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    78, 105-107, 121 antelope

    Thank you. I plan on hunting for a week so any place to look is good
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    78, 105-107, 121 antelope

    PM sent
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    Altitude sickness question

    I live in Texas at less than 1k. On a Colorado elk hunt, tried to camp at 11,500. Had the oxygen bottles with me, but they didn't seem to help much.
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    CO Moose down!

    Great bull
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    270X51???? 308 necked down to .277??

    It's based of the 7x57 mauser I think
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    78, 105-107, 121 antelope

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    Fcfs Antelope Buck

    Great story and goat. Thanks for sharing
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    270X51???? 308 necked down to .277??

    Splitting hairs between the 7mm08 and 260 Remington but sounds interesting
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    78, 105-107, 121 antelope

    I drew a muzzy antelope tag in these units. Was wondering if anyone hunted there this year or recently that had any suggestions. I cant wait for my first hunt in Nevada I have the full season to hunt and I'm not in any hurry. Been scouring onx and have a game plan, just wondered if there was...
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    Texas Draw 2021

    I liked it better when you had to pick one hunt per category too. And for some reason, I miss the unsuccessful postcards...unsuccessful now is just boring
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    220 Swift Issue/ Question

    I'm interested in hearing the gunsmith's diagnosis. Please keep us posted.
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    Seek Outside Cimarron

    A buddy has a Cimmaron that we used last year. Only issue was condensation inside the tent. The stove is a nice addition. Tent had room for 2 plus gear
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    Blackhorn 209

    Arrived today
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    Blackhorn 209

    Hope so too.
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    Ruger American Predator

    Have you checked to be sure all of the screws are tight. Action and scope mount
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    Blackhorn 209

    Thanks for the notification...I received shipping conformation today
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    Antelope area 73

    I'll second Pat's Meats
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    results up. all red!

    Three strikes and I'm out.
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    How many species you all apply for?

    Derr, elk, antelope, shhep and goat. Hoping to burn my deer points this year. If so. I'll start buying them again
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    Unit 19

    All I managed to get was altitude sicknedd
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    Do Texans apply for out of state tags?

    NM, AZ, CO, UT, NV, WY and Montana
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    Unit 19

    Thank you very much. I'll let you know how I do
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    20 Years in Business!!

    Congratulations and thanks for the great site.
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    25-06 Ammo

    Hornady Superformance 117 grain shoot well in my 700. Deadly on antelope and whitetail. I wouldn't hesitate to use it on a muley.
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    Unit 19

    I picked up a first rifle season elk tag in unit 19 today. Has anyone hunted that area lately that can shed some insight? How is the population? Any areas to avoid? Is there a certain elevation that holds elk? Any info is appreciated. Not looking for a trophy, just to fill the freezer. Thanks
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    Leftover sale......

    Swing and a miss for me
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    Fun Droptine Buck - You shootin'?

    Nice buck but no tag for me this year. I've seen one muley with a drop and he is on the wall.
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    Wyoming 89-1

    In 2019 9 out of 14 applicants with 10 points drew in the regular draw
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    Draw question

    He did attach to my application. But apparently I am an idiot. I selected the option to withdraw my doe application if unsuccessful on the buck tag. I didn't know that was an option. Thanks for the help though
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    Draw question

    I applied for a doe antelope tag as a party leader. My hunting partner attached his application to mine. Results show that he drew but I didn't. I thought if anyone in the party drew, all of the tags are issued. Am I missing something that would allow him to draw but not me?
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    Condolences to Zeke

    My prayers for you and your family
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    It's only 92 here today. Anyone want to trade?
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    22 K Hornet

    The 218 Bee is my dad's favorite round. He has killed deer, wild hogs, coyotes and too many jackrabbits to count. Had a couple of Ruger 22 Hornets and never could get them to group.
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    Elk rubs in winter/spring?

    I have found a whitetail shed in a bush. Could see where the deer had been rubbing, apparently to knock off the antler.
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    2016 muleys

    You had a great year. Congadulations
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    Left handed youth rifles

    I shoot left-handed, but have never shot a left-handed rifle. For her to start shooting and hunting, I don't think you need a left-handed rifle. However, if you are buying a rifle for her anyway, one with a left-handed action might be better.
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    Mountain House Delicacy's

    Lasagna Mac and Cheese
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    Is he 35" wide? Big enough for you?

    Bang...He's big enough for me
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    Young shooter scope/aiming help

    Like everyone else has said, adjust the scope for her, or get a different gun and sight it in for her. It is not the scope, but how she holds the gun and looks through the scope.
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    Ruttin Bucks I

    Nice pics...thanks for sharing
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