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  1. elkocd

    Unit 34 meat processing

    Trying to figure out the logistics of my son and I having tags, but me not headed home afterwards. Nearest meat processors for unit 34 or maybe not nearest, but best?
  2. elkocd

    Another where to move to in WY?

    I've been talking about it for a while, but it's now getting closer and closer to my real time to move to WY. My son will graduate this year. My GF is on board with a move. The NW has turned into a liberal hell hole. Time to pull the trigger. It's really down to where. I've spent quite a bit...
  3. elkocd

    Submitted app not showing?

    Submitted elk apps for myself and my son after having to fumble thru the clunky buy a license that does not immediately show process and now two days later it still says we have not entered the draw?! And yes I have email receipts of entering as well as CC charges. Before I call and wait on the...
  4. elkocd

    Anyone in unit 1?

    Headed down for my sons archery elk hunt. Anyone there? Bulls going off? They have been going good for last few days in ID where I've been. Everything looks setup for a great hunt for him. Can't wait to hit the mts. We'll miss opening morning, but will be there for the rest of the season.
  5. elkocd

    2nd Draw results?

    Anyone know when they will be out? Leaving early next week and would love to know before hand.
  6. elkocd

    Non hunter carrying shot gun in field

    My dad and I will be hunting elk in Grizz country this fall. We have a lot of experience all over. However my teenage son will be joining us. He has no license or tag. He does not have the back country experience yet and has a lot of fear of grizzlies. I'm just wondering if it is legal for him...
  7. elkocd

    Living in or near Star Valley

    I've been in an around the area a few times. Have elk hunted it. My son will be a Sr in HS this year. Once he's done I'm wanting to move to WY for many reasons. I have worked remotely for 20 years so employment is not an issue. My girlfriends kids are way into competitive skiing, so being within...
  8. elkocd

    Looks like I'm out of Co again with 12 points.

    The only state I've accumulated elk points and yet to put in for an actual tag. Drew a great early AZ elk tag and will be hunting WY as well so here we are again. Another CO elk point. Every time this happens the unit that I want to hunt jumps by 1+ point. I guess I'll just keep the donations...
  9. elkocd

    Draw recap?

    When do they usually come out? Would like to see how bad the creep went for the elk tag I didn't draw.
  10. elkocd

    21 2nd season elk

    So I decided to burn my 10 NR deer points on a 2nd season 21 tag primarily so I can take my teenage son along and get him an OTC elk tag. I think I have a pretty good handle on what to expect but am a little curious about what seems to be pretty low success on elk in the unit. My hunch from what...
  11. elkocd

    66 2nd or 22 3rd Deer

    It's time to burn my points and have pretty much narrowed it down to these 2 units. I know the 22 3rd "could" be better, but not sure it fits my hunting style. I'm a pretty die hard backcountry hunter that really hates hunting around a lot of folks and roads. I "think" I could have a lot more...
  12. elkocd

    My dads Utah archery beast

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-16-15 AT 03:03PM (MST)[p]After dogging him for a couple hours I was able to call him off his cows by challenging him to a fight. Because of the thick brush in the aspens and the roll of the hill I had to call him in about a 220 deg arc around my dad. The whole time he was only...
  13. elkocd

    Mike from Logan area?

    Hey Mike, Me, my dad and son talked to you in Jimmy Johns in Logan about elk hunting. PM me if you're on here. I have some pics to show you I think you'll be interested in seeing. Rick
  14. elkocd

    Meat donating in Boise or Twin Falls

    Is there a processor in either Twin Falls or Boise that will take an elk for donation to any of the local charities? I'm trying to work out the logistics of my NV elk hunt combined with my dads UT elk hunt and our combined OR elk hunts.
  15. elkocd

    diesel near Jarbidge

    I will be hunting in 071 most likely the east side. Where's the closest diesel to Jarbidge?
  16. elkocd

    Looking for packer in 27 late bull

    Looking for a reliable packer in unit 27 for the late bull hunt. I know where I want to hunt.
  17. elkocd

    Leica CRF 1200 $415

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-16-13 AT 04:50PM (MST)[p]Leica CRF 1200 rangefinder $415. Works perfect. Soft belt case.
  18. elkocd

    WTB KUIU Icon 5200 New model

    Anyone have one they want to sell?
  19. elkocd

    Kifaru 5200 UL

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-01-13 AT 08:23AM (MST)[p]Kifaru UL 5200 $450 Less than a year old. 24" Composite stays. One waist pocket. No holes, rips or tears. Great SUPER LIGHT pack!
  20. elkocd

