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    I really like the cars that speed up when I get behind them. My favorite is the guy who spent 100k and thinks there is no way this cheap jap bike is gonna pass me and floors it. C"YA, you're going to need to spend more than that.
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    Not a saying but Great Grandpa once told me "there were just as many women screwed in the back of horse and buggy's as there was Model T's". My Aunt would say "what the Dickens". Dickens means Devil.
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    Congratulations !!! You had the winning bid for one of Nancy Pelosi's used panties.
  4. Hunter1

    Who hasn't done this?

    While doing a job in a canyon outside of Scottsdale, AZ my foreman said "do you see any boulders that look like they're going to fall"? I looked around the canyon and said no. He said "that's because my and my buddy's came out here years ago with hydraulic jacks". BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!!
  5. Hunter1

    Drought: “we are a special kind of stupid”

    One problem with desalination is the dumping of the salt back in to the ocean, it changes the ecosystem.
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    A couple of decades ago I was doing a construction job in Phoenix and living in one of those chitty individual unit motels on East Mcdowell. One Saturday morning we heard a woman screaming and went out there. They had a pet Ferret and while she was in another room it had climbed up in the crib...
  7. Hunter1

    Founder, SS, Grizz and 440 six pack

    So what? You don't have to be a systems analyst to change a power supply. The tech is not involved in the programing of the slot machine, which are in fact proprietary secrets. Are you implying Dominion sets their machines to the payout they want? Rudy wants to talk to you.
  8. Hunter1

    Founder, SS, Grizz and 440 six pack

    Bell curve algorithms, way more complicated than a voting machine. Mike's attorneys are trying to use the defense of the first amendment gives him the right to say whatever he wants, LOL. He should probably go with the Sidney Powell defense of "I was just kidding, no reasonable person would...
  9. Hunter1

    Illegal crossbow use in Utah

    It's not a arrow. On a crossbow it's called a bolt. I don't really care if somebody hunts with a crossbow, but get the terminology right. Actually, I do love to correct people. "I let my arrow fly" Don't you mean bolt? "Well, yeah" LOL
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    Extinct Elk

    Antlers up to 12 feet wide!!!
  11. Hunter1

    Crazy Firepower

    No looking at any sighting system, you just walk it in to the target. The tracer is the sighting system.
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    Old ammo, how old is to old?

    Manufacturers say 15 years. You'll always hear people say it depends on how you store it, but how many people actually store it in a dehumidified vault? Of course, someone will come on here and say "I do". There's a reason the military sells off it's old ammo. People buy it and if it goes bang...
  13. Hunter1

    Asking for a friend...

    12 gauge slug? Knock down powah!!!
  14. Hunter1

    Anyone use Gab?

    Video has surfaced of the capitol Police Officer that lost his life. It wasn't just someone threw a fire extinguisher that hit him in the head, he was beaten, kicked, hit with the fire extinguisher and someone even beat him with the flag. These are the kind of people you want media companies...
  15. Hunter1

    Cornell University just proved Vaccine is a hoax

    "you can't fix stupid" But you can tell who they are by the MAGA hat.
  16. Hunter1

    Georgia on my mind.

  17. Hunter1

    Something is wrong with the gun

    I was cruising the long range shooting forums a couple months ago, in one thread they admitted that 75% of them were overly obese. Connect the dots.
  18. Hunter1

    WWYD? Wrong animal from taxi?

    Ughh, this dredges up old feelings from when I got chumped by a Taxidermist. You say you had no deposit, what kind of taxidermist requires no deposit? The kind that wanted to steal your Bear the moment he seen it for a higher paying client. Quit playing Mr. Nice Guy. Taxidermist are like the...
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    CVA has these in stock now on their website.
  20. Hunter1

    Disabled daughter's axis deer hunt

    That girl is a fine shot!!! Nice Buck.
  21. Hunter1

    Best way to sight in a rifle?

    Like Zeke too. Past 100 yds, 3 shot groups and triangulate the center of the 3 shot group and adjust to that. For an inexpensive rest, cut notches in a box to fit your rifle. Cut a hole for your hand. Adjust the box or notches to zero your crosshairs on target so as to eliminate any human error...
  22. Hunter1

    WIN a Pack! Easy to Enter!

