull!!

    You will draw one some day know that there is points. One of my good friends has been in the draw 27 years too. He wouldn't even go with me he was so mad. I had max points.
  24. foldem_aug

    Interesting Photo - Take a Look

    That is a sweet pic. Mother nature at its finest.
  25. foldem_aug

    My 2019 Nebraska Bull!!

    >Man, talk about mass! He >is COOL! That sounds >like a really great hunt, >I'll bet that was great >with him being so vocal > It was crazy. I wish I had somebody video taping; but it was an experience I will never forget.
  26. foldem_aug

    My 2019 Nebraska Bull!!

    I would start getting points for a bull. I had put in for 6 years and had max points. But i do know a guy who got a tag his first year applying, so you never know. Getting permission is more important than learning the units, its not easy but the game and parks has landowner lists and if you...
  27. foldem_aug

    My 2019 Nebraska Bull!!

    Once in a life time Tag. Once in a life time Bull. With a once in a life time story. I set up in a fence line to call at a bull bugling in the distance and not only did he respond but one bugled 50 yards from me behind a small knob. Problem was he was on the wrong side of the fence. So as soon...
  28. foldem_aug

    Wyoming Archery Elk - video

    Sweet Video! And a great bull congrats.
  29. foldem_aug

    Back Door Open

    I would have to agree with muleman; NM G&F runs the best draw for sure. This post is getting me fired up to see my heart broken or i'm going to feel like Ralphie opening up that red rider bb gun.
  30. foldem_aug

    Javelina Hunt with Son

    Love those smiles. Congrats to you two!!
  31. foldem_aug

    Hunting with a Suppressor

    Oss for me.(worth checking out) I really like the flow through design. Keeps my rifle clean because of no blow back. Also my oss suppressor does not heat up like my friends suppressors do. you can rifle through the rounds on the range and still touch your can.
  32. foldem_aug

    2018 Washington Shiras Moose

    Wow!!! Congratulations on a animal of a lifetime!
  33. foldem_aug

    They're up!

    All red. I'll have to wait another year. When one door closes another may open.
  34. foldem_aug

    NM Bighorn outfitter pool

    No problem. I just posted a brief story and pic in the New Mexico forum.
  35. foldem_aug

    NM Bighorn outfitter pool

    I hunted with Kiowa hunting service last year for oryx and during our hunt I talked to Tim about sheep hunting. His son was out guiding a sheep hunt at the time of my hunt and after my hunt was over our guide went to help on the sheep hunt. So he sent out another guide, no charge to the client...
  36. foldem_aug

    Ibex Population Reduction

    This sounds like madness to me. If there are so many ibex why is there so few tags. If there is to many females to males why not just up the nanny tags for a few years in a row and see how it goes, instead of just one big bang. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.
  37. foldem_aug

    New Mexico McGregor Oryx

    Wanted to share my Dec. McGregor Oryx with you guys. What a dream come true and what a great animal to have the privilege to harvest in New Mexico. I hired Kiowa Hunting Service to guide me on my hunt and they were spot on with finding me a good bull far away from the crowd; I couldn't have done...
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