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    Big Tex Trailers

    Bought a Big Tex 16' dump trailer, took it to my local welding shop and had them raise the jack mount, so I wouldn't tear it off going across dips. First time I used the trailer, the pin didn't hold the one side of the tail gate open as I backed back up after dropping some of the load, it dug...
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    Dixie fire

    Heard last night on local news, that PG&E is possibly responsible for it, one of there workers reported a tree against the line, and small fire where it started. I can't begin to comprehend this, after the 2018 Camp fire. This thing is blowing up, eating a lot of good country.... pray for all in...
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    Nevada draw

    It's up, good luck, swing and a miss for me... Mike
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    Sierra Pacific lands

    Just a heads up, if you hadn't heard S.P has closed their lands to any use till we get some rain, heard Collins pine followed suit to. Might impact your bow hunting, as well as early season hunting plans. Mike
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    Looking for small moose shed

    Looking for small moose shed Hey guy's, thought I would try here, my cousin from Kentucky, is looking for a small moose shed,(Shiras) for his wall, we were at elk fest at Jackson and they were pretty proud of them. He wants a brown in good shape, please send me a pm., with pic and price...
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    Organization to help fight for our rights in ca.

    Some of you might have birds mounted by Steve, here is a worthwhile group he is heading up.We as outdoorsman in ca. are losing ground almost daily,here is a way to help make our voices heard before we can't hunt at all. Mike
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    M3 reports?

    Got word from a farmer I know who was helping out a buddy yesterday, they took a decent 5x6,..lots of smaller bucks being seen,..good ones are scarce,..need snow.Heard Aaron (mm member) passed on a 30" class fork,as of yesterday he was still looking.Also heard something that a open tag holder...
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    jarbidge area question..

    Hey guys, cousin from kentucky and i got some left over archery tags,...never been in the area,..what kind of quality bucks should we expect to see? plan on laying down some boot leather,..and i know its a broad question, but what is a decent bow buck for the area? The kentuckian has never...
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    Find a pack in the steens?

    A buddy and i were talking tonite,...about 8 yrs.? ago we were bowhunting muleys in the steens.We were on the walk out and waited for a couple of guys to catch up with us.As they approached, one was wearing a pack that was severly faded. After talking to the guys, it turned out they had found...
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    leupold fixed 30x60 golden ring spotter

    Anybody got one of these older ones?..what is your opinions? and do you know the weight/length of it? Thanks for your time boys... Mike
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    Big Valley goat

    Hey guys, got a buddy who drew the tag, and his 84 yr. old dad is first alternate.His plan is to wait until the last minute to see if someone doesn't buy a tag, and his dad gets it, if not, he'll turn his down so his dad gets it.He was asking me if i had any leads.Any of you boys got any imfo...
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    Happy birthday Gazelle

    Happy 50th. to Tony, a.k.a "Gazelle"..hopefully you'll be slowing down some so maybe i can keep up with you easier.This guy has got like a 42" inseam, and goes uphill over blowdowns like nothing,..years back out elk hunting i started referring to him as the gazelle.Have a good one Tony, and i'm...
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    How much snow Joey?

    Hey Joey, figured you boys must be gett'n some, got about 2-3" here, you should be good for at least a foot.Take care and keep your powder dry. mike
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    Az 27

    Hey guys, my buddy and i drew bow bull tags,it's been 11 years since i was there last, got a area in mind but any tips,imfo.,recent burns etc., appreciated!! Thanks! mike
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    unit 27 bull

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-31-09 AT 10:37AM (MST)[p] Hey guys, my buddy and i drew bow bull tags for 27. I was there 11 years ago, pretty much know where i'm going back to,but any tips and imfo, recent burns etc., deeply appreciated. thanks guys! Mike
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    Joke 4 u boys

    This redhead gal goes to the doctor, complaining of pain, she touchs her leg and say it hurts here,then her elbow, it hurts too, then she touchs her cheek and say it hurts.The doctor tells her to go ito the exam room and disrobe, he'll be in in a minute.The doc is only in there for 30 seconds...
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    antelope help (wyo)

    Hey guys, got this posted on the antelope page also, i plan on taking the better-half on a antelope hunt.It will be the first for both of us,don't expect big bucks, just wanting to have a good time and see a decent amount of goats.Looking for pointers, regular draw, 0 points,..and maybe some doe...
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    wyo. antelope

    Hey guys, i want to take the better-half on a antelope hunt, first for both of us, look'n for pointers, don't expect big bucks, just a fun hunt with good odds for the draw, 0 points, reg. tag..and maybe some doe tags.. Thanks! mike
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    Loads for 375 ultra-mag

    Loads for 375 ultra-mag Did some horse trade'n a few years back after the rmef dinner, got a rem. 700 375 ultra-mag..still have not fired it.Got the dies and was wondering if anybody has worked up loads for this "bear gun". Thanks!! Mike
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