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  1. Clownpuncher

    Colorado Cow moose help

    Have to take the bad advice with the good. I appreciate all's help. We are going to get one, one way or another!
  2. Clownpuncher

    Colorado Cow moose help

    Thanks for all the help!! I’ll definitely look into those places. Thanks for the heads up on the 50” as well. We’ve just been walking everywhere but the snow last weekend was pretty sloppy. There are plenty of moose up there. There are actually 840 at the last count and they would like the...
  3. Clownpuncher

    Colorado Cow moose help

    My 15 year old son has a Grand Mesa cow moose tag (42/421). Has anyone seen any cows running around?? We've been out and putting on miles but nothing yet. Thought we might ask for any help we could get. I sincerely and truly appreciate any help.
  4. Clownpuncher

    Moose Hide

    I'm not gonna lie. I hauled out the head and the hide. Heavy as HELL! but the rug is awesome!! I even europeaned the skull...on a cow! I love it. It's just massive and cool.
  5. Clownpuncher

    Shooters Grill

    The burnt end fries are the best.
  6. Clownpuncher

    Wolves claim their first victim in CO

    I've known JT for years and I'd vouge for him on anything.
  7. Clownpuncher

    Moose Hide

    You're gonna love the meat. I think it's the best on the planet. Congrats. Trying to get my son one next weekend!
  8. Clownpuncher

    Cow Moose

    That's awesome!! Congrats. I'm working on finding a cow for my son right now. His season starts on the 16th.
  9. Clownpuncher

    Cow Moose

    Nice! My son drew a rifle cow tag as well. Super excited. Probably more than he is.
  10. Clownpuncher

    Hog hunt

    Everywhere that I have seen in Cali, and I haven't looked at a ton of places, has 1 or 2 hogs for $800 or so. I've gone to Texas for unlimited hogs for $400. I am never opposed to going anywhere else, it was just way, way cheaper. My $.02.
  11. Clownpuncher

    Hog hunt

    I would imagine there is no "set scheme" for all of this. I appreciate you trying at all.
  12. Clownpuncher

    161 moose

    My son got the call that he was next in line for a cow moose in 41,42,411. Can't wait! Fingers crossed.
  13. Clownpuncher

    Hog hunt

    PM Sent. Please let me know if you didn't get it.
  14. Clownpuncher

    Butcher for unit 21

    D&M Meats in Grand Junction, Orchard Mesa Market (Grand Junction), Old World Meats (Grand Junction)
  15. Clownpuncher

    BC or ALB moose hunt guide only

    What are your rates for a moose hunt in Alberta?
  16. Clownpuncher

    Hog hunt

    Where is the 818 Ranch located? I'm from Colorado and looking for places but just wandering how far away it is.
  17. Clownpuncher

    Moose in unit 41

    My 14 year old has this same cow tag.
  18. Clownpuncher

    Hog hunt

    Man I'd love to know what you found out. I've been looking for places as well.
  19. Clownpuncher

    Eva Shockey Gen 1 40# Fiber bow for sale

    $750 Bare bow. Brand new
  20. Clownpuncher

    Eva Shockey Gen 1 40# Fiber bow for sale

    I'm not sure why the pictures didn't load but if anyone needs them, let me know. I'll keep trying on my end to update.
  21. Clownpuncher

    Eva Shockey Gen 1 40# Fiber bow for sale

    I bought my wife an Eva Shockey Gen 1 Carbon Fiber bow and she doesn't shoot it. This bow has literally less than a dozen shots through it. It comes with a Trophy Ridge Sync Drop away rest and a Trophy Ridge React H4 sight. I did take the rest off to try it on another bow but it wouldn't work so...
  22. Clownpuncher

    Lets Get the Trail Camera's Outlawed

    I don't use baiting, understand why it's illegal. But what is wrong with game cameras? Seriously asking. I use them all the time and the only time I have taken anyones picture is when they stole my other camera that another one was pointed at because they were poaching and I caught them red...
  23. Clownpuncher

    wolf reintroduction bill

    Yeah I'm not a big fan of bringing wolves in but I don't hate them enough to feed them liberals.
  24. Clownpuncher

    Wolf .223 Steel Casing ammo 980rd/$575

    Sounds like you have enough.
  25. Clownpuncher

    Wolf .223 Steel Casing ammo 980rd/$575

    I bought 3000 rounds of Wolf .223 steel casing and 1000 rounds of it was supposed to go to another guy that backed out. I ended up shooting one 20 rd box so I have 980 rounds for sale. Hit me up if you're interested.
  26. Clownpuncher

    Best fletching jig

  27. Clownpuncher

    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    Bump. Website is back up.
  28. Clownpuncher

    Western co fires

    You knew the beetlekill was going to have to go up in flames someday. Terrible but you knew it was inevitable.
  29. Clownpuncher

    Kuiu Scarpa R-Evolution Boots

    Sale pending. I'll keep you updated.
  30. Clownpuncher

    Kuiu Scarpa R-Evolution Boots

    I'm sorry guys! I never got a notification that anyone sent pm's or responded to this. I believe I have responded to all Pm's.
  31. Clownpuncher

    Kuiu Scarpa R-Evolution Boots

    I have a pair of Kuiu Scarpa R-Evolution Boots that I wore for 3 days during a hunt. They are still in great shape. They are size 12. I needed a 13 and ordered the wrong ones. Over $230 what I paid for them but selling for $125 obo.
  32. Clownpuncher

    Insert glue

    Are you talking glue or epoxy?
  33. Clownpuncher

    POLL: Which RANGEFINDER do you use?

    Just bought the Vortex Rangefinder/binos FURY HD 5000. Love them!!
  34. Clownpuncher

    Win a Bino/Rangefinder Harness - Easy to Enter

    Set me up with the Goodies!!!
  35. Clownpuncher

    Unit 40 elk outfitter

    2V outfitters has some big bulls.
  36. Clownpuncher

    Elk Pot Roast

    I've been doing this for years and it's a great recipe. Put it on hoagie rolls with au jus if necessary. Fantastic!
  37. Clownpuncher

    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    I did. Sorry.
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