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  1. whiteantlertip

    Part of Maryland wants to split
  2. whiteantlertip

    Blackhorn 209 powder for sale

    I have 4 cans , unopened for sale at $60 can plus shipping
  3. whiteantlertip

    Brave Deer
  4. whiteantlertip

    One Cool State Trooper in Maine

  5. whiteantlertip

    7mm Remington Magnum 155gr Federal Terminal Ascent

    Anyone have any opinion on this round
  6. whiteantlertip

    Another Holiday

    Bidens dog died , now what
  7. whiteantlertip

    Unit 27L South Dakota

    Anyone hunted this unit in past couple years and how was your hunt , did you hunt Bow or gun
  8. whiteantlertip

    Anyone put in for Colo. muzz. tag unit 61

    Any one put in for a, rifle or Muzz Elk tag unit 61 this year in Colorado
  9. whiteantlertip

    South Dakota Antelope

    For all who has hunted South Dakota for speed goats , which unit typically produces the best overall quality animals and hunting experience
  10. whiteantlertip

    Bosque Del Oso

    Anybody hunted it over the past couple years for Bull Elk, how was the hunting , did you hunt 1st 2nd or 3rd . I know tags are very limited .
  11. whiteantlertip

    Unit 61 colorado elk

    I have 24 points and looking for any help I can get , just me hunting alone ,thinking about muzzeloader season fall 2021 for a big bull
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