    Need packer near Star Valley

    Going to be archery hunting elk in western WY again this year. Just found out my dad has a torn rotator cuff and needs surgery so I will most likely be going solo. I would love to line up someone to pack an elk out when I get one down. I'll be 3-6 miles back with good pack trail access. I know...
  21. elkocd

    Sitka Mountain pant 34 Reg. for sale or trade for 32 reg

    Sitka Gear Mountain Pant Size 34 Regular. Love these pants, but I need a 32 Reg. Will sell for $120 or trade for size 32 reg. Used a couple days. Good cond. No tears, holes, bad stiches, stains etc.. Shipped to your door with Paypal payment.
  22. elkocd

    Region G archery deer

    I think I will be elk hunting in the area for for a couple weeks in Sept. and have the points to get a G deer tag. Should I pull the trigger on the deer tag? PMs welcome. I know they have been hit hard by last winter, but I sure would hate to come accross a big muley with no tag in my pocket...
  23. elkocd

    Win phone KE calculator

    I needed a KE calculator on my phone so I put together this free windows phone app for KE calculation. It also has a horizantal distance calculator for steep incline declines.
  24. elkocd

    Grizz in Shoshone natl. forrest?

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-05-11 AT 07:24AM (MST)[p]Are there in the southern end around Lander and or wolves for that matter?
  25. elkocd

    Camping around rattlesnake mts

    Going to be out there in July and Sept. Wondering what the camping is like around Rattlesnake mts near Casper? Will have a 20ft trailer as a base camp and will also be backpacking. Is there good BLM camping or will we need to look around Alcova? Thanks
  26. elkocd

    Breaks, Best unit to use a boat

    Of the breaks elk units which one do you guys think you could benefit the most by using a boat? I mean getting to places where you could not otherwise by road. Which units have the fewest roads in general? Thanks. PMs welcome.
  27. elkocd

    Archery Elk Outfitter tags, Wenaha, Walla Walla, Sled Springs

    Anyone know who(what outfitter) get's the tags for these units archery elk?
  28. elkocd

    Elk hunting in BC

    My girlfriend lives in Rossland BC. If I understand the regs correctly I can elk hunt in BC if accompanied by her. Does this sound correct? Anyone hunted SE BC around Purcell Mountains?
  29. elkocd

    Can I hunt BC if I marry my Canadian girlfriend?

    I'm a US resident, but my girlfriend is a Canadian citizen living in BC. Just thinking ahead a bit. Would I be able to hunt if we were married and or would I have to live there to do so?
  30. elkocd

    Anyone hunt Muddy Mountain HMA for elk?

    Looking at this area to archery hunt. Anyone hunted it and care to share your thoughts? Not looking for your spots just general info on the hunt. PMs welcomed.
  31. elkocd

    Elk Unit 11 Access

    Looking at the map this unit looks to have a lot of national forest access, but Eastmans says it has poor public access. What gives? Are the elk not on the NF?
  32. elkocd

    General archery elk units

    I have been all over the WY fish and game site, but having a hard time finding something(preferably a map) that lists which units you can hunt archery elk with a general tag. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  33. elkocd

    Unit 31 for archery elk

    Anyone archery hunted 31 for elk? Looks pretty rugged like you could get away from the crowds. Any thoughts on the unit? PMs welcomed.
  34. elkocd

    Road closure areas during archery season

    Looking for a new archery elk spot. Anyone know of or where I can find out about road closure areas during archery season? I'm into Mt biking back as far as possible and spending up to a week at a time. Rick
  35. elkocd

    Archery season good road closure areas

    Looking for a new archery elk spot. Anyone know of or where I can find out about road closure areas during archery season? I'm into Mt biking back as far as possible and spending up to a week at a time. Are there any of the general zones that have more road closures than others? Thanks
  36. elkocd

    Utah LE Archery. Is it worth it anymore?

    With the early dates now do you guys that have hunted the archery hunts think they are worth it anymore? I only archery hunt elk and have called in many bulls in early Sept. but for one of these very rare tags I'm just wondering if I want to be limited to only early Sept. Not really into sitting...
  37. elkocd

    Diamond Mt. Private access

    Is it possible to get on any private in South Slope Diamon Mt. for elk for a fee? Anyone do any type of tresspass access in that unit? Thanks
  38. elkocd

    Best Muzzy hunts

    Been archery hunting for years and plan on continuing to do so in my home state of OR. I have owned a muzzy for 4 years, but have yet to hunt with it. Would like to know your opinions on where I should start putting in for an elk hunt. States of interest: CO, NM, UT . I have 4 point in UT and 1...
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