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    Arizona Desert

    Has anybody been out looking around for deer? I've been looking around the last few weeks at some areas in my unit for rifle season and I'm starting to get a little excited. I have been waiting for it too cool off but the weather is not cooperating. My next free weekend is the first weekend of...
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    Love Monsoon Season

    Especially when it fills up a waterhole like this over night.
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    You ever had a trail camera photo where a buck is taunting you? About 5 years ago, I saw this buck with 30 minutes of light left on the last day of the archery hunt in January. He had about 15 does with him. It was cloudy and with low light hard to see. I swore this buck was wide but I only got...
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    Desert Buck

    Got a cool picture of a desert buck with my Nikon P1000. Dang greasewoods wouldn’t allow the camera to focus on the buck but if you zoom in, you can see his double main beam.
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    Desert Buck Can't wait for the desert season to start! Anybody been out scouting? Got on quite a few bucks but this one is the biggest. November can't come soon enough!
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    Big Horn Sheep

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-25-14 AT 12:30PM (MST)[p]Posted this on another forum and would like some opinions on here. This is bighorn sheep I got on camera a few years ago. I'm sure he has been taken since this photo was taken but was curious as to what you think he would score. Thanks for looking.
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    Bucks in Velvet

    Saw these bucks exiting a cotton field this morning east of Yuma. I did not put in for this area but anyone with a 41 tag might be happy to see these come deer season!
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    Desert Buck

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-05-13 AT 11:18AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Nov-05-13 AT 11:16?AM (MST) Got this buck opening day in what we call the Cibolas. I was driving a road up to check a water hole and jumped up a herd of 6 does, 2 fawns, and a couple little spikes. We watched them run off a ways and I...
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