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    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to all fellow Irish MMer's! Enjoy my dad singing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"!
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    Montana Results Are Up!

    It's time to check who was lucky and who wasn't. After 9 years of applying, I was finally successful for 799-20 (NR Elk). Good Luck All!
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    Abalone poachers vs. Deer poachers

    Today, two Southern California men were fined in excess of $60,000 each and had their fishing licenses revoked for life for poaching abalone & spiny lobsters out of season off Catalina Island. They were caught with 3 green abalone, 8 pink abalone and 4 spiny lobster. Now why is it that a...
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    .25-06 Weatherby Vanguard

    New, in the box, .25-06 Weatherby Vanguard VDG2 Synthetic 24".....$400.00
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    Browning X-Bolt .300 Win Mag

    New, in the box, Browning X-Bolt .300 Win Mag RMEF Edition. Wood Stock, Satin Metal Finish, 26"......$600.00
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