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  1. alinrut

    Good luck today nimrods!

    Oh yeah, got what I was after!!
  2. alinrut

    Good luck today nimrods!

    Yup... store opened doors at 8:55 to let them in and upload info, but sadly... employees were already in place ahead of them... even tho he was there at 5am and the other guy camped overnight.. employees came in at 7am amd basically jumped in front..
  3. alinrut

    Good luck today nimrods!

    The online and phone system is lame as all get out.. I learned a few years ago the best and only way, is to be 1st in line at any license vender (Walmart, Big R, etc) ... my friend at another location was 1st in line at a location and when the doors opened, employees were already on the...
  4. alinrut

    Good luck today nimrods!

    Every year I get here at 4:30am, I never see another person before 7am.. like right now whoever gets here next is 2nd in line ...
  5. alinrut

    Good luck today nimrods!

    Firstee's !! At leSt @my location
  6. alinrut

    2021 Muley Scouting Photo Contest - Daypack for Winner!

    Bachelor Group, up high in the mountains!! And someone has an Archery and someone has a Muzzy tag.. gonna be fun!!
  7. received_2360831737385514.jpeg


  8. alinrut

    Cheater Buck Photo Contest - Win a Daypack!

    Anybody ever hear that song "the 30 point buck"?... thats what we called this guy last year, and nobody got him... should be interrsting this next year...
  9. 20200722_080320.jpg


  10. alinrut

    Cheater Buck Photo Contest - Win a Daypack!

    The following year, the buck was back, all cleaned up and with a new tag on its ear... +1 to CO P&W!!
  11. Magnum Velvet Muley

    Magnum Velvet Muley

    This photo was shared by member, alinrut, in a contest thread in the Mule Deer Forum. Visit the thread to see more whopper bucks.
  12. alinrut

    Cheater Buck Photo Contest - Win a Daypack!

    At the end of all the hunting seasons, he saw him again... amd called the Game Department because the deer had picked up some garden hose and a rope...
  13. 20201003_174123.png


  14. alinrut

    Cheater Buck Photo Contest - Win a Daypack!

    A friend mine routinely saw this buck on Private land a few years ago...
  15. Kickers Off Both Sides Mule Deer

    Kickers Off Both Sides Mule Deer

    Amazing buck! alinrut shared this photo in a contest thread in the Mule Deer Forum.
  16. alinrut

    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    Points are zeroed out!! got my 1st Choice!! now I need the elk hunting God's to smile on me!!
  17. alinrut

    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    Well I got hit for my bear tag and deer tag in the family bank account.... now I just gotta wait and see what I drew for deer as I put in a 1st and 2nd choice... watching my points to see if they disappear or if I gain 1... it's like fukin Christmas all over again!!!
  18. alinrut

    wolf reintroduction bill

    Honestly see no reason or zero reason to expedite the introduction... Gov Polis wants it as soon as possible to suit his agenda, but it's not like 90% of Coloradoans voted yes, it passed by a very narrow majority ... which to me indicates a very narrow want. Go slow, take all the time needed...
  19. alinrut

    wolf reintroduction bill

    Honestly, that would be kinda bitter sweet... go ahead, put them wolves in Denver, El Paso, Boulder, Larimer, Jefferson, Broomfield, Arapahoe and Adams counties... them fools voted for wolves, let them fools deal with them... La Plata, San Juan San Miguel they can have em to... Pitkin and...
  20. alinrut

    2020 Trophy Photos Contest ... Beyond Mule Deer and Elk

    2020 Washington Black Bear!!
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  22. alinrut

    Pre-1990 Photo Contest ... Let's See 'Um!

