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    61 Muley guided vs 67 DIY...second season

    Debating these two options, have been for two months. Still can’t decide...thoughts?
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    2021 unit 67 second season deer tag

    With the later dates, thoughts on this hunt? With 2012, the dates fall where the 3rd season dates historically have fallen...looking for units to burn points on. I’m tempted to go after a unit 21 second season because I have hunted it several times before, but have always wanted to try the Basin...
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    Weatherby Mark V 338 win mag

    Weatherby Mark V 338 win mag. Great shape, Bell and Carlson stock. Always taken care of, low round count. $950
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    Colorado Bear

    Had a great hunt in SW Colorado. Killed a big boar Right at dusk. Pics weren’t great, here are a few8
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    Weatherby Mark V 338 Win Mag

    For sale, Weatherby mark v 338 win mag with almost brand new Zeiss Conquest HD5 5-25x50. I am the original owner. Comes in a Bell and Carlson stock, also have original weatherby stock. Has muzzle break and really is in really nice condition With just a few minor scratches on trigger guard...
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    101-109 late Season deer

    Buddy and I finally drew a Nevada tag after 9 years. Drew our last choice, going to be hunting the rubies in November. Any good advice or past experiences you would be willing to share?
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    Bears out of Dens Yet?

    I've been up 3 times scouting and looking for sign. So far, haven't cut a track yet on Manti North or spotted one yet glassing. Am I just a bit too early still?
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    Manti North Spring Bear

    Anyone had any luck on this unit in the past spot and stalk? Any advice for a newbie spring bear hunter? Thanks in advance
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    Manti North Unit

    Drew this unit. Looking for past experience, is baiting or running hounds better?
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    Zeiss Conquest V6 and V4

    Just curious, anyone running with the new V6 scopes or even the new V4 for long range shooting and hunting. Spent some time looking through them at the Expo and their resolution and eye relieve was impressive to say the least, especially the V6. If anyone has ran one, how has the turret...
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    6.5x284 143ELDX field report

    I shot three animals with the eldx this year. A mule deer at 30 yds, antelope at 200 yds and a cow elk at 650. For a disclaimer I have shot Barnes out of my 338 win for years so it was a big step using a different style bullet. I get 3012 FPS average out of my 6.5 with killed all...
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    Horn Hunter Full Curl with extra large bag

    In great shape Hornhunter Full Curl with both the small bag and large bag. In kings mountain camo pattern. 5-7 years old, hasn't been used much the last 2.
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    PSE Bow Madness XL $300 fully loaded

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-07-18 AT 06:02PM (MST)[p]2009 PSE Bow Madness XL. Great bow, have held off upgrading for a lot of years because of this bow. New string this year. Comes with a QAD drop away rest, Axel Armortech 5 pin sight, alpine 5 arrow detachable quiver and a 10 inch stabilizer. Bare bow...
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    2B Late Archery

    I will be heading to the unit in early January for the hunt. Any advice or things to look out for? Road closures, etc...
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    Cool Gila Last Day Bull

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-10-16 AT 03:11PM (MST)[p]Thanks NM, had a great time hunting the Gila for the first time. Tougher hunt this year for the second season, from what I heard. My old man didn't tag out, saw some good ones at a distance. I was lucky enough to tag out on this guy the last morning...
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    Gila Bull

    I learned second season rifle hunts are tougher than you think. Having hunted late season in other states before, I thought I knew beforehand what it would be like. Word to the wise, it's way warmer in NM even towards the end of Oct. the Bulls had split off from the cows and were in the darkest...
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    Utah Gunsmith for a Weatherby Mark V

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-17-16 AT 12:38PM (MST)[p]Looking for recommendations on a gunsmith who can work on a Weatherby. Looking for a trigger job and maybe some accuracy work. blue printing or whatever needs to be done to bring it inline with my other rifles.
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    Colorado Muzzy Bull

    Fun hunt, killed my first iron sight animal...
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    Fillmore oakcreek muzzy tag

    Drew this tag. Should be a fun little hunt, anyone had it before on here?
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    Zeiss Conquest with custom turrets

    Anyone set their rifle up with a Zeiss Conquest with custom turrets before? I have a vortex hs lr on one rifle build and although I like how the turrets work on it, the glass clarity/quality is lacking in my opinion. Thinking of doing one more build, but would like to use a zeiss scope...I have...
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    New Mexico Professional big game hunting

    Anyone on here been outfitted by this group, Mick Chapel? Thanks
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    Finally drew....