    I want that pack on my back!
  23. Hunter1

    Bess. Stay with us Brother

    He's busy getting in shape for his hunt. A round shape doesn't have any points.
  24. Hunter1

    Wyoming Guides can No Longer Scout for Outfitters???

    These outfitters are like wolf packs, they fight for the food but when threatened they act like a pack and defend each other.
  25. Hunter1

    POLL: What's your favorite style of hunting?

    Sorry man, but he asked. Don't think I'm not grateful and don't think I forgot where I came from. Because I am and I don't. I'm for the little guy getting a fair shake.
  26. Hunter1

    POLL: What's your favorite style of hunting?

    Walking out my back door, bow in hand. Huntin all day. Trudging through the snow back to the house, wore out and hungry. Clear that last ridge and see the smoke coming out the chimney and knowing my family is inside. Man, that's a good feeling! Life is good!
  27. Hunter1

    Mute Turkeys

    Ouch! Must be on a lock down order. Perhaps they were just not in your area that day. Turkeys are like Gold, they're where you find them.
  28. Hunter1

    ??? ON THIS ONE???

    What other conquered nation on Earth is allowed such privileges? Will they ever assimilate in to modern society, 100, 200, 500 years from now?
  29. Hunter1

    Mute Turkeys

    You need to be out there at first light and before flydown. The urge to breed is strong, even the most wariest Gobblers will almost always sound off one time while still on the limb. He knows any hens in the area will hear it and so will you. Good luck!
  30. Hunter1

    Turkey load

    #5 Winchester Longbeard XR out of a Hasting .665 choke tube Better patterns than fours, little more downrange energy than sixes. Good to 50 yds
  31. Hunter1

    How long?

    Law enforcement is allowed to make judgement calls you know. The Chief must not think he's a dumb ass because he promoted him to a Supervisor position. One of the good guys with numerous awards from the Division and Sportsman Clubs. Now the guy with a dozen Horses in the pasture that feels...
  32. Hunter1

    How long?

    I used to have a good relationship with my local game warden before he moved on and we had a conversation once about poachers who use the excuse "to feed my family". I brought up the fact that that's just an excuse as most of them were just too lazy to work and he agreed. He then told me that...
  33. Hunter1

    Best "Functional" Camo Pattern?

    >Doesn't matter much for the animals. >If they see you move, >they'll peg you. If they >don't, then plain pants and >shirt will do. There is >merit to its advantage in >not being seen by other >hunters. If functional means most effective, my vote is for snow camo. In my experience it is...
  34. Hunter1

    Hunter's Closed Loop Thinkers

    Not only are Hunters reluctant to discuss any negatives but post like this will earn you the label of anti-hunter. __________________________
  35. Hunter1

    It ain't a muley but.......

    Pedicles don't look right. __________________________
  36. Hunter1

    Enter to WIN Sweet Knife Sharpening Kit

    I want a ViperSharp __________________________
  37. Hunter1


    From Elkasses link; This sale is for a recently acquired NEW high quality MARK 4 4.5-14 x 50mm Long Range Tactical Rifle Scope in Matte Black finish with Illuminated Mil Dot Reticle and featuring M1 Turrets for Elevation and Windage + Side Focus Objective Adjustment. This Accurate Rifle Scope...
  38. Hunter1

    Brewin? Up a Summer Bruin...

    I'll be the first to say congrats!!! Cool story!! Glad you got to share it with your family! Wait, what, you fought a Bear? and apparently won? __________________________
  39. Hunter1

    Extreme Animal Weapons

    Most of us know about "Bergmans rule", apparently you missed the point. The title and post refers to weapon size not body size. Bergman rule doesn't apply to Tusk, Horns and Antlers. __________________________
  40. Hunter1

    Extreme Animal Weapons Anybody else watch this show that airs on the public television stations? Towards the end they claimed that overall top end size has diminished in Elephants, Bighorn Sheep and Caribou. They cited the reason that the genes are not...
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