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  1. nocwalker

    Pa opener

    8am. First one down here in Pa. my hunting partner has one down toor. Had 4 come in first, small bucks finally found the doe, too late did not get a shot off 20 min later. Small doe came in by herself Bad move
  2. nocwalker

    Nocwalker s Co unit 21 Recap

    We’ll, here we go. Many have asked for a recap. Thanks for the help with many questions, some probably dumb as hell but, coming from Pa to a unit that I could not personally scout was tough and raised more questions then answers. between some help from individuals here on the Monster, intell...
  3. nocwalker

    Co unit 21

    We’ll, we’re on our way. In Illinois right now heading west. Want to thank everyone here for answering all my questions. And thanks to the guys who sent pms with tips, advice and general help. It is much appreciated. Great community here! I will post when I can although I don’t think we’ll have...
  4. nocwalker

    Unit 21 fire restrictions

    Guys, does anyone know the real fire restrictions in unit 21? Seems I’m getting mixed messages. Can we use the tent stove if we need it? thanks. Nocwalker
  5. nocwalker

    Unit 21 Camp water

    Water sounds as though it will be somewhat scarce in unit 21. I’ve decided to bring a clean plastic drum for camp water( shower, clean up etc). we don’t really want to haul 500lbs of water all the way across the country if we don’t have to. do any of you guys have an idea where I can fill a...
  6. nocwalker

    Unit 21 camp bears

    It’s been said a few times that there is plenty of bears in unit 21. What kind of a problem will that be for us in camp? In this unit will they come and wreck our camp? During the day? If so. How can we secure our supplies? thanks. Bill v
  7. nocwalker

    Butcher for unit 21

    We'll be out to unit21 archery for Sept 1st opener. Was wondering incase we need a butcher where we will need to go. Was wondering if Fruita or Rangley might have someone. were just a little over a month away from getting on the road. Leaving here on the 28th hope to be set in camp on the...
  8. nocwalker

    Parking in unit 21

    Unit 21 has lots of oil and gas derek's from what I hear. I can see them from above on g-earth and Onx etc... Do you guys know if its ok to park in a back corner of one of those spots if its a spot we need to get into? Thanks Bill V
  9. nocwalker

    Goldtip Kinetic XT Pro 400's

    Hey guys, any of you guys work at Goldtip? I am looking for Kinetic XT pro 400's I wish they would make again, was hoping there is a pile of them somewhere that I could grab. These are my Favorite arrows I ever shot, would like more of them if I can get them. If not I'll need a replacement...
  10. nocwalker

    Donating meat?

    I have been told there a tons of bear in unit 21 and to get a tag to go along with my deer tag. Not sure if I want to do this yet but I will consider it to help with the management of bears if there is an over population. I'm not interested in bringing the meat back to Pa if I were to shoot...
  11. nocwalker


    Guys, Founder been having some trouble with PM's I cannot see any of the newer Pm's that have been sent to me. The last one in the PM log is from 2018. The new ones (from this year) are gone. I had multible conversations with guys taht where giving some education and /or advise for our 21...
  12. nocwalker

    Muledeer Eyesight

    Hello all! been checking in and reading since April. Our 21 archery tags have been awarded. Been watching a ton of videos trying to get a mental picture of the terrain, vegitation etc.... Have found some 21 hunts mostly in later gun seasons and some Book Cliif videos thinking the terrain...
  13. nocwalker

    Unit 21 --- Glass

    Hunting archery in 21, up in the higher country as guys have told me that's where we need to start. Sounds like a lot of thick cover too. How far will we be able to see? so Im trying to figure out how much or how good of glass we need. I have a compact Burris spotter and a real junky older...
  14. nocwalker

    Unit 21 Archery----- The Roads???

    Morning guys, The roads during the first 2 weeks of Sept, What are they like? I've seen comments about being bad in the rain and maybe having chains, Is this true? we don't have chains and need to know if we really need to invest. We will be bringing an ATV to get around in which brings up...
  15. nocwalker

    Hypothetical stalk

    Ok, let me know your thoughts and/or experiences. I put a buck to bed in 3' high thick brush, maybe snow berry or sage next to taller thicker area. Deer is on a north east facing slope and I am above and to the east of the animal. Wind is from the west and thermals are up. Im and eastern...
  16. nocwalker

    21, CWD area?

    OK, think I just realized that 21 is a CWD area? is that correct? if so, are there any requirement that I need to know? Special instructions etc.. ? thanks
  17. nocwalker

    Co. Unit 21 cell service?

    Just a general inquiry. What is the cell service like in 21 if any? Maybe up high in the southern part? Or up by tangly? thanks nocwalker
  18. nocwalker

    At it again in a blizzard. Semi live

    Well. Wasn’t planning this but here I sit as 8 more inches of snow is winding down. Deer have been through here the last 2 nights but the big new factor is the snow. We’ll see. I usually get a west wind in this stand. Today, north. Deer have been approaching from the S or N guessing from photos...
  19. nocwalker

    Colorado unit 21 general info (please) safety plus

    Ok guys, Unit 21 archery it is for 2012 MD. can some of you maybe answer a few safety type questions? not afraid of anything , just want to know what I'll need to deal with. Q1-- is there any poisonous snakes , scorpions or anything else I should know about in this unit? I hope this is the...
  20. nocwalker

    Talk me out of it !