    This is a picture from my wifes family, back of the photo says Nevada 1904...
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  24. alinrut

    Follow up to my Sabots question

    Oh I agree 100 percent... I am actually a pretty good shot with open sights, confident out to 4-500 yrds thanksbto 25 yrs in military... as this is a disabled veterans hunt, I was told to be prepared for shots out to 200 by the guide... so Im gonna do my part... even tho Im gonna count on him to...
  25. alinrut

    Follow up to my Sabots question

    As is, I am comfortable out to 150 yrds... I was told to be ready out to 200 yrds... Im comfortable again qith my aights and skill... I just question if 920 lbs is enough energy... all the books and load recommendations say 100 grains of pyrodex for accuracy, and 110 for "magnum"... if I bump up...
  26. alinrut

    Follow up to my Sabots question

    txhunter... 270 grain powerbelt platinum.... 100 gr of pyrodex RS I will look into those and see what I can work with
  27. alinrut

    Follow up to my Sabots question

    This is my ballistic data... not sure Im comfortable at 200 yrds with 900 foot lbs of energy...
  28. alinrut

    Follow up to my Sabots question

    so, I now have decuded that I want to stay Colorado legal, any recommendation on NON Sabot bullets to get me out about 200 yrds and still carry the energy to knock down am elk? BH209 just doeant perform in my CVA Accura, even with the specific breech plug... could be my percussion cap...
  29. alinrut

    Sabots for CVA Accura .50 question

    Ao, I am possibly going to be hunting in Washington state, Muzzy.. Im told that I can use Sabots... what is a good Sabot round to give me accuracy and punching power out to abou 150 yrds?
  30. alinrut

    Reload Question

    Gonna look that up... need to get my friend something for all his help on this reloading gig...
  31. alinrut

    Reload Question

    Chrony Alpha... We believe our error was shooting 1st thing in the morning on a clear blue sky day... the sun rising and shifting made the "shades" in effective... we are gonna go back late afternoon on a overcast day and see if that changes things
  32. alinrut

    Reload Question

    Cleaned the gun last night, prior to shooting this morning... And yeah, the 3300 fps surprised us, using a dialed in powder dispenser and was meticulas in filling the casings... left the spoons in the kitchen lol... I am thinking chrono problem as well... just doesnt seem right to steadily...
  33. alinrut

    Reload Question

    .300 WSM being set up with 180gr Nosler Accubonds.. 2 weeks ago I shot this set up loaded with 63 grains of powder and got 2807fps Today, I shot 10 rounds... 5 at 63 gr and 5 at 64 grains... The attached photo is the final result.. 1st shot out of 63 gr and I was at a 500fps increase with...
  34. alinrut

    WIN a Daypack! Easy to Enter!

    I want that pack!
  35. alinrut

    Unit 66 4th season muley

    Gonna send you a PM...
  36. alinrut

    Season Dates 2020-2024 Survey

    Im a fan of a split archery season... early or late but not both... Keep muzzy where its at and eliminate 1st rifle to be replaced with the 2nd archery season.... elk are still bugling then, so archery is not robbed of it and eliminates the ability to rifle hunt the late bugling season...
  37. alinrut

    Drew 67 4th rifle deer

    4th rifle ... I am interested to see what you turn up... Highly recommend Tomahawk Guest Ranch for rentable heated cabins and additional amenities.... I have never hunted 4th season but what I would target is where public land borders on private and catch one sneeking onto or off of the...
  38. alinrut

    Drew 67 4th rifle deer

    "Congrats on the tag. We drew 67 2nd season for deer. Never been to this area so it will be fun to see what we can turn up." My Unit 67, 2nd rifle deer from a 2017... I scouted all summer long and found this guy with some unique characterstics... he was the 4th buck I saw on a mid day walk...
  39. alinrut

    2017 Muley

    Colorado's 2nd rifle season found me in the woods among the aspens when a doe being chased by a buck burst into the clearing, she turned and came right at me, he was in tow, head down, neck elongated and sniffing the air.... it was at that moment that I decided to take him..... I brought him to...
  40. alinrut

    Wolf Proposal to introduce in Carbondale Area!!! not sure if the link works, but The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project is having a featured speaker, Mr. Mike Phillips, a wildlife biologist who played a leading role in the return of Gray Wolves...
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