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  1. HuntnProf

    VERY close call today

    Reminds me of a close encounter in Spenceville WA turkey hunting. Mid-morning I was headed to an area I’d had luck in past. Hit call and a gobbler sounded off less than 100yds off—I looked for a place to sit—he sounded off again much closer. Saw a large boulder and quickly sat down....noticing...
  2. HuntnProf

    Forest closures starting early this year!

    Let's be sure the correct information is posted/shared-- Premium deer tags (and elk/pronhorn/sheep) CAN be turned in for any reason (others, eg. B or D cannot) and get points back, plus point for this year. They must be postmarked prior to season. Detailed on the CDFW website, and on page 15 of...
  3. HuntnProf

    Forest closures starting early this year!

    Collins Timber is closing CA and OR lands starting June 28th.... :rolleyes:
  4. HuntnProf

    The Saddlebag Buck

    Great story (and buck)......crazy how things happen sometimes
  5. HuntnProf

    Who's Excited About Draw?

    Congrats on the Pronghorn!!! Drew the X6a tag I was hoping for ;)
  6. HuntnProf

    Never Been a Supporter of Preference Points

    I started deer hunting later in life than some (15 years ago, and I’m 50–wife and oldest daughter joined me less than 10 yrs ago). Didn’t start collecting points outside of CA until 8 years ago. We’ve hunted X zones 5 times (myself 3 times and wife and oldest daughter once each, and I should...
  7. HuntnProf

    In what state did you take your biggest buck?

    WY 2017- 212”
  8. Super Stud Trophy Mule Deer

    Super Stud Trophy Mule Deer

    Community member, HuntnProf, shared this pic in a POLL thread called, "In what state did you take your biggest buck?" See it here...>>>
  9. HuntnProf

    Arizona Strip Buck

    Absolutely beautiful!
  10. HuntnProf

    Turkey Hunting Time!

    For our 26th anniversary my wife wanted to hunt rather than sleep in this morning. Paid off! One more to go for her;)
  11. 7F58F162-90BF-417B-94A4-31D8A67BD942.jpeg


  12. HuntnProf

    2021 Tag Quotas

    Dang.....looks like I almost certainly won’t draw due to tag reductions 😔
  13. HuntnProf

    A positive thing for CA sportsman?

    Can’t rely on color. Stores routinely use previous years color on my 16 feet of paper until they run out of supply. The only “correct” color I’ve had in years is what DFG mails me. I haven’t had the current year color of license/2nd deer tag/bear/pig tag for years. The idea of a specific color...
  14. HuntnProf

    A positive thing for CA sportsman?

    I wish they’d do what OR does and have e-copy on phone app.....that way I don’t have to carry 16 feet of folded paper
  15. HuntnProf

    What an amazing Spring!!😎😎

    Nice! Love chasing birds in the foothills when it’s all greened up
  16. HuntnProf

    Another great bird down!!! could say it is pretty fun 😎 And provides another opportunity to see cool behaviors—this is one annoyed hen
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  19. HuntnProf

    X2, X6A, X6B

    6a had timber closures as well (besides fire), wonder if SPI/Collins will keep closing at the hint of fire? With this drought/year long fire season—-who knows 😳 Wonder how much NF will be closed this year due to “hazardous conditions” (decent amount was closed last year one year after previous...
  20. HuntnProf


    Sweet....a parent/child those are some good memories you two are making there 🦃
  21. HuntnProf

    Another great bird down!!!

    Nice JR! Been calling them in for others so far for the most part (took heavy 3yr old myself opening afternoon in a “secret” public spot 😉). 5 days in field, strutters in the Dave Smiths each time, 4 long beards down (youth missed a pair of strutters in dekes). Here’s a nice 3yr old I called in...
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  23. HuntnProf

    Opening day Success!!

    Nice JR!
  24. HuntnProf

    Which buck would you be getting after?

    Either :cool: I like extras—so top pic
  25. HuntnProf

    How many days are you gonna get in 2021?

    ~ 45 between turkey and big game, couple days a week hunting waterfowl.
  26. HuntnProf

    Two more bite the dust!

    Sweet pork!
  27. HuntnProf

    It's all in the eyes

    Wow.... Awesome job
  28. HuntnProf

    Colorado Mule Deer hunt with 1 nonresident point?

    Look at the Drawn Out At Report for units that were drawn as 2nd choice or left over....likely anything 1st choice requiring zero or 1 pt last year will be unattainable this year.
  29. HuntnProf

    Navigating the Application Process of the Colorado Big Game Draw

    Pretty smart to increase number of licenses sold by requiring all hunters to get one in order to apply...previously only the drawn or OTC Tag/License numbers counted....leaving a lot of conservation money on the table. Revenue direct from the license plus the increased P-R Act revenue is a...
  30. HuntnProf

    POLL: What makes you trigger happy?

    A little bit of "all the above"
  31. Whopper Dark-Antlered Beast

    Whopper Dark-Antlered Beast

  32. HuntnProf

    2020 Mule Deer Video

    Thanks for spending the time and putting this together and sharing....phenomenal.
  33. HuntnProf

    Wide Wyoming Buck 2020

    Thanks for sharing! Love the different dats pics and stories that went with each. Great buck!
  34. HuntnProf

    2020 WY buck down

    Congrats Elks! Solid buck. Looks like your hard work paid off again :-)
  35. HuntnProf

    15 y/o son muzzleloader buck.

    Thanks for sharing. Love to read stories of hunts. Congrats to your son, seems like an experience he (and you) will be able to revisit for a lifetime :-)
  36. HuntnProf

    Pretty Whitetail

    Wow..... Incredible looking deer.....
  37. HuntnProf

    Heavy Hawg Down! Lucky Dude ME!

    Wow....what a pig. Congrats! Sounds like a very rewarding hunt
  38. HuntnProf

    AZ strip Archery
  39. HuntnProf

    10 Seconds to Decide ... You Shootin’?

    Any day of the week.......yes
  40. HuntnProf

    Truck tires

    Very happy with mine on a Tundra. ~45k then road noise got loud. At 50k, still had another 10+k, but ran over giant price of metal—had hazard from American Tire, replaced that one no cost and prorated others—so now have another new set at $600. Couldn’t be happier
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