    Ok Guys. this is your last chance to talk me out of it, Mule deer Unit 21 Colorado. As some of you know Im planning on pulling 21 archery tags this year. Many have givin advise and some are willing to help quite a bit, Thank you all. It hasn't been easy watching comments and and digging up...
  21. nocwalker

    Gonna try again. Semi

    Ok. Just got settled at 4:04 pm est. ok. I’m pissed now. I do these semi’s and I don’t even see any, determination setting in. Deer have been through here 5 of 7 nights. The 2 night they didn’t come through, iii was here. I can only hunt mon, Thur and Saturday on this prop. Jesus, they know...
  22. nocwalker

    2 & 1/2 hr. Semi live

    Ok guys. I’m at it again. We got about a foot of snow on Monday here in NJ. Gonna sit for the last few hours and I’ll bring you guys along. Sat here this morning and saw nothing
  23. nocwalker


    Guys, does the Colorado archery deer season really start on Sept 2nd? That’s a Thursday
  24. nocwalker

    Short semi anyone?

    Got settled in stand at 4:12. Might get about an hr in. Thought I’d bring u guys along. I’m on 140 acres in Bucks Co Pa. hustled here after work. Saw 2 already below me in a 2 acre field. Perfect position to come my way. But they went to the west heading right for one of my stands I call #9...
  25. nocwalker

    Semi live?

    I just jumped in a tree here in Pa. I’ll see if I can post some. In between any action. Today is a drive day at a restoration property. It is a driive so I might get busy. But I will try to give you guys a flavor of what it’s like here in suburbia. Some of you wide open space guys would hate...
  26. nocwalker

    Quick Field judging muledeer

    Guys, just looking for tips on quick field judging mule deer. I saw on another thread that a mature MD should have tip to tip ears of about 22 to 24" maybe a little more. I will be happy on our hunt with a 160 we we can find some in Co unit 21 this fall. Question: how do you guys come up with...
  27. nocwalker

    Co. Unit 21 again, after 3 yrs

    Hello all! well after n3 years we are ready to draw Co. unit 21 archery again. In 2018 we drew a pair of archery tags and planned on coming out early in the season. right around the time the draw was happening I lost my job of 30yrs and we found out my wife had lung cancer while recovering...
  28. nocwalker

    Kentucky elk draw

    Happening right now live at Kentucky F&G facebook
  29. nocwalker

    Co. unit 21 archery

    Hello all,I asked for help last year on this hunt and did receive from from a few different people to get started. Thank You guys. Unfortunitly we had to turn the tags back in due to a serious illness and surgery for my wife. There was no way I could leave Pa. for this hunt. I was wondering how...
  30. nocwalker

    Colorado Muledeer unit 21 archery

    Hope some of you guys can steer me in the right direction. Me and my hunting partner have 11 NR deer points. I know thats too many in most peoples minds but, we didn't care as we were accumulating them figuring we can hunt where we want when we're ready. Its time! we haven't hunted out west...
  31. nocwalker

    nocwalkers 2014 Wy sheep hunt

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-08-14 AT 01:52PM (MST)[p]Well guys, I made it back to Pa in one piece. Wyoming is absolutly beautiful. If you remember I drew a tag in area 5 in the random draw. I had decided to hunt with Shoshone Lodge outfitters and Josh Martoglio. Josh is excellent at what he does and boy...
  32. nocwalker

    Bino Cases for bowhunters

    Hello guys, I wanted your opinions on which bino harness/case to get. Want to get one that will not interfer with shooting but still is easily available when needed. Wanted to get some first hand comments from experienced guys before buying one. Thanks nocwalker
  33. nocwalker

    Thanks from Pa.

    Just wanted to say thanks to all the MM guys that have helped me , encouraged me, gave tips to me and just plain chatted with me in preperation of our Utah Wasatch LE elk hunt. Were leaving today and expect to have camp set up by Sunday evening. We're going to stop in Denver for a nights rest...
  34. nocwalker

    Score generalizations

    Ok guys, I'm getting to the point in my research that I'm starting to look at size. When whitetail hunting I field judge (quickly from stand) the score using generalize calculations. Example, Medium width = 19", reg main beam lengths = 21" , Circumferences = 20 to 25" etc... Do you guys have...
  35. nocwalker

    Weather and Rain in the Wasatch?

    Hey guys, I just want to be prepaired I'm gonna prepair for 35 to 75 degrees, Does that sound right for the Wasatch unit at 7000' to 9000, during the first 2 wks of Sept? And, will the waterproof lightweight raingear be correct? Thanks nocwalker
  36. nocwalker

    Cow calling?

    All right, Maybe I'm getting close to having most of the logistics ready(still some left)for our hunt. But heres a question for all you guys that do alot of cow calling. I have a few cow calls, Hoochie mamma, Green tipped bite call (Primo's) and one other that I couldn't get to sound too good...
  37. nocwalker

    Wasatch scenery photos

    Hey guys, I'm really interested in seeing what the Wasatch unit looks like, primarally south and west of Strawberry Res. I'm trying to get that vision in my mind as to what I'm in for. Pix of the mountains, slopes, draws, trails, camping areas etc.. Thanks Guys. nocwalker
  38. nocwalker

    Your First move!

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-17-12 AT 10:07AM (MST)[p] Ok boys, I'd like to know what you would do if you were in my shoes. We drew a pair of Wasatch unit LE archery tags and need some advice. We are very experienced whitetail hunters from the east. We are novice Elk hunters and I won't pretend to know...
  39. nocwalker

    Wasatch unit, What am I looking at?

    Sitting here in Pa, searching, looking, talking ---Researching for my Wasatch unit elk archery hunt this year. I,m looking at goole earth photos and was wondering if you guys could tell me what I might be looking at. I've been disecting areas in the middle of the unit around Strawberry. When I...
  40. nocwalker

    drive time?

    Does anyone have an idea on the drive time from Denver to the Strawberry Res area using Rt 70 , then Rt 6 ? My guess woulb be about 8hrs but, I have absolutly nothing to base that on. Thanks Nocwalker
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