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  1. cosmic_cowboy

    Encouragement Senior Cow Hunt

    Well is goes both ways RR I thought you were a stand up guy, but now you are just a mouthpiece for the woke. You spout off what you think are facts but it's really just BS and deep down you know it.. If you actually had FACTS you would show us but in the end you just have flapping lips. Sad at...
  2. cosmic_cowboy

    Encouragement Senior Cow Hunt

    No there wasn't I was on.... there was no 53 tags a 10:00 AM, you are full of it. And there was damn sure not 100 tags left. Who's side are you on RR ? If you have "Inside Info" share it. Or stop your BS. Already answered the question about turning in the "Bro" I did and he was related to a...
  3. cosmic_cowboy

    Encouragement Senior Cow Hunt

    Hey RR you ever lived "Up North" ? I've been here my whole life, and love it, they almost have me converted.
  4. cosmic_cowboy

    Encouragement Senior Cow Hunt

    LMAO I have zero 'Senior Opportunities' I haven't drawn a tag in 4 years, and that's just for a cow tag nothing special. I live on a limited income don't have 600.00 to go hunt the Rez. If I had 600.00 I would go buy a quarter beef. This was NEVER about the kids. Some people have limited...
  5. cosmic_cowboy

    Encouragement Senior Cow Hunt

    No photos did call the game warden, he arrived the next day. Eventually found out who it was, and he was related to a deputy sheriff..... Absolutely nothing happened. It's accepted behavior up north.
  6. cosmic_cowboy

    Encouragement Senior Cow Hunt

    Way to go taking youth hunting, I commend you great job. Guys hunting with their wifes cow tag is what has happened to our once plentiful Elk herd in the north. I have personally witnessed one "Bro" shoot 5 cows and wound at least 4 more, then call the family to come tag them.
  7. cosmic_cowboy

    Encouragement Senior Cow Hunt

    Yes that is exactly what happens in northern NM. They also "Bow Hunt" with a 300 win. mag.
  8. cosmic_cowboy

    Encouragement Senior Cow Hunt

    I'm the first person to promote youth tags, my kids got some very good ones back in the day. BUT the 'Encouragement' system is being abused. Either split it up Youth/ Senior or give them all to the kids. What we have now is not working so let's fix it. I NEVER blamed youths I blame their parents...
  9. cosmic_cowboy

    Encouragement Senior Cow Hunt

    I did didn't draw.
  10. cosmic_cowboy

    Encouragement Senior Cow Hunt

    I think the cheaters have figured it out, Put all 10 kids in for hunts that have no chance of drawing. Then you have two weeks to get whatever enhancement hunt you want, load the kid in the truck and go kill a cow. NMDGF needs to make some changes to these tags. There was virtually nothing left...
  11. cosmic_cowboy

    Encouragement Senior Cow Hunt

    Some BS going on this year, 53 was sold out by the time us seniors got a chance, that means 120 kids got all the tags...... impossible.....
  12. cosmic_cowboy

    Another Amazing Valle Vidal Weekend

    The Bears eat at least half the calves. And VV has way to many Bears now, maybe that's the reason. The cows will recycle until they are bred, some abort for whatever reason, but they all got bred. Every cow I've seen in my area has a calf this year, last year it was maybe half.
  13. cosmic_cowboy


    Had 2.7" at my place so far in July, and had 1" in June. Unit 53. But will take as much as we can get. Haven't looked at the tanks in a few weeks but some should have water now.
  14. cosmic_cowboy

    Drunken Shrimp..

    Have you thought about therapy ? You have some issues, seek help.
  15. cosmic_cowboy

    Drunken Shrimp..

    Wow so sad....
  16. cosmic_cowboy

    Drunken Shrimp..

    I buy wild shrimp twice a year and they come from American fisherman, on the gulf coast. My point was we need to stick together and try to buy American produced products. Fish. Beef, Pork, etc. No one wants to eat Indonesian produced garbage. When you just go to the store and grab whatever...
  17. cosmic_cowboy

    2021 draw odds are out

    You can plan and study until you're cross eyed, BUT it's still a roll of the dice. Thats why NM has the best system. My problem is I always roll snake eyes.
  18. cosmic_cowboy

    Drunken Shrimp..

