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  1. Cahunter805

    Wanted 300 RUM Ammo

    Tony I was curious if you still had those. I’ll let my buddy know they are available.
  2. Cahunter805

    300 grain Berger hunter vld

    I’d recommend he pin drill the tips if he isn’t already but it’s not absolutely necessary. I drill them all now. Berger’s have been a great bullet for me and my group of family and friends.
  3. Cahunter805

    Nevada Muzzy Muley

    Awesome buck!! Congrats. What bullet/powder combo are you shooting?
  4. Cahunter805

    OnX question

    I recently talked to Camofire about any upcoming OnX deals and was told there won’t be anymore. They are switching to Basemaps.
  5. Cahunter805

    OnX question

    That is correct but there are tons of promo codes out there for OnX.
  6. Cahunter805

    Tagged Out In Idaho

    Nice buck! You are having a great year of hunting! Any other tags this year?
  7. Cahunter805

    My '21 Arizona archery elk

    Congrats Jake! Nice archery bull.
  8. Cahunter805

    My '21 General Utah buck.

    Nice job! Crazy how tough they are. Do you know the archery who shot him?
  9. Cahunter805

    Wanted 300 RUM Ammo

    Have a buddy looking for the following ammo. Needs at least 2 boxes. If you have any let me know. 300RUM Factory Loaded 180gr Scirocco
  10. Cahunter805

    Redneck Breakfast Again

    That looks freaking delicious!!
  11. Cahunter805

    2021 general elk success

    Congrats on all the hard work paying off!! Good luck in CO!
  12. Cahunter805

    Boring rifles

    Looks awesome! Looks like the defiance actions worked out for you. Specs on this build?
  13. Cahunter805

    Excavator Help/Ogden Area

    Looks very nice Robb and much less hassle than grass. Did you spray any weed treatment once they scraped it all? Any weed fabric laid down?
  14. Cahunter805

    WY Ram Success

    That’s a very nice ram! Congrats!
  15. Cahunter805

    Wish me Luck!!! First Hunt

    Good luck and have fun on the hunt!! Be sure to enjoy the scenery of New Mexico and report back after the hunt.
  16. Cahunter805

    Idaho Bull

    Great bull!! Congrats.
  17. Cahunter805

    New rifle for general purpose

    7mm Rem Mag would be an easy update but if he wants the 300Win I guess it’s his rifle his choice.
  18. Cahunter805

    New Rifle with a Can? What should I get?

    Nothing wrong with the 270 with a can. Don’t overlook the 7mm-08 either. Great cartridge with mild recoil.
  19. Cahunter805

    New rifle for general purpose

    What does he currently shoot? Nothing wrong with a 300Win if the shooter has good form and habits already. If they are recoil sensitive they can develop bad habits with a larger magnum rifle. The 7mm Rem mag is a great choice also.
  20. Cahunter805

    WY '21

    Looks like a heck of a trip! Congrats on the success.
  21. Cahunter805

    Wanted Looking for a .25-.06

    Buyer beware.
  22. Cahunter805

    Sons muzzle loader bull

    Congrats to Zach and everyone else on the hard work and success!!
  23. Cahunter805

    Another One Bites the Dust - WY Antelope

    Congrats Buddy! Nice buck. Was the limp a gunshot wound? Fence wound?
  24. Cahunter805

    Hunting accident

    Such a sad situation and a reminder to always practice firearm safety especially in the field. The other accident is a heartbreaker incident as well! On a side note a few weeks ago I got into a debate about having a loaded round in the chamber with the saftey on. I will never hunt this way but...
  25. Cahunter805

    Proud dad moment

    Huge congrats to your son and you for sticking it out and getting it done.
  26. Cahunter805

    My 2021 Idaho Buck

    Nice buck! Congrats on the success this year!
  27. Cahunter805

    2nd Shots

    This is the most likely cause of high shots or the rifle wasn’t solid into your shoulder/pectoral area. Add in some buck fever and it gets even worse.
  28. Cahunter805

    Dads WY buck.

    Congrats to your dad on a nice buck!!
  29. Cahunter805

    Got my goat!

    Heck ya! Congrats buddy!
  30. Cahunter805

    First time for everything

    That looks awesome man! Another great looking mount from you!
  31. Cahunter805

    Henry’s Muzzy Buck

    Awesome buck! Congrats!
  32. Cahunter805

    Another day, Another...

    Looks delicious as usual!!
  33. Cahunter805

    Savage Accidental Discharges?

    This is what happens when a person doesn’t understand how a trigger works and how one adjustment correlates to others. Glad you guys got it back working but I’m willing to bet that trigger is still somewhat out of tune. Do you remember if you guys adjusted all 3 screws and did you reseal them?
  34. Cahunter805

    Selling non-resident Wyoming Party Elk Hunt, 14 point share

    Let’s go Brandon!!!
  35. Cahunter805

    Savage Accidental Discharges?

    You need enough spring pressure to keep the trigger/sear set and engaged with the cocking piece or the firing pin will fall like what happened to you. Also looks like there is some rust on a few parts of the trigger and possibly even internal parts.
  36. Cahunter805

    A big muzzy buck for Cody!

    That’s a stud! Congrats to you both. If that was your #2 buck let’s see the #1 buck!!
  37. Cahunter805

    Big muzzy bull for my son

    Heck ya!! That’s a beautiful bull! Congrats to your son and everyone else involved.
  38. Cahunter805

    Savage Accidental Discharges?

    More harm is done to rifles by improper cleaning than by shooting. A bore guide is a must when cleaning a bolt action rifle.
  39. Cahunter805

    Savage Accidental Discharges?

    I would echo what others here have said. I wouldn’t trust that someone without the proper knowledge or tools messed with the trigger to make it lighter or crisper. If anything was cut/stoned/ground improperly it would need to be replaced. The easy route and probably the one that would give the...
  40. Cahunter805


    They removed the tire yesterday finally.
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