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  1. tracker12

    Paramount HTR in stock

    I picked up a Knight Ultra-lite .50 today. The deal made the decision for me. Pretty much new in the box with Williams rear peep and Lehigh Defense aftermarket breech plug for $600.
  2. tracker12

    Paramount HTR in stock

    I talked to CVA last week and the HTR comes with the in house Bergara Trigger. Guy did same it is an easy install if you want the by the better trigger aftermarket.
  3. tracker12

    Paramout vice Knight ULtra-lite

    Utah Thanks for the reply. Was hoping someone with a knight would chime in. Impressive groups for sure. What was the volume/weight of Bh 209
  4. tracker12

    Wanted White Muzzy

    I have been there but not having much luck there. Missed a good one after procrastinating
  5. tracker12

    Wanted White Muzzy

    Still looking
  6. tracker12

    Bookcliffs Muzzleloader Buck

    So what does ALR do to the basic rifle besides adding scope?
  7. tracker12

    Another victim !

    That does not always help. I just borrowed a muzzy from a guy. When I took it out of the case I broke open the action and Saw a 209 primer. Went out back aimed at my target and pulled the trigger and it went boom. This is from a 55 year old man who has hunted all his life. He blamed his son...
  8. tracker12

    Paramout vice Knight ULtra-lite

    We’re you ever able to figure out what trigger it comes with
  9. tracker12

    Wanted White Muzzy

    Sounds good. Pm me a pice. You have any pics you could send. How is the condition
  10. tracker12

    Wanted White Muzzy

    PM sent
  11. tracker12

    Wanted White Muzzy

    Looking for a good condition While Muzzy preferably .451. PM what you have.
  12. tracker12

    Paramount Pro 50 with Parker bullets

    I also heard the HTR may not have the Timney trigger
  13. tracker12

    Paramout vice Knight ULtra-lite

    Definitely ditching sabots
  14. tracker12

    Idaho Legal Muzzleloader

    There is a guy that has a couple White Muzzy for sale on Modern Muzzleloader forum. That would be a great option for you.
  15. tracker12

    Paramount Pro 50 with Parker bullets

    Difference between HTR and Pro?
  16. tracker12

    Paramout vice Knight ULtra-lite

    Looking for a new Muzzy. Trying to decide if the Paramount I worth the extra dollars. Also debating if I want to go .50 cal for that time I might go for elk in CO or just go .45. Looking to ditch the sabots.
  17. tracker12

    Cool MeatEater article

    I like his perspective on hunting and how he approaches it on his show. Alway been one of my favorites
  18. tracker12

    Oregon Poaching Operation

    DNR did that on. Ranch I hunted in CO years ago. Placed right on a bend in the road as you were leaving the area. Hard not to see. We actually stopped and took pictures of the deer lol
  19. tracker12

    4th Season Gunnison Basin-Camp or Hotel?

    Darn I was hoping to be out there 3rd season this year but point gods had something else in mind. Good luck. Let’s us know how the trip goes
  20. tracker12

    General archery bull, UT

    Congratulations. Love the pack string
  21. tracker12

    870 Wingmaster

  22. tracker12

    870 Wingmaster

    PM sent JOE
  23. tracker12

    870 Wingmaster

    That is a sweet looking gun.
  24. tracker12

    SOLD Swarovski ATM 65

    I live in the east coast probably not convenient to come by the house but your welcome to😃
  25. tracker12

    Antelope Regular vs. Special

    I think there are to many good units that can be drawn on a regular tag rather than pay for the Special.
  26. tracker12

    870 Wingmaster

    Just had a good transaction with the OP. I'd just ask for pictures if you are interested.
  27. tracker12

    SOLD .264 Win Mag Ammo

    This ammo is all SOLD
  28. tracker12

    SOLD Swarovski ATM 65

    For sale is a mint condition Swarovski ATM 65 with 20-60 Eye piece. I'm the paginal owner and it has only seen two western hunts. Will come with Cabalas neoprene case which was always on the spotter suing my hunts. $1500 TYD Papal which includes shipping insurance and fees.
  29. tracker12

    Heartbreak on the Wasatch

    Well I went on a fishing trip SEP 20th wit six other guys. One showed up sick. To make a long story short 4 of us have gotten sick. Myself and one other guy got tested and we were + for the Rona. I have been vaccinated and my symptoms have been limited to a stuffy noise and little shortness...
  30. tracker12

    SOLD .264 Win Mag Ammo

    PM sent
  31. tracker12

    whats your favorite tree ?

    White Oak
  32. tracker12

    SOLD Kuiu 1st Gen Bino Harness

    PM Sent
  33. tracker12

    Spotting scope

    I would look for a good used spotter. Nothing in the under $1000 range new is going to be worth much.
  34. tracker12

    Shockey Monster Moose

    I could less if he shot the bull. I sure as hell would not quit hunting if I became a guide. But his message did loose me in the end when he said he almost didn’t shoot cause it was to young🙄
  35. tracker12

    A guide for how to not get caught poaching

    Well about the only clear way to determine the time of the kill is to obtain phone pics that could set the time more accurately. I suspect there is more evidence than in the report. But considering the judge squashed the warrant they may not be
  36. tracker12

    Acceptable Hotel in Rawlins

    It was very acceptable. Way better than a hotel room for sure
  37. tracker12

    Falsely obtaining Wyoming hunting licenses.

    As I see it his problem was buying a license in the first place. Should have just went hunting. The chance of getting caught with the amount of Wildlife officers WY employees has to be like .01%. I say this with jest but in all the days I hunted this state I have never seen a Fish and game...
  38. tracker12

    Acceptable Hotel in Rawlins

    I did.
  39. tracker12

    Acceptable Hotel in Rawlins

    Airbnb worked out well. It was off the main drag on WY street. Full two bedroom apartment on ground floor. Was able to clean the goat bag it and get it frozen in the Fridge, At at Bucks a couple nights and it was OK. Friendly guys at the bar and a good close hangout.
  40. tracker12

    Elk Hunt 2022, Area 1 or 2.

    I hunted 38 a few years ago archery and it was a great hunt. It’s also a great rifle hunt from what I hear from friends that have done it
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