    I just thought a great chef like yourself would only use wild shrimp, those farm shrimp are fed sewer affluent, and taste like...... It also helps American gulf coast fishermen.
  19. cosmic_cowboy

    Drunken Shrimp..

    Wild caught or farm raised ?
  20. cosmic_cowboy

    Not Really a Philly Steak Samich!!

    Get rid of the nasty bell peppers, and use green chile.
  21. cosmic_cowboy

    Pennsylvania anyone?

    The original herd came from about 12 miles north of me. Northern NM genetics, but they never make it past 5 years old around here. And the feed is way better in PA. Seen some true monsters come out of there.
  22. cosmic_cowboy

    Encouragement Senior Cow Hunt

    Youth tags go on sale July 14th senior tags July 28. I had one last year and it was difficult to find some cows, but finally did on the 4th morning. It snowed so that helped. Don't know about all units but in mine there are always some left after the kids are done, get online early, last year...
  23. cosmic_cowboy

    A question to ponder.

    Hate crime against "White People" is now accepted and celebrated.
  24. cosmic_cowboy

    So sorry Colorado

    What is "Worth it" is to give swift and permanent punishment to anyone that commits a crime with a gun. A gun cannot commit a crime, only people can. Let's go back to the Judge Roy Bean days... drop the gavel at noon and swing from the cottonwood tree behind the courthouse at 1:00 PM. If these...
  25. cosmic_cowboy

    Youth hunting

    O great we have a new troll. Just ignore these basement dwelling morons.
  26. cosmic_cowboy

    Ranchers Suing NMDGF

    We all know that .... best to just ignore him/it
  27. cosmic_cowboy

    AZ Bans Game Cams...Are We Next?

    No off road use in NM is a sign to drive over the sign and hunt there. Just like seasons closed during the rut, the 'Bros" say that the best time to hunt, and if you go at night you just shine a light in their eyes and they just stand right there. Happens every year in northern NM. The culture...
  28. cosmic_cowboy

    AZ Bans Game Cams...Are We Next?

    Good luck finding a 'water hole' with any water in it.
  29. cosmic_cowboy

    AZ Bans Game Cams...Are We Next?

    It won't surprise me the way these liberal loons are ruining our State. I have been running trail cameras for years and they have never made any difference on a hunt. I love to see what's on the winter range. Also I got more pics of trespassers sneaking through my land this year than ever...
  30. cosmic_cowboy

    Is this still a hunting site?

    Gota love all the gourmet food on paper plates......
  31. cosmic_cowboy

    Wolves, Northern Central New Mexico

    The only way to get caught is to open your mouth..... just like fishing.
  32. cosmic_cowboy

    Seeking general knowledge of unit

    Is it a secret unit ? If ya tell us what unit you might get some info.
  33. cosmic_cowboy

    Never seen this before

    No reply from anyone with NMDGF ? I love you guys and think you are underpaid and under staffed. BUT why is a CWD study kept a secret ? It was paid for with our licence fees and tax dollars, so why not some transparency ? We the people pay for your salaries and all studies. We just would like to...
  34. cosmic_cowboy

    Never seen this before

    Who is we ? It was in San Cristobal.
  35. cosmic_cowboy


    I have been owned by many many Labs over the years. You can get a great dog from just a backyard breeder, no need to get one from a champion kennel, in fact I think most now breed for color not intelligence. Have owned all three colors and BY FAR the Black ones are the smartest. That's why they...
  36. cosmic_cowboy

    Never seen this before

    Nope far west, central part of 53, no where close to the Jicarilla. 25 miles south of CO. And this Doe is not 7 years old maybe 2
  37. cosmic_cowboy

    Never seen this before

    I went to check some remote cameras that I don't check that often, and got this pic. I have seen ear tags in Bears and Elk, and a collar on a Big Horn, but never a Deer. Roadrunner you have any intel on this ? It was in 53. Wondering if it is NMDGF or CO. or maybe Tribal ? Glad someone finally...
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  40. cosmic_cowboy

    Age of dad’s bull

    8 to 9 years old
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