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  1. Uttaxi1

    Nice Tom

    Hot off the press. This one is another first for me. Never attempted a lifesize mnt lion before. Really pleased how it turned out.
  2. Uttaxi1

    First time for everything

    Just finished up this one. It was my first attempt at a wolf but overall really pleased with the outcome.
  3. Uttaxi1

    Short Tail

    Nice Utah Bobcat just finished up.
  4. Uttaxi1

    Freaky Friday

    Just put the final touches of this one. Who would be shooting? Have a great weekend. Tall Timbers Taxidermy 801-856-8506 6 month turn around!!
  5. Uttaxi1

    Old Mexico

    Giant 3 point taken with Old Mexico Hunting Company. Full pedestal with desert habitat on a barnwood base. Tall Timbers Taxidermy 8018568506 6 month turn around.
  6. Uttaxi1

    Texas Safari

    Just put the final touches on a couple of Texas Safari's. Something a little different from the normal muleys and elk. Tall Timbers Taxidermy 6 month turn around 8018568606
  7. Uttaxi1

    Texas style

    I knew I was going to be home all day today and asked what everyone wanted for dinner. My mom said I will buy a brisket if you will cook it. That was a done deal. Smoked for 11 hrs and then let rest 1 hour before cutting. While the brisket was resting cooked some bacon wrapped stuffed...
  8. Uttaxi1

    Island Buck

    Going through my pics I forgot to post this one when I got it done. This buck was taken by the 2020 antelope island state draw hunter.
  9. Uttaxi1


    Nice set of sheds with inlines mounted on a wall pedestal form. Hopefully everyone has a tag in their pocket. 6 month turn around on North American big game shoulder mounts. Tall Timbers Taxidermy 8018568506
  10. Uttaxi1

    Utah Billy

    Sent this Utah Billy home last week. Client asked for the cancer awareness ribbon as his mother was going through cancer treatments during his hunt and encouraged him before the hunt.
  11. Uttaxi1

    Chicken Roast

    I was having a going away party for a longtime friend that was moving. I told them I would make anything they wanted. They replied roasted CHICKEN!!! I set up the rotisserie my dad made back in the early 80's and the rest is history. Turned out awesome, great night with great company.
  12. Uttaxi1


    One of my favorite North American animals. Beautiful velvet on this guy.
  13. Uttaxi1


    Had to switch it up a little. Wall mount badger. They make neat mounts. Happy Father's day to the dads out there.
  14. Uttaxi1

    Coues Buck

    Finished this nice coues wall ped and habitat a few weeks back. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.
  15. Uttaxi1

    Great Find

    It's always a pleasure to bring back a giant set of sheds. Could only imagine seeing this one walking through the high country.
  16. Uttaxi1

    Mountain Goat wall pedestals

    Just put the finishing touches on these utah billies. Complete with euros and custom replicas. The larger goat has the replicas on the mount as the client wanted to keep the original skull intact. The smaller has the replicas on the original skull with a custom cast skull plate with the original...
  17. Uttaxi1

    Mountain Goat

    Sent this floor pedestal utah billy home a while back. Good luck in the upcoming draws.
  18. Uttaxi1

    It's all in the eyes

    Here is one I finished up today. I am always trying to better my craft and make each mount as life as possible. Oh, and the headgear on this bad boy doesn't disappoint either. 36.6" wide 235" gross.
  19. Uttaxi1

    Pedestal muley

    Finished this one up today, client give free reign and this is what I come up with.
  20. Uttaxi1

    Wall pedestal Pronghorn

    Just put the finishing touches on this great utah pronghorn. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  21. Uttaxi1


    Whitetail need a little love every now and again. Just sent these ones home. It was a fun change of pace.
  22. Uttaxi1


    Just finished this old warrior with a cool corkscrew for my brother. We was able to harvest this heavy old buck with some great friends. Definitely one of the biggest bodied deer I have had the privilege to work on. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  23. Uttaxi1

    Happy New Year

    Wishing everyone the best for 2021. This buck was brought to me as a plaque mount. The client wanted to have it mounted for his dad, as it was his biggest buck. Paired a nice cape and a wall pedestal made for a nice addition to his trophy room.
  24. Uttaxi1

    First buck

    Happy holidays everyone. Got this young hunters muzzy buck done just in time for Christmas. Love the light cape and the dark antlers from this deer rubbing in a recent burn.
  25. Uttaxi1

    Colorado muzzy buck

    Unique Colorado muzzy buck ready for an exciting 14 yr old young lady. Happy holidays everyone.
  26. Uttaxi1

    Utah OTC Bison

    Just put the finishing touches on this nice bison from the Utah OTC unit. Definitely a dream animal for me. Hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Holidays. Tall Timbers Taxidermy
  27. Uttaxi1

    Old buck

    Just put the finishing touches on this old warrior and sent him to his new home. I just love these old bucks. This one was probably 8+ yrs old and probably would have winter killed. He had zero fat and was wore down to the gums on his lower molars.
  28. Uttaxi1

    Wall pedestals

    Just sent these 2 out the door. They come from the same general area. Love the colors on the capes. One is on the lighter side the other darker. Full sneek and semi sneek.
  29. Uttaxi1

    Utah Summer Bear

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Just put the finishing touches on this beast of a Utah bear.
  30. Uttaxi1

    Nice Typical

    Really nice archery buck recently completed. Was a great year for general archery bucks in Utah.
  31. Uttaxi1

    Sweet Buck

    Here is a sweet archery buck recently completed. It has it all extras, double droppers and over 40" of mass with perfect velvet. Hope everyone is having a great season so far.
  32. Uttaxi1

    Wide load

    Just out the finishing touches on this awesome 2020 Utah general archery buck. Truly a magnificent old warrior. 30" beams, 32"inside and 38" wide. Was truly a honor to bring this one back to life.
  33. Uttaxi1

    Shedding Buck

    This is a mount I did a few years ago that I am putting up for sale. I am going to build a new shop and would like to get this into a new home. The antler is pinned so I can put a different left on there. I am asking $1000.00. Something like this would be double that. Give me a call if you...
  34. Uttaxi1

    One special buck

    This started about a year ago when I had a client contact me. He was telling me he had aquired a set of mule deer sheds that were rather large and would like them mounted. I asked him a rough size on the sheds so I could start the process of finding a cape. He said it would take the largest I...
  35. Uttaxi1

    Utah spring boar

    Finished up this nice boar today. Enjoy your weekend.
  36. Uttaxi1


    Just finished up this great Naimibian safari. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.
  37. Uttaxi1

    2019 Utah buck

    Been working on an idea for my personal buck from last year. I was planning on this mount for a state taxidermy competition this year but that has been postponed. Tried to match the habitat to where I harvested my buck.
  38. Uttaxi1

    Black bear cub

    This is a little black bear cub that I purchased at the state antler and fur auction. It was caught by hounds and tore up pretty bad. It was a fun project to do. Hope everyone has the tag they were hoping for and happy Memorial Day
  39. Uttaxi1

    2016 general season buck

    Finally took a few pics of my last day general buck from 2016.
  40. Uttaxi1


    This is a pronghorn I did a few years back. Wanted to do something a little different. Hope everyone is having a great day and good luck in the remaining draws.
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