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  1. BrianID

    Tagged an Idaho buck

    On Monday the 11th I spotted a doe bedded across the canyon around 10:00am in a snow storm. After glassing for surrounding deer I spotted a buck mixed in with a group of about 8 does/fawns. I had plenty of time to set up my tripod and pack for a back rest and get in my preferred prone shooting...
  2. BrianID

    Lost hunter found 53 years later

    Interesting story if you haven’t already heard it.
  3. BrianID

    Happy 6.5 creedmoor day!

    Marijuana has April 20th, Star Wars has May 4th and the Creedmoor has June 5th to celebrate the the best caliber ever created. No other caliber is effective for elephants at 1000 yards and stopping a charging grizzly ever time. It also won't ruin a coyote pelt and is the most cost effective...
  4. BrianID

    Link to Wyoming back Door

    You can find your Wyoming elk results with back door if you know how to look. Check the link below. Wyoming back door
  5. BrianID

    Who is happy with new wolf law?

    For those of you that were unaware of this, below is a link to a news story. Do you think that Wyoming and Montana will follow Idaho on this? My guess is that Wyoming will do something similar...
  6. BrianID

    Stress from extended hunting seasons

    I thought this would be an interesting topic to debate. How many of you believe having hunting seasons from August to December across many areas in western states is hurting the deer herds due to stress? For example, does and fawns are being stressed enough by hunters "bumping" them multiple...
  7. BrianID

    Guaranteed Outfitter Tags??? Poll

    There was another thread that I didn't want to highjack that this was being discussed and thought it would be better to start a new thread. Should outfitters be guaranteed a certain percentage of the tags given by a state? For example NM currently guarantees outfitters 10% of the tags.
  8. BrianID

    Nonresident general tags sold out

    I shouldn't be surprised but it still doesn't make sense to me. All the general deer tags sold out in Idaho already. 225 nonresidents thought the $$ was worth committing to hunt 2 points in unit 40. Is anyone else surprised the 2 point tags sold out, especially this early?
  9. BrianID

    Early rifle vs late general deer rifle

    I’m thinking about cashing in my 6 nonresident general season points this year and was looking at the draw data in more detail than previous years. I’m surprised the odds on early rifle are significantly better than late rifle in some units especially for residents. Why is that? I understand...
  10. BrianID

    Oregon Archery Hunted Killed by Elk

    This is a crazy story. Makes me question if this was truly a wild elk or if it had been habituated to humans. If all elk had the same attitude issues grizzly bears do, they could mess up a bunch of archery hunters...
  11. BrianID

    Will Nonresident deer tags sell out this year?

    A month ago, I would have guessed that the nonresident deer tags would sell out by early August. Not because the deer hunting has been good, but because demand was up. If the economy doesn't bounce back by this fall, I wouldn't be surprised if the nonresident deer tags actually don't sell out...
  12. BrianID

    My Wyoming Pronghorn.

    I had a great time in Wyoming this last week. I have an old friend from High School that lives there so it was fun to spend some time together. I never did find a giant pronghorn in my unit but I was able to look over about 300 different bucks before I pulled the trigger. I saw a few that might...
  13. BrianID

    Nonresident elk results 2/21

    Wyoming game and fish website says results will be posted tomorrow.
  14. BrianID

    Coues bucks

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-24-18 AT 04:19PM (MST)[p]Here are some pictures from my NM deer hunt this year. I'm a sucker for mass and couldn't pass on this buck. My brother-in-law and I double up on this two bucks. If we get drawn next year, it will be tough to top these two.
  15. BrianID

    Idaho two point

    I like to pull the trigger and thought this buck needed to be removed from the gene pool. 24" wide. I kept some teeth to send off to get his age. I think he is 4+ years old based on his teeth and body size.
  16. BrianID

    Central Wyoming buck

    After scouting my hunt area and looking over 150+ different bucks, these are the two best bucks that I found. The area just doesn't have the genetics to consistantly produce big antlers. Even though the top buck had more mass and I believe would score better, he was in an area with a small...
  17. BrianID

    Off Range Oryx!!!

    I've been trying to draw Oryx for years and finally got lucky. I have the June hunt which doesn't give me as much time to scout as I would like. However, I don't live far from the missile range so I hope to be able to scout at least five or six days before the hunt opens. I have a few questions...
  18. BrianID

    Prairie Dogs??

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-12-18 AT 06:18AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-12-18 AT 06:17?AM (MST) I've seen a number of these mounds in Southern NM and can't figure out what made them. For the last 3 years I've thought they were prairie dog mounds. However, I have not seen a prairie dog yet. Most of these...
  19. BrianID

    Long Range shooting questions

    I know this topic is like beating a dead horse but I still wanted to ask. Are any of you good enough to take a shot at a deer at a 1000 yards? What is everyones max range for shooting at a deer? How much has your max shooting range increased over the years due to improved technology? I know...
  20. BrianID

    Coues Buck

    Here is a Coues buck I tagged in Southern NM last month. He isn't very big but is a symetrical 8 point and I couldn't pass him up since I've never killed a coues. They are hard deer to glass up but much more enjoyable to pack out than mule deer.
  21. BrianID

