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    Ram down

    A really good/big ram was killed in Area 12 Wyoming. Archery kill. A photo was emailed to me and he looks like a 180 class ram. from the "Heartland of Wyoming"
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    Wyoming moose

    A real nice bull was killed last week in the Snowys by a women(college student). Archery kill. Photo can be seen at the WY Wild Sheep website under photo Galery. Also photos of several WY 2016 sheep kills. from the "Heartland of Wyoming"
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    Proposed WY sheep quotas for 2015

    Saw the proposed quotas for 2015. Good news and some bad. 4 tags for area 12, up 2. That means 1 will be a NR tag. Area 4 is up from 12 to 20. Shows recovery from winter kill several years ago. Area 2 down 1, Area 3 down 1, Area 5 down from 49 to 32. There will be some disappointed...
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    Nosler Partition bullets

    Have 4 boxes(50cnt each) of 160gr. 4 boxes of 140gr.(50cnt.each). $32/box. 307-250-0056
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    Area 4 sheep

    Received an email photo of a ram taken by one of Fritz Meyers hunters. Didn't list score but indicated was 40"s. Was massive. Don't have hunters name and don't have permission to post photo. Haven't checked but may be on Fritz's website. from the "Heartland of Wyoming"
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    buffalo in RSA

    Hunted with Spear Safaris out of Hoedspruit, South Africa. Was a buffalo hunt for a bull up to 40". Aug-2-8. Killed, the AM of the 3rd day. Saw over 30 mature bulls. Lots of 36-37 big boss deep curl bulls. Was picky, wanted good curl, big boss in the 38-39 inch range. Mine exceeded my...
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    New format ??

    Is it just my computer/connection or did the FORUM format change. If so it SUCKS. Not user friendly,.. you have to go back and forth to read each comment instead of being able to scroll thu each. .. from the "Heartland of Wyoming"
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    444 Grand Slam

    Just got back from Nevada. Short but sweet. Took a 160 4/8" ram the 1st AM. Found him the day before. For this unit too good to pass up. Why? 444, this was my 4th ram, one each in the last 4 decades(77,83,98,07)and 4 one shot kills. Haven't got photos downloaded yet but will send for...
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    NV sheep

    Whoo...whoooo......just got a $1200 C. card hit from NV. That means a SHEEP tag. But don't know if it is for a Ca bighorn or a desert. Got more points for a desert. Results should be posted online within the next couple days. from the "Heartland of Wyoming"
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    2006 WY odds

    For those NR sheep chasers with max points the odds are getting realy goood. Areas 1,2,6,7,9,10 and 23 all had 100% draw if you had max points. For example Area 2 had 4 tags but only 1 app with max points. Area 1 had 3 tags and 2 apps with max points. Lots of interesting developments. Looks...
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