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  1. whiteantlertip

    After the shot and before the freezer

    Nice job coloradoman ,will make some tasty meals
  2. whiteantlertip

    Part of Maryland wants to split
  3. whiteantlertip

    Disabled daughter on elk hunt

    You go girl , great job on your hunt !!! ;)
  4. whiteantlertip

    Birthday Buck - Paunsaugunt Utah

    Great Buck there Blank , should have got a horny toad tag too ;)
  5. whiteantlertip

    Stag party anyone?

    Bull tag anyone ? 🤠
  6. whiteantlertip

    Another One Bites the Dust - WY Antelope

    Great looking speedgoat Congrats!
  7. whiteantlertip

    Small Moose

    Best eating size you can get , congrats on your hunt !
  8. whiteantlertip

    Backpack suggestions for Christmas

    I also have a Diablo Dos , nice pack , well made
  9. whiteantlertip

    4th Season Gunnison Basin-Camp or Hotel?

    Western motel is good , stayed there when I hunted 551 in the 4 th season . Clean room with continental breakfast
  10. whiteantlertip

    Cold Weather Comfort

    2Lumpy you have to add more dirt :ROFLMAO:
  11. whiteantlertip

    Cold Weather Comfort

    Tasty looking meal
  12. whiteantlertip

    Eastern Colorado pronghorn

    Congrats on your speedgoat !
  13. whiteantlertip

    Where are we?

    Susan Rice is running the show behind the scene, take notice she is about as radical as they get
  14. whiteantlertip

    Hunters wanted

    That buck has to grow more before I would even consider taking him, he would have to have at least a 50 inch spread o_O
  15. whiteantlertip

    Zebras on the loose

    Save the zebras , turn them grizzlies lose in the capital , lots to feed on there
  16. whiteantlertip

    Cow Patti

    Cute :)
  17. whiteantlertip

    Which one are you?

    at least a 40 DD cal
  18. whiteantlertip

    Zebras on the loose

    Maryland is the only state to have wild Sika deer , might as well through in some zebras too
  19. whiteantlertip

    Maine Moose 2021

    Great job , congrats to you and your son
  20. whiteantlertip

    Muley buckle

    You know your over the hill when you wear stretch pants and suspenders
  21. whiteantlertip

    Why so long..?

    I have been a taxidermist for over 40 yrs and have always tried to turn everything over within a year and that is putting out over 300 mounts a year . You got to put in lots of long hours to accomplish that.
  22. whiteantlertip

    Thoughts on bears while backcountry hunting

    Best to rub yourself down with bacon grease and then the bears wont bother your food , ;)
  23. whiteantlertip

    Blackhorn 209 powder for sale

    I have 4 cans , unopened for sale at $60 can plus shipping
  24. whiteantlertip

    Call of a Lifetime

    must have a horseshoe somewhere :)
  25. whiteantlertip


    Hope he has a speedy recovery
  26. whiteantlertip

    Huntstand or Onyx?

    On X the only way to go , and 3 d is the bomb
  27. whiteantlertip

    Stolen Ground Blind

    Private ground
  28. whiteantlertip


    Prayers on the way, best of luck
  29. whiteantlertip

    2021 LE Archery Bull

    Way to go , great hunt story on a dandy bull , congrats !!
  30. whiteantlertip

    Grape Eaters

    That's a pile of good eating , nice kills
  31. whiteantlertip

    I had no clue

    Now you can bait them in eel , maybe through out a zucchini too :ROFLMAO:
  32. whiteantlertip

    Stolen Ground Blind

    I had a stand and a trail camera stolen last year, really wish you could catch the lowlifes that do this. :mad:
  33. whiteantlertip

    Holy 3rds

    Odd picture , for sure
  34. whiteantlertip

    Fat Albert lives!

    A dandy big daddy bear for sure :)
  35. whiteantlertip

    2021 AK Sheep hunt

    unicorn ram ?
  36. whiteantlertip


    Sad day for all our brothers and sisters in the Armed forces and all the family's affected by this terrible loss of life.
  37. whiteantlertip

    Imagine this shooting, the other way around

    I have carried a weapon for many years in enforcement , using it is the last resort, I don't think this had escalated to that point, all I can say is I think he overreacted and lost his train of thought . A fatal mistake.
  38. whiteantlertip

    Vaccine experience?

    I have had covid and lived thru it , If a individual wants to get the shot then go for it .You're choice you're body. I personally don't trust there hail mary campaign to get something injected in there body that has not been proven with years of results. Looks to me like lots of people...
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