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    Antler Growth

    Good article on Antler Growth.
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    NRA Wins Again NRA might be bankrupt but they seem to still get the job done.
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    Oddly Quiet

    I am not a big antler hunter I like to get out with my boy and my brother maybe 2 or 3 times a spring, mostly just some good hikes and some good bulls#$%&^* going on. We normally will try a new part of the State and grab lunch at one of the local food joints, there is some good burgers and some...
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    Cow Poaching

    Do you think this is justified?
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    Any Of You Logers Try This

    Is this called topping trees?
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    Who Scores First?

    It has been really entertaining following the two elk hunting threads, AZ Elk Semi Live and Need Pointers For My First Elk, in Wasatch. This is the threads we need to see more of. Let's Make Hunting Great Again! (MHGA)
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    Who got a Southern Unit Deer Survey

    I received a email for Southern Unit Deer Survey. My Survey Fish Lake unit specific. Three Survey questions really caught my attention was. This unit (Fish Lake) has not been within 10 percent of herd objective sense 2015 herd objective was put in place. Do you think the herd objective for...
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    Racist Hunters
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    Crazy Stuff Kind of Entertaining

    Afriend sent me this.. Chicks fighting, I don't know what it is all about.
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    No More Duke One of the last truly great American heros of film. Soon we won't be able too even watch on TV, John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, Catherine Hepburn, Maureen O'Hara, Burt Lancaster, Gary Cooper. You can fill in some more...
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    Back When Women Had Class

    Enjoy something that has nothing to do with Covid or Black Lives Matter
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    Did you know her eelgrass What was she too cheap to pay for airfare!
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    Shooting/Reloading Apps

    Who out there uses Shooting/Reloading Apps. I know they can be different apps for shooting vs reloading but let's us know what some of the ones you all use for shooting calculations and reloading data. What's good about the apps you use and what ones are a waste of time and/or money. I have...
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    What Outdorr Industries Will Be Hurt The Most By The Down Economy?

    With all the trouble across the globe oil market crashing, Wall Street crash and Covid-19 shutting down world manufacturing and travel. Causing catastrophic layoffs, house hold name companies maybe not recovering and either closing or selling out to more secure companies and...
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    Coronavirus and Eating Out.

    I had a friend that said he is going to stop eating out for lunch. He does not trust the food handlers to be clean. What do you all think?
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    Daytona 500

    Did you see Christensen Arms had/have a car in Daytona?
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    Who saw it Live

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-29-19 AT 07:23PM (MST)[p] On of the more interesting World Series. I have watched every game live and I missed Sunday game 5.
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    Friday Afternoon

    You sure can tell it is a Friday afternoon just a week before the first of the big game hunts hear in Utah. Very few posts past 10am. Most MMers must have headed for the high country already. What are we doing at home?
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    California eel law quiz #1

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-10-18 AT 02:50PM (MST)[p]eel fishing in the bay? Which is illegal? 1-eel lying to his wife about fishing 2-eel fishing in his kayak 3-eel using oars when fishing in his kayak
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    Anyone used ExpertadVoice

    Just signed up for ExpertVouce i was wondering if anyone on MM has had a boy experience using this site there is some unbelievable deals, one of the best is 50 percent off of all Vortex product. If you do not know about this site it is just for first responders Fireman,EMT,Police and Military...
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    Need some advice

    I have just started using a phone scope and i am no pro for sure. Some of the pics I have seen on MM are pretty good. I am asking for advice on getting the best quality pics do you just use the scope power to zoom in or do you use the scope power plus the phone zoom. Any advice to make using...
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    What's wrong with compromising

    Check out the link some of you might have read or saw this before but it is worth your time.
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    LDS Drop Scouts

    The LDS has officially dropped Boy Scouts. What do you all think of that. It was once a great program but all the Political Correctness has just became too much.
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    Walmart 21years old Guns & Ammo

    Now Walmart is requiring you must be 21 to purchase guns and ammo. If citizens don't realize this is a turning point in US history and we have lost the structure of are country. My boy will be going to National Guard basic training this summer as a 17 year old and when he returns he will be 18...
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