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    Alaska Jr. Aces

    My grandson's team the Alaska Jr. Aces just won the USHL 14AAA tournament in SAn Jose Calif. They beat teams from San diego Los Angeles, Denver and San Jose all much larger areas. They won all six games by a agregate score of 41-4 not allowing any team more than 1 pt.Congratulations Gunnar.
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    One of the best deer hunters dies

    One of my best friends died last week. Bob Elkins 86 went to hunt were all the bucks are 40plus. Bob was a vetran of Iwo Jima he told me of the six best friends who went through basic training together he was the only one who made it off the beach.Bob was a B&C scorer and we scored many great...
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    Did anyone else happen to see Robb Wileys story and pictures and vidieo's on his website. Really shows how amazing this buck is.
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    Follow up to monster killed in wyo.

    Brian called again this morning and asked if I would write a little more about this great deer.First, Brian is as the guide from Nev. said one of the toughest most determined hunters that I know of, or have ever been around.For you guys that think you are tough, Brian hunted the last six days of...
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    monster mule deer killed in wyo.

    A friend of mine called this morning, said he killed a monster yesterday. All I can say its over 40" Killed with a sponser on here if he wants to say more.
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    henry mtn deer hunt

    Well,I finally got back to the land of snow and ice after my deer hunt on the Henry's,What a great hunt and great country.The weather was fantastic highs in the 60's and lows in the middle 30's.We saw over 300 bucks. with a high of 63 one day. I was on the management hunt but was not...
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    Henry mtn's help needed

    I am the person who drew the NR management tag with 11 pts. I along with Marley had something stolen last week. Was having a garage sale and had a scum-bag steal my Swar EL's. This wasn't the worse thing that happened to me though as I was diagonosed with MS. This will probably be my last mule...
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    Elk in unit 17 New Mexico

    Posting this for a good friend of mine, he drew a muzzle loader tag in this unit. What is a realistic goal in there. He is a very experienced and a very hard hunter. Like everyone else he would like to kill a monster, helped a friend of his kill a 373bull in Nevada last year so he knows what a...
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    Henry's tag

    I think I drew the Henry's management tag. OK guys tie up all those big 3 pts for me.
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    How long Do you guys think you should look for a crippled elk. My wife drew a non-resident late elk tag on the Beaver this year. We were after this 390bull that it seems like every body in town knew about. We seen the elk was watching it when one of the locals crippled it, he had two guys with...
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    Leica 15x56 BRF

    I got my new toy from Doug yesterday, just ranged some caribou across the river at 824 yds. Has anybody else out there have these and how do you like them? Seem very nice so far, cant wait to use them when it gets a little darker here, only a few months to go.
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    Beaver late

    My wife drew this tag, we will be hunting it without a guide, what kind of bull should we be looking for?I think this is late rifle dont have book in front of us. Were not looking for a 400 but would like a nice 6x6 is this realistic? This hunt is 22-366 Thanks in advance.
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    200 inch blacktail

    Did anyone else happen to see the Zang Her buck on supposed to be 200 inch blacktail one super buck.
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    200 inch blacktail

    Did anyone else happn to see this buck on blacktail Super buck
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    we need help

    My wife drew areas 72 &74 I drew area 231 both non-residents bull elk tags. Which area should we hunt first, we intend to spend the full season there as this is a once in a lifetime chance, took me 13 years to draw.What a problem to have.
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    steiner 20x80 senators

    Has anyone used these binoculars, how do they compare to 15x56 swarovskis or the big doctors. I understand that the senators are a much better model then some of sreiners cheaper models how do they compare?
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    unit 84 wyoming

    Anybody hunt this unit recently, would appreciate any information.
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    muzzleloader sights

    Have a tag for unit 22, can anyone tell me if you can use a Red Dot or Millet sight in Colorado. Also has anyone used one of these tell me how far you can shoot with one, the old eyes ain't what they used to be.
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