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    traditional archery start up help

    In short, yes it will be effective for mule deer.

    460" Arizona Bull

    Probably a nontypical with the abnormal extra 3rds. That should help it.

    They're Growing

    We’ve had just over 10” in two weeks!

    They're Growing

    Yes sir.....a Browning camera.

    They're Growing

    Timely moisture is a major necessity for good Coues antler development here in Arizona........we're finally getting some excellent moisure at the perfect time.........this one seems to be growing right in the rain. :)
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    Come on monsoon!??

    Had a heck of a storm last night...dropped 3” of rain in 1.5 hours! My pond is full.

    Copper john

    You didn’t pose a question....just a statement.
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  11. BOHNTR

    Hey BOHNTR- What is this?

    There is a rule.....this buck has a frame (beam) and a protrusion where G1 is such, it meets the criteria. A true freak would have no discernible mainframe or designated beam. A spike (beam) with a G1 or protrusion of G1 is a frame by rule.
  12. BOHNTR

    Hey BOHNTR- What is this?

    Nope that is the original. The reproduction was on display at the convention. It may be the black background that gives a different coloring??? The top photo is the reproduction, as the original antlers only were at convention (not mounted).
  13. BOHNTR

    Hey BOHNTR- What is this?

    Which one?
  14. BOHNTR

    Hey BOHNTR- What is this?

    The first one from KS and the WR from IL.
  15. BOHNTR

    Hey BOHNTR- What is this?

    We also verified the new non-typical whitetail world record at panel. It also was the recipient of the rare Ishi Award. To have two whitetails in the 320’s is amazing. The new world record paneled at 327 7/8”:
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  17. BOHNTR

    Hey BOHNTR- What is this?

    Yup.....only antlered animal in B&C and P&Y with a spike only on one side (beam). Just goes to show when you have enough junk, it adds up. :) I agree, not the most eye appealing critter which took quite a bit of time to panel. It also ranks in the top 5 for B&C.
  18. BOHNTR

    Rage Hypodermic for Elk?

    A whole 7 😁
  19. BOHNTR

    Come on monsoon!??

    We just had a micro burst where I’m at!
  20. BOHNTR

    Kaibab 2021

    Much worse (deer). 12’s and 13’s are managed for trophy mule deer. 7 is not.
  21. BOHNTR

    Come on monsoon!??

    I really do expect it to be much better this year......right now it’s in the 60’s and raining and everything where I’m at is greened up well.....almost all of the water holes around my place are full.
  22. BOHNTR

    Come on monsoon!??

    This rain really is too late for elk antler growth, as they’re about done. But it will help the water hole situation.....and help the deer antler development.
  23. BOHNTR

    Come on monsoon!??

    Just got back from a week in Reno at the P&Y Convention. Over 3.5” in my gauge and everything is green and muddy! All fire restrictions have also been lifted for the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest!
  24. Looking like a taker!!

    Looking like a taker!!

    Member, BOHNTR, posted this great scouting shot in the "2021 Bull Elk Scouting Photo Contest". See it here...>>>
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  27. BOHNTR

    Come on monsoon!??

  28. BOHNTR

    MT 2021 Spring Bear Hunt (pics)

    its a gorgeous place isn’t it? My wife won this access hunt for two at the P&Y auction last year. It was a DIY hunt on the 4500 acre property (Jack Creek) that borders the wilderness. You bring your food, essentials, etc., and hunt the property with your bow. Saw lots of different critters...
  29. BOHNTR

    Its July, when you headed scouting!!?

    UPDATE: Based on recent rainfall totals, the Coconino Forest is opening back up to Stage 2 restrictions beginning tomorrow. Hopefully other forests will follow suit with recent rains.
  30. BOHNTR

    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    I really don’t have a dog in this ‘discussion’, but I do know it’s difficult for states to manage wildlife properly while ensuring residents and limited non-residents can enjoy a relatively small resource. I know when AZ went to ‘no more than 10% (not a guaranteed 10%)’ years ago, it was...
  31. BOHNTR

    Its July, when you headed scouting!!?

    Yes sir, full closure. Apparently they don’t have the resources to evacuate campers if another fire starts, monitor illegal campfires, dragging trailer chains, etc. There’s over 20 burning right now in the state.
  32. BOHNTR

    Its July, when you headed scouting!!?

    Every forest and all state and BLM land in the state is closed to all entry right now.....hopefully they’ll lift it when we get enough moisture.
  33. BOHNTR

    Its July, when you headed scouting!!?

    Yes.....the last three days I’ve had about an inch total at my place.....other areas have more. I know Pinetop-Lakeside got hammered today with a good storm......dumped a lot of water in a short amount of time.
  34. BOHNTR

    Its July, when you headed scouting!!? soon as our forests open up!
  35. BOHNTR

    AZ Bonus Pt Field Tests!!!!

    I believe it’s a class that had hunters scheduled before the closure???
  36. BOHNTR

    Come on monsoon!??

    Nothing at my place.....but a good shower in Alpine and Nutrioso today.
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