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  1. HalfAce

    Old Desert Buck

    After a few years of hard passes and one bad miss, I finally connected on one. I got lucky and drew this general tag a third time in a row; didn’t fill the first two times but went about the hunt a little differently this year. Scouted 4 full days before the hunt, looking over a lot of new...
  2. HalfAce

    Application Change Question

    Anybody know if i can still make a change to my application? I applied 3 weeks ago, and didn't apply as a party leader since i was planning on hunting alone. Now one of my buddies wants to join me on the hunt and apply for a tag of his own. I want to avoid one of us drawing and the other not...
  3. HalfAce

    Mule Deer Crisis in Western Wyoming

    I pulled Robb Wiley?s below message off of his Nontypical Outfitters website, so I hope I don't piss him off. But this needs to be shared here as I think what the man has to say is extremely important to all of us who love to hunt Mule deer in Wyoming or some of the other nearby states. It's...
  4. HalfAce

    Post Deadly Winter, 2017 Hunting Season

    Hi everybody, my name is Alek. I come from a non-hunting family, so with no one to learn from in regards to anything to do with hunting, I turned to MonsterMuleys. Since I was a teenager, this website and all of its users has taught me SO much over the years, I don't know where I would be today...
  5. HalfAce

    Barnes TSX BT for Elk

    Hey guys. Anyone here hunt Elk with Barnes TSX BT?s? If so, what were your results, and at what distance? Can it kill an elk at extended ranges (between 400 and 600 yards) if the shooter does their job? I've never hunted with a Barnes bullet, never hunted with a copper bullet. So I am...
  6. HalfAce

    Deer Unit 34

    Hey guys, It's that slow time of the year for me, where I have no hunting to do, but everyday I'm thinking about next year?s season and doing my research. I have enough points to draw WY Mule Deer unit 34 this year if I wanted to apply for it. But I am a little confused on why this unit takes...
  7. HalfAce

    Cooper Firearms

    Anybody here have a custom rifle made by Cooper Firearms? If so, I have a few questions: 1. Are you happy with the rifle? 2. Is it hitting at or close to the 1/2" at 100 yards guarantee? 3. What was the leadtime quoted for your gun? 4. Did they deliver close to their quoted leadtime? 5. For the...
  8. HalfAce

    Honda Pioneer 500

    Anyone have one? How do you like it? Been thinking about maybe buying something like this, but I nor any of my family or friends have ever owned an ATV or UTV, so I don't have anywhere to go and ask, so here I am. Few questions: 1. What do you think about the single cylinder 4-stroke engine...
  9. HalfAce

    CA Pig Hunting Location Advice?

    Hey guys, I'm in need of a good push in the right direction for where to do a pig hunt here in California. One of my childhood best friends honored me by asking me to be his best man at his wedding. As a bachelor party, I was figuring ide plan a Vegas trip, but when I asked him more or less...
  10. HalfAce

    So. UT Mule Deer Rut

    Hey guys, evil non-resident here. I drew my first ever Utah tag, its a general unit rifle Mule Deer Buck tag in Southern Utah. I will be going in my first time blind, but I have spent a lot of time on Google Earth and done other homework. I'm not here to ask where to go, or somebody to hold my...
  11. HalfAce

    Shooter or not?

    Saw Roadless' post and I thought to post up a buck I scouted up this weekend as well. He seems pretty low on tine length so far, but maybe he will add some length, maybe not... How wide do you guys think he may end up going? Shooter for you or not?
  12. HalfAce

    Grizzly Hunts In Our Future?

    Its getting kind of boring on the MT forum. Thought ya'll might think this was interesting. Friday, March 21, 2014 Fish & Wildlife As more than 700 grizzly bears begin to emerge from winter dens in southwestern Montana, state wildlife officials say a recently updated conservation plan shows...
  13. HalfAce

    2013 Wyoming Antelope

    Hey guys, this is a late report, but better late then never. I got drawn for an antelope buck tag in a 1 point unit out of Casper. This was my first ever hunting trip to Wyoming so I didn't know what to expect, but I had an idea of what it may be like after the strong winter kill a few years...
  14. HalfAce

    So Cal bucks already rutting?

