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  1. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Swarovski 10X42 EL Range TA

    I know these are way new so I'm not sure if anyone knows or not but I was wondering if you can make them 1/3" MOA instead of 1/4". I shoot huskemaws so I have to have something that will do 1/3". I looked on their website and couldn't find any info on that. Also how far will it give you the...
  2. Wyo_Roadhunter

    2021 VS 2020

    I've never posted in the hunt adventures forum. 2020 was definitely a year that I should have, it was a unbelievable season so hopefully I'm not jinxing myself by doing this. 2021 started out in Arizona where dad and I had OTC deer tags and javalina tags. Unfortunately I hit a javalina and would...
  3. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Sheds off of bucks you have shot?

    Thought it would be fun to see who has been lucky enough to find sheds off of bucks they have shot. Here are a couple that I found the sheds off of then was lucky enough to shoot. The 1st is my 2017 30" buck. I found 2 years of sheds off of him that spring and was able to take him that fall. The...
  4. Wyo_Roadhunter

    2019 animals are back!

    Just got my 2019 mounts back from Blueridge taxidermy. Can't wait to see how my Wyoming buck from this year turns out now!
  5. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Colorado Landowner Tags

    I would like to buy landowner tags but I really don't even know where to start with it. I see them for sale on the classifieds but 90% of them have 0 info and spending $1,000+ dollars for a shot in the dark hunt seems pretty sketchy to me haha. I'd like to get in with a landowner where I could...
  6. Wyo_Roadhunter

    2020 Buck Down

    Lucked into my biggest buck to date in a new area I've never hunted before. Way glad my dad got to be there with me and I am way thankful for all the time and help he puts in to help me get a deer! Still on cloud 9 and in disbelief that it happened.
  7. Wyo_Roadhunter

    94" typical

    Hey I know it's a long shot but I found this shed in 2019. I have looked all over for the other side last year and this year but no luck. It's a Wyoming buck and was hoping with all the social media and people on here maybe someone has seen or has the other side.
  8. Wyo_Roadhunter

    3rd Season Success

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-06-19 AT 07:28PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Nov-06-19 AT 07:25?PM (MST) After a great 2019 hunting season getting a antelope, deer, and moose I got to go on a bonus deer hunt with my dad and some good friends. Both of us with tags ended up with nice bucks. My hunt lasted 15...
  9. Wyo_Roadhunter

    2019 Muley, Moose, and Antelope

    This year has been the most tags I've ever had that were all going at the same time which is fun but also very stressful. Anyone that knows me knows mule deer are my #1 priority every year. But having a moose tag..... Didn't change anything haha I spent alot of time scouting for my OTC deer and...
  10. Wyo_Roadhunter

    2018 Archery Muley

    I'm really late but here's some pictures of my 2018 muley. I have watched this buck for 3 years and when I saw him this year I put him as my #1 hitlist buck. After being on a sheep hunt for 2 weeks in some of the nastiest country I have ever been in it was nice to get back to some rolling sage...
  11. Wyo_Roadhunter

    2017 Opening Day Buck

    I have been watching this buck since August when I first got trail camera pictures of him. I tried a few failed stalks on him with a bow and couldn't re locate him for a while. Luckily the evening before the rifle opener I relocated him and bedded him down. I backed out of the area and planned...
  12. Wyo_Roadhunter

    2016 Muley

    This is by far the longest and the hardest I have ever hunted for a deer and it ended up working out. Just like every year I owe it all to my dad. He glassed up the buck at about noon and I was able to get in position for the longest 3 hour wait I have ever had I think haha. Ended up shooting...
  13. Wyo_Roadhunter

    2016 ATL Contest

    I know it's early but I have a picture that I want to put in the ATL contest. This is a picture I took this weekend of some bucks I have been watching with a nice shed in it. I was unable to pick the shed up do to the law in Wyoming. (I know someone will pick it up before May 1st) That's the...
  14. Wyo_Roadhunter

    GF first archery buck, and my archery buck

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-24-15 AT 12:43PM (MST)[p]This year has been a fun bow hunt. I got to watch Ashleigh shoot her first deer with a bow and I was able to get a nice one to. Just like every year none of this would have happened without dad's help!
  15. Wyo_Roadhunter

    180" General buck down!

    Well i finally hit my goal and killed a 180" buck with my bow. I was actually waiting for 190" buck that I had bedded at 60 yards to stand up. I waited 2 hours and this one came out of no where at 30 yards and that was the end for him! Gotta thank dad for all the Time he puts in behind the...
  16. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Lion Down!

    After 7 years I finally drew out for a lion tag. Its been a hard year due to the weather we haven't had much snow. It finally worked out though and was able to take a nice tom with my bow at less than a foot away on the ground. Talk about a rush!
  17. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Dads (markhunts) Wyoming archery bull! "Stacks"

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-14-13 AT 12:16PM (MST)[p]Dad has been hunting this bull "Stacks" since opening day and finally was able to connect on him yesterday. It is a 7x8. Had a lot of help from good friends and family. I was able to go opening week but was unfortunately unable to go this go around...
  18. Wyo_Roadhunter

    2013 General buck down

    Well I still have the 3 point curse but I don't mind it haha. Was able to hurry home from work tonight and glass this buck up that i have been watching for about a month now, choose which wash to sit by and wait. Luckly I chose the right wash haha. He came out at 30 yards and made a good shot. I...
  19. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Finally worked out!

