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  1. Hnttillmt

    Thermal Scope

    I could never justify the money on something like that. But I know a few guys who have and recently had a fun night shooting at foxes one night. Notice I said “at”. Prepare for a learning curve. I think there’s going to be quite a few less wolves in Montana come spring!
  2. Hnttillmt

    Sharpening the gut blade on a Ourdoor Edge knife?

    Send it back to outdoor edge. Can’t remember the exact turnaround time but it wasn’t bad. Came back like new. Free, other than the few bucks it cost to ship it to them.
  3. Hnttillmt

    What Utah unit should I try to draw?

    Definitely jealous of that tag! Keep after it!
  4. Hnttillmt

    CO Ram down!!

    Umm.....wanna be friends? You da man!
  5. Hnttillmt

    Unit 314 Camping

    I guess if there’s been no snow then perhaps but I still wouldn’t think it’s a good option.
  6. Hnttillmt

    Cache Moose

    🍿🍺. I’m ready!
  7. Hnttillmt

    Unit 314 Camping

    If it’s not windy I prefer Yellowstone hot springs. But there is no bar and food offerings like Chico. I don’t think you would be better off trying to come from the gallatin side. I have hunted the windy pass area in September looking for a big bull but I wouldn’t be trying that in November...
  8. Hnttillmt

    Unit 314 Camping

    Try living in Livingston! Wish I could share better advice but between the Bozeman crowd and the access I hunt elsewhere.
  9. Hnttillmt

    Unit 314 Camping

    Get out of the wind in paradise valley? Hahahaha . Not to be a Debbie downer but the access on that side of the valley is pretty locked up. The few access points there are are heavily utilized. For camping I would look into yankee Jim canyon or somewhere in the Gardiner basin. Less wind up...
  10. Hnttillmt

    9/ day in America

    Such a tragic day for our nation. I wonder if many of our younger generations with their woke/ cancel selfish my feelings are more important than your feelings culture even grasp the significance of the day. My wife enlisted on 9/12. Spent 16 months in the sand trying to bring justice for our...
  11. Hnttillmt

    Any fly fisherman?

    Ummm….what’s that shirt on the dude with the red snapper? Any way, very addicted fly fisherman here. Big part of the reason I left Utah behind and moved to Montana 18 years ago. I live on the Yellowstone and almost strictly throw giant streamers for big browns.
  12. Hnttillmt

    Have you ever had a hunt end…

    A friend and I were trying to decoy in some late season mallards on the Weber. This was about 13 years ago. Just minding our own business, smoking a little grass, staring at decoys and empty skies. Game wardens sneak up on us….
  13. Hnttillmt

    Im thinking that bear was trying to throw the bone......

    Looks like the bear and the lady have the same body weight
  14. Hnttillmt

    MT 2021 Spring Bear Hunt (pics)

    Well that’s a cool opportunity to hunt some amazing country that very few people get access to. I spent a winter driving up and down jack creek every day for work. There was frequently Wolverine tracks on the road in the mornings. After enough years of brown nosing I got permission to bowhunt...
  15. Hnttillmt

    MT 2021 Spring Bear Hunt (pics)

    Gorgeous bear. She has a good mentor! Honest question, no sarcasm. Do you have some rich friends? Or did you work all the way in there on public? Almost all the way at the top of that peak is where I blew my acl out. I know every inch of that mountain. Congrats on the hard work followed with...
  16. Hnttillmt

    Purchase rifle for elk

    You’ve had some good advice here. I would 1+ the xbolt and I love my tikka with Bell and Carlson stock. I would avoid the ab3 though. My wife has been gifted two of them from her father. I almost pity browning for putting their name on them. They have plastic triggers….need I say more?
  17. Hnttillmt

    Tom macdonald fans

    Tom McDonald? That’s Chris Webby. Raw thoughts 1-3 are just as good. My hat brims aren’t flat and I was born in the 70s but I rock the hip hop every day .
  18. Hnttillmt

    Montana tags

    I take mine to instaprints and have them all laminated for about a buck
  19. Hnttillmt


    Got another unlimited sheep tag. 5th or 6th one. Roadblocks abound every year. This year it will be the wife’s archery breaks tag and my hunting partner drew a goat tag. Living within 50 miles of my unit means I still got a chance though.
  20. Hnttillmt


    Great entertainment while I sit here running frac equipment!
  21. Hnttillmt

    Hebgen question

    I had good luck up the Madison arm near horse butte. If you have on x, there are some dirt FS roads that lead down to the water and some nice protected little bays. Pack raft and a jakes spin a lure in brass and red spots led to quite a few 20” rainbows. Good luck.
  22. Hnttillmt

    Post One Photo Per Day

  23. 928D6D87-D8EA-46F0-8170-9605A8343544.jpeg


  24. Hnttillmt

    Horseback fly fishing adventure

    Technically challenged there sorry. Look into Absaroka Beartooth Outfitters as well. Cameron Mayo is a solid outfitter and packer. He runs camps in some awesome country just north of Yellowstone. Have fun with your boys wherever you go.
  25. Hnttillmt

    What Unit 2021

    I’ve found that it tends to be cyclical. Find a good area and within a few years it seems to get overrun. Move to a different area and within a few years same thing happens. The last few years though I’ve revisited some of those older spots and they were good again. I killed my first Montana...
  26. Hnttillmt

    Best Tasting Venison???

    I’m sure this would be just as delicious with any other backstab but have only tried it with pronghorn. Marinate an entire back strap in apple juice and purple grape juice overnight. Put on treager/ smoker low heat for a couple hours. Turn up heat jut enough to get it to medium rare. Sauté...
  27. Hnttillmt

    Alpaca socks

    Smartwools are ok. I have lots of them because you can find deals on em. Now if you want nice socks....darn tough and Swazi.
  28. Hnttillmt

    You Shootin'?

    Send it!
  29. Hnttillmt

    Lightning Stories Anyone?

    Yup Frankie was my boss.....unfortunately! I’m sure our paths crossed many times. I spent about 12 years working in the ski industry 4 different resorts. Now I’ve spent the last 10 years digging myself out of the financial hole created by it!
  30. Hnttillmt

    Lightning Stories Anyone?

    Hey tracker what years did you work at the basin? I patrolled there the winters of 02-04. One spring we got a warm wet storm storm roll through and were up doing avalanche control. Myself and another patroller headed for the avalauncher over on moonshine to shoot the sister chutes. The sky was...
  31. Hnttillmt

    Wasatch Late

    Thanks for all the comments guys! This was my first real LE tag and it was everything I could have hoped for. Looking back at the pictures I realize the one with the head on my back looks goofy with the horns upside down. Had to improvise with the super brushy pack out.
  32. Hnttillmt

    Monroe Late Bull...

    Way to stick it out for a cool Unique bull, congrats!
  33. Hnttillmt

    Awesome 80"+ Utah Goat 2020

    Awesome goat cobra! I know you guys had a tough year and glad to see the smiles and good family memories. ever get that tattoo redone?😂😂😂😜
  34. Hnttillmt

    Dad’s Late Season Bull!!!

    Great story and a beautiful bull. Way to make the most of your time with your dad.
  35. Hnttillmt

    Wasatch Late

    First thing opening morning I couldn’t say no to this guy. Didn’t hurt that he was in the bottom. Strangely most of the biggest bulls where still with cows. Buddy shot his bull on last day we had to hunt. Awesome week on the snatch.
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