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  1. BigChiefJ

    Pig Hide Tanned

    I did a hide myself. I substituted eggs for brains and smoked it. Now I have to oil it to make it soft.
  2. BigChiefJ


    Is anyone ready to draw a NR elk tag tomorrow? :)
  3. BigChiefJ

    Deadline Extended

    After the agonizing process to decide and use points, they extend the deadline! Now I have to keep thinking about whether or not to use those points. Thanks Colorado!
  4. BigChiefJ


    Has anyone here canned meat? I have for a few years and really like it.
  5. BigChiefJ

    Drawing Odds

    They're up for the 2019 draws.
  6. BigChiefJ

    NM Gane Commission Meeting

    I saw the email where the Game Commission is meeting and tag allocations are one of the discussion items. Has anyone heard anything about NM adjusting the tag allotments from the current 84%/10%/6%?
  7. BigChiefJ

    Wyoming Draw

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-13-19 AT 12:25PM (MST)[p]Good luck everybody! Only one wonderfully long week to go.
  8. BigChiefJ

    Wyoming NR Elk

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-30-19 AT 11:38AM (MST)[p]Is this right? They're proposing the application deadline be January 31, but we have to wait until June for the results?
  9. BigChiefJ

    Big Bores

    Does anyone hunt with a big bore? I just bought a .72 and I hope to get a muzzleloader tag for the Fall.
  10. BigChiefJ

    CO Muzzleloaders

    I noticed the Colorado regulations said inline ignition is newly legal this year, but I have all the books going back to 2004 and inlines were always legal. What gives?
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