    We have been chasing a group of bucks since opening morning and never have been able to quite close the deal. This morning the big 3 finally slipped up. Shot him at 60 yards and he was down within 100 yards. Thanks dad, Chase, and Shawna for all the help!
  20. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Sitka Blacktail Mounts

    Just got our Sitkas back that we shot on Kodiak Island last year. They turned out great! The pedestal was one I built last semester in college for them, thought it turned out pretty cool
  21. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Alaska Pedestal

    Screwed up and posted this in the general and then remembered there is a taxidermy forum. Anyways here is the pedestal I have been working on for a while not for our sitka blacktails.
  22. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Alaska Pedestal

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-16-12 AT 03:35PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-16-12 AT 03:12?PM (MST) Here is a pedestal I have been working on for a little while. Finally got it finished yesterday. I really like how it turned out!
  23. Wyo_Roadhunter

    General buck down!

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-25-11 AT 08:11PM (MST)[p]I shot this buck last night at 60 yards. Followed blood until dark and decided to back out. Got in there first light this morning and found him about 100 yards from where we had stopped. Was lucky because this was my last day to bow hunt before college...
  24. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Dad's 2011 Sonora Muley

    Here's a buck my dad shot in Sonora Mexico last week.
  25. Wyo_Roadhunter

    South Dakota archery bucks

    Here is the bucks my dad and I killed this last week in SD it was a way fun hunt!
  26. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Finally got Who-dean-e!

    I have been after this buck everyday of the hunt and haven't been able to kill him till a couple of days ago. He was at 40 yards and he moved fast enough that when I released he turn right at me luckly hitting the artery and top of the heart. Only took about 30 seconds for him to go down! p.s...
  27. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Swarovski 15X56's

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-25-10 AT 07:42PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jun-25-10 AT 07:40?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Jun-24-10 AT 09:10?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Jun-24-10 AT 09:09?PM (MST) Hey guys. My dad is selling his Swarovski 15X56 binoculars. He got a pair of 15X56 Leica Geovids, . He's hating to sell...
  28. Wyo_Roadhunter

    2000 Toyota Tacoma

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-16-10 AT 10:54PM (MST)[p]Hey I am selling my 2000 toyota tacoma 4x4, it has the 3.4 v6, 5 speed tans. It has 154,623 miles and runs great! Asking $8,200.
  29. Wyo_Roadhunter

    2007 great year!!!

    All of these sheds except about 5 were found in 2007 off of the same hill side. The biggest set we found was 370 and found multiple years of a few bulls. The total ended up being 76 but my uncle and cousin got some. 370 6 years 3 years good set
  30. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Turkey down!

    Today I got my turkey the first hour of the hunt. They disapeared last night and never roosted so I was nervouse but they still ended up coming this morning woo hoo!
  31. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Colorado deer hunt story/ pictures

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-24-09 AT 02:48PM (MST)[p]Me and my dad both drew out for colorado, we saw lots of bucks but nothing in the 170's to 180's. after 6 days of hunting i got a ichey trigger finger and we saw some nice looking bucks way up on a ridge. so we made a game plan and decided to go after...
  32. Wyo_Roadhunter

    first muzzleloader buck

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-26-09 AT 03:21PM (MST)[p]I just shot my first muzzleloader buck a couple of days ago. I am really excited with him, and its kinda funny because he is the first muley i have shot that hasnt been with a bow.
  33. Wyo_Roadhunter

    2008 archery muley mount

    I just got my 2008 archery muley mount back yesterday it turned out awesome!
  34. Wyo_Roadhunter

    08 season.

    Here is how my 08 season ended up turning out. Really happy with the outcome. I also got a buck whitetail and a couple of doe whitetails but I havent got to getting them on the computer i will put them on when i can get to it.
  35. Wyo_Roadhunter

    My 2008 Utah archery muley

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-12-09 AT 07:29PM (MST)[p]Hey this is the mule deer i killed last year. I have killed to pope and young bucks out of this field and im hoping for another to show up this year. It was a 26 yard shot and it only took about 1 minute for us to hear him is the link to the...
  36. Wyo_Roadhunter

    Mule deer foundation

    has any one got the march/april issue of the mule deer foundation magazine. If so could you please tell me if there is a article by Remington Grace. thanks
  37. Wyo_Roadhunter

    2008 any bull hunt! Successful, first bull

    Here is the bull I shot this year on an any bull tag. It was a hard hunt in the beginning, not finding many elk. I passed up a 2 point bull the second day of the hunt. Every morning me and my dad would go before school and go to a high point and glass some flats. On the 2nd to the last day we...
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