    Late season AZ bull

    Here are a few pictures from my late season Arizona hunt. I looked over about 5-10 bulls per day but never turned up a monster. I'm very happy with the bull I ended up with. Many of the bulls had busted up antlers. Hiking hard all day and trying to spot bulls in their beds seemed much more...
  22. BrianID

    Swarosvski btx

    Have any of you bought this yet? I'm thinking about buying one sometime in the couple weeks. I'm thinking about using this instead of 15X binos on a tripod. The reviews sound very good but I need to look through one first before I buy. Besides the price, does anyone have anything negative to...
  23. BrianID

    Latest you have seen a muley with antlers

    What is the latest you have seen a mule deer still packing their antlers? I've seen a few with antlers in mid April but yesterday I saw a two point in Southern New Mexico still packing one antler. May 2nd is the latest I have seen now. I'm guessing this isn't too uncommon in Sourhern NM, AZ and...
  24. BrianID

    Southern New Mexico Buck

    This is a buck I killed in New Mexico last week. I was hunting him for 3 days before I was able to take a shot I was comfortable with. He was bedding down on top of a knob and it was difficult to get in a position close enough for a shot without him smelling or seeing me. Patience paid off and...
  25. BrianID

    31" Southern NM buck

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-16-15 AT 00:02AM (MST)[p] I shot this buck yesterday in Southern NM. I moved to El Paso, TX last year. Because of my career choice I have not had much time to hunt since moving away from Idaho 8 years ago. I haven't shot a deer since 2009 when I had a chance to do a short...
  26. BrianID

    31" Southern NM buck

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-15-15 AT 11:59PM (MST)[p]I shot this buck yesterday in Southern NM. Here's a link to the story on the mule deer forum.
  27. BrianID

    Archery Shop in El Paso or Las Cruses

    I recently moved to El Paso. Does anyone know of a quality archery shop in the El Paso or Las Cuses area?
  28. BrianID

    Another California Mountain Lion Attack

    Interesting story.
  29. BrianID

    How to encourage hunters to kill more wolves

    I like the idea of added incentives for those who kill a wolf. It probably wouldn't happen but here is my idea. Anyone who killed a wolf during the 2012 season would get to hunt extra days on either their 2013 general season elk tag or extra days on there 2013 deer tag. I would say let them...
  30. BrianID

    2009 Wyoming Antelope

    My friend and I ended up tagging out on our Wyoming mule deer early and we had a couple days to burn before I had to fly back to San Antonio. My wife wasn't too happy about it but I picked up a left over antelope tag. The first morning of the antelope hunt we look over about about 50 buck...
  31. BrianID

    My 2009 Wyoming buck

    I didn't have very good luck in the drawing a quality tag this year so I picked up a left over deer tag in central Wyoming. The area I was hunting didn't have genetics for growing big antlers but I would be hunting with an old friend Trapper, so I knew I would have a good time and was looking...
  32. BrianID

    My brothers 2007 buck

    My brother Brad took a nice buck opening day of Idaho?s general rifle season. From a half mile Brad watched it bed down just as it was getting light enough to see. He kept an eye on it for an hour to make sure it did not move and then came over to find me. I was able to find him in the spotting...
  33. BrianID

    My 2007 buck

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-12-07 AT 11:20AM (MST)[p]My deer season started off hard this year. The first day of archery season I put an arrow in a very large buck. I quit hunting for a few weeks and put in a lot of time trying to find him (about 40 hours myself + 20 hours of help from friends)...
  34. BrianID

    Idah MDI survey results

    I thought some of you would like to look at this. Here is a link to the survey results. There were several things in the survey that stood out to me. The F&G's ATV restrictions is supported by a significant portion of those...
  35. BrianID

    Congratulations Idaho F&G

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-04-07 AT 10:11PM (MST)[p]Once again the Idaho F&G managed to sell out the 1,115 nonresident SE tags. I hope not too many of the guys who bought the SE tag think they will have a reasonable chance at a nice buck...
  36. BrianID

    Old time Idaho Buck

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-30-07 AT 04:29PM (MST)[p]I don't know much about this buck. It is in the Johnny Sack's Cabin by Big Springs in Island Park. I would guess that it was killed by Johnny Sacks but don't really know. John Sacks died and old man in the mid 1950's. If John Sacks did kill the buck it...
  37. BrianID

    Width/Score guess

    What do you think this bucks gross score and outside spread is? He is really symetrical and should have a net score within a few inches of his gross score. I'll post what I've estimated his width and score in a couple days.
  38. BrianID

    Pictures of old friends

    These are pictures of bucks that I know quite well. I've seen both of them multiple times in 2005, 2006 & 2007. I believe both are 4 year old deer and both have 2007 antlers that gross scores 30"+ larger than they did in 2006. If they make it to 2008 both could be really nice bucks. Hopefully...
  39. BrianID

    One antlered buck question

    Why do you think this buck is missing his left antler? You can't tell very well from the pictures but on his left side he has about a 2" of growth that doesn't appear damaged. He appeared to be healthy(watched him run off) and I did not notice anything abnormal about the right side of his...
  40. BrianID

    Some more Idaho Pictures

    Here are a few pictures I've taken within the last two weeks.
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