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  1. Wiszard

    Keep Wisz fam in thoughts

    Here’s an update… We finally were greeted by the head surgeon at about 12:30 am last night/this morning and he had told us the surgery was complete and Stevie was in recovery. Without going into tons of detail, they did everything that they needed to do. He said it was way messier than they had...
  2. Wiszard

    Keep Wisz fam in thoughts

    Hey all- I received a text from a MM friend and he heard of my daughters surgery from this post. Thank u TripkeK for asking for the prayers. It’s kind of a long story but many of you know that my 24-year-old daughter has had multiple open-heart surgeries and has needed her aortic valve replaced...
  3. Wiszard

    Pine Valley Early Rifle

    Any pics? Congrats to your son for filling the tag and at least having opportunities at larger deer.
  4. Wiszard

    Pine Valley Mule Deer

    I hunted Pine Valley last year with my Dad. Shot a young buck and it's probably some of the best tasting venison I have had in 30 years. I'll leave some big guys for the antler hunters. You are welcome. :) All joking aside, I was also disappointed with the numbers of small bucks we saw. Lots of...
  5. Wiszard

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    I'd say this is about as spot on as an answer can be.
  6. Wiszard

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    The one who they were to is who leaked them.... Gruden knows who threw him under the bus.
  7. Wiszard

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    So much for freedom of speech or press...whatever you wanna call it. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in Goodells high school or college days. I'm sure he was no saint.
  8. Wiszard

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    Wait a've been brown this whole time and I never knew it?? WTH?? I've been catfished!!
  9. Wiszard

    Do you all care

    One of the funniest things ever is when an elderly woman uses the term "Chinaman". My MIL is pretty racist so I get her going when I tell her that we're going to hire a Filipino woman to come in and take care of her when she loses her faculties. It's hilarious.....
  10. Wiszard

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    Now I am can be too if you watch the first 4:30.
  11. Wiszard

    Winter Storm

    Supposed to be 16 degrees on opening day (deer) where we'll be. I'll need a balaclava under the flat brim....
  12. Wiszard

    NV 111-113 Early Rifle Deer

    Looks like a great buck for being in a new area. Congrats...
  13. Wiszard

    Thoughts on Gruden?

  14. Wiszard

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    She doesn't need a mustache....
  15. Wiszard

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    My wife always says I don't have an upper lip and that's why I have always had a mustache. Should she be fired, feddoc? :) Sometimes she calls me a cracker....whatever that means.
  16. Wiszard

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    I wouldn't like that either. Behaving politely is not a football player or coaches nature. At some point, I am pretty sure they all screw up.
  17. Wiszard

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    I guess I am not woke because I have no idea what the Lets Go Brandon thing is all about.....
  18. Wiszard

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    I'm guessing he's tired of living in a fishbowl. Football is a game of men and sometimes men say things that are insensitive. That is how it is. I am glad Gruden had the balls to say, "I'm out!" I don't agree with what he said....back in 2010-2011, but can't people change? Aren't second chances...
  19. Wiszard

    For Sale Kodiak 10x10 tent

    I bought the these tents. Good quality, easy to set up and does well in the wind.
  20. Wiszard

    UT LE Muzzleloader Bull

    Huge bull....congrats.
  21. Wiszard

    Massive Wild horse roundup set to begin.

    Temporary fertility control because they need to see if that has any effect first before they can actually make something permanent. Its our world we live in. No one can make a decision and stick to it anymore...that is evident with COVID19. We're a country run by scared puss!es.
  22. Wiszard

    2021 Colorado Antelope

    Congrats.....awesome goat.
  23. Wiszard

    Another Buck on the Wall

    My Dad has a .300 Savage. Maybe I should start shooting it and I'll run into deer like that one. Congrats!! You're not gonna have time to burn all that wood!
  24. Wiszard

    Pine Valley Mule Deer

    Last year we saw lots of small bucks and a ton of does. We hunted about 7 miles south of the reservoir as the crow flies. Tons of road hunters and it helped to get off the roads a bit. We'd start seeing deer just as the road was not in sight. We both shot young deer and they were tasty. I put a...
  25. Wiszard

    Video: Daughter’s 1st antelope

    That is so cool....congrats to you guys.
  26. Wiszard

    Need help- Elk info

    I will be looking into hunting elk for the first time in WY possibly next year or the year after. I have 3 points as of now. I have looked a bit on the draw odds, etc and see that I have a shot at a 98 tag among some others. I am wondering if anyone would be willing to talk to me about other...
  27. Wiszard

    2021 Vernon muzzy buck

    Great deer.....congrats!
  28. Wiszard

    Special forces???

    Sounds like our military is lacking.....
  29. Wiszard

    Pine Valley Early Rifle

    Early season rifle....
  30. Wiszard


    Maybe he can't say much because it's going to end up in an elk magazine. Always knew that dude was a sell out!
  31. Wiszard

    Pine Valley Early Rifle

    Lots of deer.....small bucks is what we found last year. Your son should fill his tag no problem. Good luck!
  32. Wiszard

    My '21 Arizona archery elk

    I'd kill that bull....congrats. I can't wait to get the chance to be at full draw on a bull. Hopefully it'll happen in the next few years.
  33. Wiszard

    Who's Excited About Draw?

    If I had your tag, I would concentrate on X1 or X2. I'd ask around here. I think you'll find bigger deer in X2 I think it is. I just really want to hunt G3 because I like the looks of that country and there will be lots of deer to look over.....whether good quality bucks or not....just enjoyable...
  34. Wiszard

    A Zone success

    That is awesome....tell them congrats!
  35. Wiszard

    A couple tags filled 😎

    2 really good bucks....congrats to you guys.
  36. Wiszard

    Water purifiers....

    This is assuming you have located a fairly clean water source? When I was a kid, my Dad would use chlorine drops but I feel if the water isn't all that clean, that may not be good enough. I'm sure out of mountain lakes, that would be sufficient but what about out of a murky river or something...
  37. Wiszard

    Backpack 2 man tent

    Robb- Not interested in that tent at all...probably waaaaay too expensive and the maintenance on that thing is probably way beyond my ability! I am looking for a 2 man tent just for me and extra space for gear, cooking in case weather hits. I appreciate all the reply's so far.
  38. Wiszard

    Backpack 2 man tent

    Firstly, I am not old. Secondly, I wouldn't leave my tent erect if I needed to use the trekking poles, silly. So, you think a tent with light poles is the way to go? I def want something with a floor and I really don't care if it weighs 3 1/2 pounds or 4 1/2 pounds....I'm not old so 1 pound...
  39. Wiszard

    Backpack 2 man tent

    Starting a search party.....looking for Claude Dallas.
  40. Wiszard

    Backpack 2 man tent

    Looking for suggestions for a decent, not-expensive backpacking tent...either with lightweight poles or ones to use trekking poles....thanks for the advice.
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