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  1. HoofingIt

    Cabin for rent- Wasatch Unit- Midway

    You bet. Winter with a lot of snow gets a bit tricky but it’s available. Let me know what you’re thinking.
  2. HoofingIt

    Cabin for rent- Wasatch Unit- Midway

    I’ve got a cabin for rent during the hunts in Midway Utah. This is in the heart of the Wasatch unit for elk. 5 bedroom 2 bathroom. Hit me up for pricing and availability.
  3. HoofingIt

    Vernon Landowner Deer Tags

  4. HoofingIt

    Vernon Landowner Deer Tags

    I’ve been told there’s a handful of landowner deer tags given out for the Vernon every year that in turn get sold. I’m interested in looking into those tags. Does anyone know anyone or have any details they could share? Thanks in advance!
  5. HoofingIt

    Uh yeah... I’m in!

    A couple typos in there but it’s worth correcting that we waited 0 minutes to 30 minutes.
  6. HoofingIt

    Uh yeah... I’m in!

    I want to keep this short but it’s gonna be long so either read my story or you can skip to the pics at the end On Sunday morning 5/17 I got a call at 8:30am... “Hey Ryan, I just got a call and my bro in law dropped out on our black bear hunt in Alaska, can you swing it? We leave in 10 days.”...
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  12. HoofingIt

    Pahvant 2021

    1-13 success rate but I wouldn’t be shocked to learn 13 plus bulls were hit by an arrow and never retrieved. It’s the sad reality of archery hunting.
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    credit card hits

    I was just thinking the same thing yesterday!
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    How’s the Wasatch Elk Herd?

    I actually feel like it’s in much better shape now than 6-7 years ago. I see more elk overall, my cameras are picking up great bulls, we’re harvesting great bulls, harvest numbers outside of archery are solid. My only real concern is how many wounded animals aren’t being recovered. Deer on the...
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  16. HoofingIt

    How’s the Wasatch Elk Herd?

    I love these posts. The Wasatch is huge, the bulls are out there. I’m a DIY guy, not in great shape, not the best Hunter out there, but we’ve scored 2 fantastic bulls the last 2 years with my son and cousins tags. Had several great bulls we were watching. Get out and do your scouting and...
  17. Big Bull Elk

    Big Bull Elk

  18. HoofingIt

    Antelope Island Bucks

    We saw 3-4 with ear tags.
  19. HoofingIt

    Antelope Island Bucks

  20. HoofingIt

    Antelope Island Bucks

    Lots of nice bucks. Saw several in the 180-190 range... there’s something weird about seeing a tag in their ear though!
  21. HoofingIt

    Antelope Island Bucks

    Went out and saw some great bucks yesterday. Thanks for the tips. Awesome bucks out there!
  22. HoofingIt

    Antelope Island Bucks

    I’m looking to go out tomorrow to see some bucks on antelope island... can anyone give me pointers of where to go on the island to see some big bucks?
  23. HoofingIt

    Pre-1990 Photo Contest ... Let's See 'Um!

    I’m probably late to the game for this contest here but here’s my favorite hunting picture ever... it’s of my grandpa and great grandpa from somewhere around 1927-28. My grandpa is the kid on the left. He was born in 1922 and looks 5-6 years old to me though I don’t have the exact age or date...
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  25. HoofingIt

    Wasatch Late Bull

    Crazy! So awesome though. Last year was a heck of a ride for sure... we deserved to get a great bull without killing ourselves this year... lol. BUT we absolutely would have gone after him had we seen the right bull up there! I'm hoping to see my wife or other son draw this same late season tag...
  26. HoofingIt

    Wasatch Late Bull

    We went up and spotted yesterday just for fun. Lots of bulls have moved in but visibility is definitely down.
  27. HoofingIt

    Wasatch Late Bull

    I’d love to see that video C3! Also, can you believe we actually got him in the bottom? The haul out was thick as can be but it was nice to not have to scale the mountain this year;)
  28. HoofingIt

    Dad’s Late Season Bull!!!

    Stud Bull!!! Congrats!
  29. HoofingIt

    Wasatch Late Bull

    I was planning to do a semi live hunt for everyone but everything happened so fast! We knocked this guy down 45 minutes after light on opening morning. My cousin couldn’t be happier! Sad that my hunting season is over but what a fun season again!!
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  32. HoofingIt

    Dad’s last elk hunt

  33. HoofingIt

    431” Monroe Bull

    Good call... eff it, here it is:
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  35. HoofingIt

    431” Monroe Bull

    I received a pic from a buddy of a rumored to be 431” bull off the Monroe unit. Not my picture to share but has anyone heard about this?
  36. HoofingIt

    Semi-live Utah LE Elk Muzzy Hunt

    You know what you do with a bull like this?? Kill him!!!
  37. HoofingIt

    Man cave/trophy room

    I’d love to know more and see more of that pedestal buck!!! 😳
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