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  1. antlerradar

    Montana proposals to simplify big game regs.

    Thank you NeMont, You are far better at posting links than I will ever be.
  2. antlerradar

    Montana proposals to simplify big game regs.

    Yes I am. Those yearling forks have about a 50% chance of being an above average buck for there age class later in life and there is a good chance they will fail to survive the elements and get be an old buck even with out hunting from humans. The chances that a 2 year old three point will never...
  3. antlerradar

    Montana proposals to simplify big game regs.

    100% true. One of the reasons we in Montana have a hard time growing big deer is that we do not feel pressured to shoot the first two or three point that walks by. If you want bigger deer you need to shoot more of the small ones that are unlikely to ever get big. Forcing hunters to shoot four...
  4. antlerradar

    Hunters wanted

    Is that the island were the swim team practices in the nude. Hunters are so distracted that the buck makes a get away every time.
  5. antlerradar

    Dwindling Deer

    Cheatgrass is great feed, for two maybe three weeks out of the year.
  6. antlerradar

    velvet sheds

    Found some where around a half dozen velvet sheds, mostly two point mule deer. This antler is over 90 and still has some velvet on the back side.
  7. Big Shed

    Big Shed

    This here is a cool antler that antlerradar shared.
  8. antlerradar


    I am in the same boat as SS. I have walked down into a nasty canyon too many times to be real disappointed by how small the antler I spotted really is. Still go if I think there is any chance the antler might be a good one.
  9. antlerradar

    whats your favorite tree ?

    This was my favorite tree until it burned up in 2000. Giant rocky mountain juniper, over 9 feet around, 40 feet tall and lateral branches 20 feet long.
  10. antlerradar

    Large duffle bag to fly with horns

    Used shotgun shells also work great to tape on the points.
  11. antlerradar

    Road Hunter’s

    I didn't kill this one from the truck. I spotted him looking for love on a hay field He found a hot doe and chased her across road in front of the truck and up onto some BLM. I caught up with him in less than a half mile. I am not much of a roadhunter, but roadhunting can be real effective in...
  12. 99 buck.jpg

    99 buck.jpg

  13. antlerradar

    Eye Guard Length

    I found my best whitetail eyegard this past year. Just under 11 inches on the right antler.
  14. DSCN3694.JPG


  15. antlerradar

    What's your bone spotting optics?

    I started out with 10x50 Bushnell, went to 10x40 Leopold and now use 15x60 Zeiss.
  16. antlerradar

    Eye Guard Length

    Some other antlers with 5 inch or better eyegards.
  17. 73.75b.JPG


  18. 70.75a.JPG


  19. 81.125a.JPG


  20. 69.125b.JPG


  21. antlerradar

    Eye Guard Length

    Some others from the buck with 5 inch plus eyegards I have found.
  22. 73b.JPG


  23. 62.125a.JPG


  24. 57.75a.JPG


  25. antlerradar

    Eye Guard Length

    This one is just a bit over six inches.
  26. 58.125b.jpg


  27. antlerradar

    Non-resident Antelope timeline

    Region 7 east of the Powder is your best bet for NR antelope. You are likely to be disappointed in MT after hunting WY. You can still have a good hunt in MT, but MT is no WY.
  28. antlerradar

    Show your hanger in the wild

    I first found this antler in a tree in 1984. Back then you could remove the antler with ease, not so much any more. Likely that some one else put it there a few years earlier. I took the picture a few years ago and haven't been back since but I would bet it is still there.
  29. 100_0557.JPG


  30. antlerradar

    Thorn antler

    Thirty point buck back east.
  31. antlerradar

    900-20 archery elk outfitter recommendation...

    Cole Benton, Grizzly outfitters.
  32. antlerradar

    elk success thread, post them up!

    Is a Ford Ranger enough auto for road hunting or should I stay with the King Ranch with the rancher grill guard?
  33. antlerradar

    I found 3 years off of one buck

    Stuff happens! Always nice when you are able to find multiple years off of a buck. Found seven from the buck in my avatar. Thanks for putting up the measurements.
  34. antlerradar

    I found 3 years off of one buck

    That is real cool, but how are you getting five circumference measurements on the right form 2019?
  35. antlerradar

    In what state did you take your biggest buck?

    At close to 190 gross typical this Montana buck is a top contender for my best.
  36. art's deer.jpg

    art's deer.jpg

  37. antlerradar

    In what state did you score on your best bull?

    Montana, 367 and 20 inch fifths
  38. Fantastic Montana Bull

    Fantastic Montana Bull

    Member, antlerradar, shared this photo in a good thread going on in the Elk Forum called, "In what state did you score on your best bull?"
  39. antlerradar

    Shed Antler Hunting Photo Contest ... Nice Prize!

    mine form last year.
  40. DSCN3292.JPG


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