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  1. norby

    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    My son drew 55 3rd with 16 points.
  2. norby

    2021 NR Deer App Unit Choices

    55 3rd, NR 16 points.
  3. norby

    UT Points

    NR LE Deer 12 Gen Deer 16 Pronghorn 12 LE Elk 2 DBS 20 RMBS 13 Bison 11 Mountain Goat 12 Moose 12 Bear 5
  4. norby

    Tick tock Christmas in June

    My Colorado account has been updated. Drew 21 3rd deer!
  5. norby

    now that deadline is over, tell what you applied for

    Deer 21 3rd.
  6. norby

    Draw done

    Nada! BT
  7. norby

    What did you apply for??

    Old Dads had a Tag? BT
  8. norby

    What did you apply for??

    Deer- Goodale Elk- Hunter Ligget muzzle Pronghorn- point Sheep- Newberry with max BT
  9. norby

    September onX Elite Membership Giveaway

    I want the Hunt App BT
  10. norby

    Just a simple"I did"

    NR did not. BT
  11. norby

    Well, the application deadline has passed. . . .

    21 third season, deer. BT
  12. norby

    Colorado bulls

    I will guess #8, since you named him. BT
  13. norby

    Hardscrabble Jacket - WIN It!

    I want that jacket! BT
  14. norby

    WIN a SKRE Extreme Mountain Gear Mad Trapper Hoodie

    I want to win. I took a look. BT
  15. norby

    UT email

    O-For Again BT
  16. norby

    AZ draw website

    Up and running. BT
  17. norby

    What scope is this?

    That is a high end scope! I believe it is a Schmidt & Bendher Over; BT
  18. norby

    Draw results are on the phone line

    My son drew a unit 10 early rifle tag. BT
  19. norby

    Guided Deer Draw

    Results have been posted BT
  20. norby

    CC are getting hit.....

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-26-15 AT 04:37PM (MST)[p] Just got off the phone with Game and Fish, I had cancelled my credit card due to fraud, and my son was drawn. Either drew Muzzy unit 9 or unit 10 early. He had 20 points. BT
  21. norby

    Rockfish Season Starts April 1st this year!

    I am ready! Cleaned the boat and charged the battery last weekend. BT
  22. norby


    LAST EDITED ON Jun-13-14 AT 07:48AM (MST)[p] Sagebrush, our party averaged 4.5 points. BT
  23. norby


    X9a!! BT
  24. norby

    They are up.

    I drew my 3rd choice antelope, units 21-22. BT
  25. norby

    AZ ELK/LOPE Results

    No tags for me or my son. My son has 20 points now! BT
  26. norby

    SF Giant's 2014

    Why wait until tomorrow, Dodgers play today! Go Dodgers!! BT
  27. norby

    anyone shoot a sako?

    I have two Sako 85's. One is a 300wsm and the other a 7mag. Very nice factory rifles, they both shoot great. The 300 wsm is a synthetic stainless and the 7 mag is a stainless with a laminate stock. I prefer the synthetic stainless. BT
  28. norby

    Tye350 VOTE NOW MM'ERS!!!

    YES!! BT
  29. norby

    F-150 ecoboost

    I would do an internet search for "Ford ecoboost problems", before purchasing. I have a 2012 ecoboost and it is the biggest POS I have ever owned. Engine problems and transmission problems are getting worse. BT
  30. norby

    I'm not gay....

    He's not gay....His boyfriend is!! BT
  31. norby


    Wasatch Late Hunt for me!!! BT
  32. norby

    Bison Results

    #776 for me and #65 for my son. Maybe next year. BT
  33. norby


    I'll be fishing the first weekend in May. My boat is in the shop being serviced for the opener. BT
  34. norby

    Who actually put in for Wasatch Late Elk?

    My brother and I put in with 12 points, non-resident BT
  35. norby

    Guided draw

    Unit 6 early for me! BT
  36. norby

    Muzzle Brake's?

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-15-12 AT 04:23PM (MST)[p]I have 300RUM Sendero and had a muzzle brake put on by Accubrake. This brake is detatchable, so I only use it at the range. This rifle shoots the same groups with or without the brake. I would never shoot it with the brake on unless I was wearing...
  37. norby


    then Piper decided that Pelosi wouldn't do it for him so he blew up his Obama doll flipped it on it's stomach and... BT
  38. norby


    Good Job Nickman!! You have more self control than I have. I would have told him to go f**k himself and probably taken a beating. BT
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