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  1. heywouldya

    A little different

    Cool buck for sure. She did well.
  2. heywouldya

    Nevada Muzzy Muley

    Super nice buck! Congrats
  3. heywouldya


    she seems qualified
  4. heywouldya

    My Wifes Elk

    Great job! Congrats to the wife. Good mass on that bull too.
  5. heywouldya

    Keep Wisz fam in thoughts

    My thoughts and prayers are with ya. P.S. I like the Cal Poly sweatshirt!
  6. heywouldya

    Tagged Out In Idaho

    Nice buck! Congrats
  7. heywouldya

    In Search of a Blacktail Cape

    I would suspect this is accurate. If not, there will be a black market for capes, along with bacon in California.
  8. heywouldya

    In Search of a Blacktail Cape

  9. heywouldya


    We train people at work constantly, and they get hurt. To assume that a 10-minute safety training will educate these guys, maybe a bit far-fetched. I've known "seasoned" hunters that have discharged firearms when they shouldn't. This does not excuse the incompetence of the people on the set...
  10. heywouldya


    It won't take him that long
  11. heywouldya

    Rainstorms Hitting G1

    We are calling for 2-6" of rain. What are you supposed to get on the coast?
  12. heywouldya

    Welcome Hunters…

    I'll be supporting that store in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to get back to Colorado.
  13. heywouldya

    Disabled daughter on elk hunt

    Awesome! There is a lot of happiness in those pictures. Thank you for sharing your amazing hunt.
  14. heywouldya

    Rainstorms Hitting G1

    Sunday may be out of the question, it's gonna get bad up there.
  15. heywouldya

    New to

    I let that one go, I was waiting for Homer:)
  16. heywouldya

    Hunter orange regs

    Correct. 500" square inches of solid orange above the waist. SS! can wear pink too:D.
  17. heywouldya

    Idaho Bull

    That's a good bull! Congrats.
  18. heywouldya

    New to

    Thank you for your service! I'll also be in Colorado for 3rd season. Good luck and welcome.
  19. heywouldya

    Wish me Luck!!! First Hunt

    Your first hunt? That's outstanding. Best of luck to you, I hope it's all that you expect. Prayers to your brother.
  20. heywouldya

    New rifle for general purpose

    I bought a Ruger 300 win mag a few years ago. I've put on every limb saver item I can purchase, and it's almost bearable to shoot. It's the only rifle that I've owned that shook my molars when I was shooting at a buck. The rifle has been pretty much retired in my gun safe now. It's a great...
  21. heywouldya

    Welcome Hunters…

    It's great to see we are buying up all of the good booze.
  22. heywouldya

    Don't want to brag...

    Yep, you should have left him to grow for 5-6 more years. I'm sure he would have been in the same spot;). Great story, this made my day!!
  23. heywouldya

    Sons muzzle loader bull

    Cool bull, nicely done. Congrats
  24. heywouldya

    Rainstorms Hitting G1

    You should have a great, wet weekend.
  25. heywouldya

    Hunting accident

    I will not carry a loaded rifle when hunting near someone else. I have some friends that do, but I don't.
  26. heywouldya

    Rainstorms Hitting G1

    Beautiful sights! Snow on the ground and the cabin still standing.
  27. heywouldya

    My Utah CWMU Buck

    Well done! Great buck
  28. heywouldya

    Proud dad moment

    Heck ya! That's awesome. Congrats
  29. heywouldya

    Ruby Mountains Deer

    Congrats to the both of you! Nice buck
  30. heywouldya

    Hunting accident

    I can not imagine how the son and family will cope with this. Horrible accident
  31. heywouldya

    Bipod on backpack hunt

    I use the BOG shooting sticks. They fit in your pack and work great for glassing.
  32. heywouldya

    Bipod on backpack hunt

    It's called a satchel
  33. heywouldya

    Giant California Mule deer down!

    Outstanding California buck. Way to stick with it! Congrats
  34. heywouldya

    3 OUT OF 4!!!

    Maybe they looked like coyotes
  35. heywouldya

    LaPanza Tule Bull

    Nice bull(s). Congrats
  36. heywouldya

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    I'm sure glad there wasn't social media when I was in high school and college. I'm sure some "questionable" pictures may still be floating around. But then again I'm not as perfect as some others.
  37. heywouldya

    Thoughts on Gruden?

    The NFL isn't doing themselves any favors. Unfortunately, they resemble the current "climate" of our media and elected officials. I like Gruden, he got hosed.
  38. heywouldya

    B Zone Blacktail

    Nice blacktail! Congrats
  39. heywouldya

    Why are we doing this????.....

    The reckoning may not be here, but the pain is real.
  40. heywouldya

    Why are we doing this????.....

    I married up;).
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