    I hit the jackpot. Drew rifle elk and archery deer, excited to be finally able to hunt NM. 16A second rifle on elk and 2b archery deer in January. Any outfitter recommendations for the elk hunt?
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    NM 2b January archery

    Anyone ever draw this tag before and be willing to share? Thanks in advance
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    NM 16A outfitter recommendation

    LAST EDITED ON May-01-16 AT 08:14PM (MST)[p]Finally drew a NM tag. Stocked to say the least. I won't have enough time to scout, probably have to go with an outfitter. Any recommendations or first hand knowledge of the unit? It's the second rifle tag in October, the 22nd-26th.
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    WildBone Youth Non-Profit Org is selling calendars... This is a nice Utah based nonprofit. They are selling calendars to raise money to support their hunts they give away to less privileged youth. Monthly drawings will be held for monthly giveaways if you purchase a calendar from sponsors supporting the nonprofit. I...
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    CO 3rd season buck

    It was a fun hunt, but tough due to the hot weather and scattered deer... Still killed a good buck!
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    CO unit 61 3rd season

    Anyone willing to share info on 61 Muleys? I'm really thinking about burning pts on it this year. I've never been on a guided hunt, but may this year...always been a DIY guy in the past. Thanks
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    Unit 551

    Researching this unit. Anyone hunted or have any thoughts on the third season hunt? I know it's barely recovering from 08, but it doesn't take a 200 buck to make me happy. Thanks
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    Deer Unit 21 2nd rifle vs unit 10 2nd rifle...

    What would you choose and why?
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    Still looking, unit 21 second season experience

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-21-13 AT 09:12AM (MST)[p]What are your experiences and thoughts on unit 21 second season? I would like to have a shot to kill a mature buck. Actual bc store is not as important as there being mature bucks to chase... And yes, I have spent hours pouring over DOW reports...
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    Unit 70 4th Season research

    Hey, New to Colorado. I looked through the previous posts and would like some more info. What can you tell me about this hunt? Never killed a good buck, mainly archery hunt and have plenty of missed chances at trophy bucks... I would be close to drawing this or next year depending on creep...
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    Grouse Creek Yotes

    Saw a pack of four coyotes on the south end of Grouse Creek yesterday while out chucker hunting. Too far for the old shot gun, if someone who is a yote hunter and wants some specific directions, drop me a message. I would be happy to see them thinned out, there were more coyote tracks than...
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    New to Colorado

    A couple of questions. I am starting to research elk and deer units now that I am a resident. I have 4-5 points for both species, so using the MM odds, I have found some hunts that fit or at least I can get in a few years. However, I come across as many questions as anwsers... Thoughts on the...
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    Book cliffs le elk reports

    Gave some info out to people earlier this year but never heard back on how the hunts went. So I will put the question out here since I have not seen very many posts on the subject. How were the elk hunts on Bittercreek and the roadless this year?
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    Heading out to the Yakutat next week

    Silver fishing for silvers on the Italio and Situk rivers for a week with the old man and some good friends. I will post pics when I get back.
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    Archery elk hunt results

    From what seemed like a low amount of success posts on here from archery elk hunters, it feels like it was an extra tough archery hunt this year. What are your guys opinions?
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    Vortex skyline ED

    I have one for sale in the classified ads. Very good glass for the price
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    Vortex Skyline ED 20-60x80

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-24-12 AT 04:29PM (MST)[p]For sale, barely used straight eye piece skyline ED. Only used twice, never even been out of the truck. Comes with all the covers, caps and warranty information, just like it did from the store. $450 plus shipping Will be in SLC area this weekend. I...
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    Grand Junction area

    Will be officially moved to GJ in August. Any of you live in the area?
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    Zeiss Victory FL 10 x 42 T*

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-19-12 AT 10:00AM (MST)[p]Almost brand new pair of Zeiss Victory 10 x 42 in green color with lotutec lens. I have had them for a two years, but only took them out a few times. If I were dishonest, I could pass them off as brand new, but I am not. There really is not a mark or...
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