    Hey guys, I live in zone D-11. I choose not to hunt here in California, but I like to go take a look at the local city deer before my out of state hunts start. I went up to look at some deer twice in the last two days and noticed bucks (breeding age) following and smelling the does (constantly)...
  15. HalfAce

    Some 2012 Pics & Story

    Have a little time today, and since it's a little slow around these parts I thought I would share a couple pics of my 2012 hunting season. Living a 1000 miles away means my pre season scouting in this great state is non-existant, so I can only show pictures from the year before, no summertime...
  16. HalfAce

    Don't want to Draw...Lose my CC?

    Hey guys. I have drawn four tags (one was a difficult draw) in three different states this year. The last tag I am in for this year is an Early Kaibab tag with a handful of points. Normally ide love to have this tag but I want to give it a real 100% effort and all my time if I did draw it, but...
  17. HalfAce

    Draw Results

    I have been checking my bonus pts the last few days for Elk and Deer, and they both went up by one today. Goodluck to the rest of you guys.
  18. HalfAce

    Results are up

    The results are posted. Nothing for me. Bonus points are not updated yet.
  19. HalfAce

    Bison, Cougar & Swan

    Thought someone would post it by now, but the results are up. Anyone draw?
  20. HalfAce

    Wolves in Broadus?

    MONTANA WOLF PROGRAM - WEEKLY REPORT TO: Interested Parties FROM: Ken McDonald, Wildlife Bureau Chief SUBJECT: Wolf Program Activities and Related Information WEEK OF: June 4-10, 2011 Contributors to the Montana Wolf Weekly are Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), Universities, USDA...
  21. HalfAce

    Another poacher

    LAST EDITED ON May-04-11 AT 06:39PM (MST)[p]Monday, May 2, 2011 Enforcement - Region 7 "On October 11, 2010 Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game wardens received information that there was a fresh elk carcass close to mile marker 18 on Highway 12 between Miles City and Baker, MT. Wardens...
  22. HalfAce

    Wolf News

    They say Montana fwp is planning on a 220 wolf quota this year. Also Idaho wants to reduce from "700" wolves to 500. In one way it may be good that they are misinforming the public about how many wolves there really are. Check out...
  23. HalfAce

    How to not gut an elk...

    Dont check out the camp fire thread too often, so I dont know if this is a re-post, but this clip should brighten your day.
  24. HalfAce

    Gardiner Bison

    Might be a little easier to draw a buff tag in the near future. What do you guys think about this article? Good or bad for hunters and/or ranchers?
  25. HalfAce

    Draw Applications

    Hey guys, its my first time applying for Colorado. I just want a BP for deer and elk. Does the state require you to pay the full tag fee for the animal upfront? (and later return the refund) Or can I just buy the BP's? Im a NR. Thanks for any help!
  26. HalfAce

    Wintering Conditions Region 7

    Was taking a look at some recent news on the state site and came across this. The animals already had a couple of bad winters, and now another one that may be worse?... Hopefully it warms up, if it doesnt, i dont think there will be a positive outcome this spring. Wednesday, January 26, 2011...
  27. HalfAce

    2010 Season

    Hunted the eastern side of the state this year with my dad. We only had enough time to hunt for 3 days (Nov 11th-13th). There were signs of the rut, but I noticed probably half the bucks were still alone sitting in the holes like this one. Could have jumped on his back! I should have shot...
  28. HalfAce

    For all you guys getting your trail cam's stolen... you need to do this.
  29. HalfAce

    Unit 52 A Question?

    Does anyone have a link to a map that shows what portion of the Craters of the Moon is closed to hunting? Found a link on the fish and game page but it wasnt working. Thanks for your time.
  30. HalfAce

    Region 700

    Never posted my hunt, but since its so quiet around here and im out of school for the summer i will throw mine in now. I drew the combo tag again this year so this will add a little fuel to the fire. This year it was my father, best friend and his dad going, and we got to our area the day...
  31. HalfAce

    Alternates List

    The results just got posted on the states website, so check it out if you put in. My dad didnt draw the general A tag. But currently is 382 on the list. What are your guy's past experiences with recieving a tag when being placed decently high in the Alt list? Last i checked before they...
  32. HalfAce

    Unit 53 Elk

    Hey fellas, im relatively new to MM. But was wondering if i could get a little input on this unit. I just finished up my fall semester in school and have a month off, and would really like to go hunt one more time to put some meat in the freezer with the time i have off before all rifle seasons...
  33. HalfAce

    CMR road conditions

    Anyone know someone in this general region, or has been in the area that might know what the road is like right now? thank you
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