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  1. Mackey

    Wasatch Mid Season Bull

    Nice bull! What’s the rifle? Mackey
  2. Mackey

    Area 38 Elk

    Great looking bull!
  3. Mackey

    Max points Wyoming NR

    It was an AWESOME trip! Very happy with my bull. Second elk ever.
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  6. Mackey

    Max points Wyoming NR

    Area 62 with Josh Martoglio. GREAT EXPERIENCE. Expect to spend at least $13,000 all in including hunt, tag, tips etc. You will kill a bull. I just got back. Killed a great bull.
  7. Mackey

    Selling non-resident Wyoming Party Elk Hunt, 14 point share

    Do the deal. Then donate your tag to a disabled veteran for a tax deduction. I think this is the best way to receive max value for this “scheme”. Mackey.
  8. Mackey

    Seeking resident hunting partner

    This sounds like a great deal for a Wyoming resident. I’d do it in a heartbeat!
  9. Mackey

    The Estes Park Bachelors

    The last one! OMG! Any chance he could find his way into Wyoming area 62 by early October? Would he score 400? Mackey
  10. Mackey

    90/10 will what?

    YES! Can non-residents pay more to join? Maybe sell some preference points so us poor NRs could just peek in the windows. Mackey Germantown TN
  11. Mackey

    90/10 will what?

    I was thinking “sling shots only“. Mackey Germantown TN.
  12. Mackey

    Wyoming bighorn

    Beautiful ram. I hope to get one of my own one day. 16 preference points and still applying!
  13. Mackey

    Wyoming elk draw results

    I drew too! Happy happy happy!
  14. Mackey

    The night before Christmas......

    I hope Santa brings me a NR 62-1 elk tag tomorrow! I’ve been good for 14 years! PLEASE! Mackey
  15. Mackey

    We need a new topic! How about Yellowstone backcountry!

    I appreciate all the responses. I am planning a trip for August and just need a few new ideas. mackey
  16. Mackey

    Horseback fly fishing adventure

    Yellowstone Outfitters. I backpacked up to their camp last summer and it was nice! Fishing was great. Have fun! Mackey
  17. Mackey

    We need a new topic! How about Yellowstone backcountry!

    I love to backpack up Slough Creek. Anybody else go up there? The flyfishing is fantastic in late July and all through August. Does anyone else have a Wyoming backcountry trip that’s awesome scenery where a fish or two could be caught? The Winds? Looking for some new places. Mackey Just...
  18. Mackey

    New elk rifle completed ... need an elk tag now

    Very nice rifle. I would be happy to try it out for ‘ya in October if I draw my Wyoming elk tag! 😎😎😎 Mackey
  19. Mackey

    Wyoming Resident hunters lobby group

    And you can bet those “new neighbors” are gonna vote for leaders that think like their old leaders “back home”. Soon your dearly beloved Wyoming will turn purple and then blue. Then it’s over. I see it happening here in Tennessee. We are currently U-haul’s #1 destination state. But this...
  20. Mackey

    Wanted WTB Barrett Fieldcraft 21” in 7mm08

    I know they’re scarce, but just curious if anyone has one they would sell at a fair price. mackey
  21. Mackey

    Seen This?

    I received the same email from TMO. And I emailed those Wyoming legislators asking them to oppose to 90/10 split and increased NR license fees. I am currently currently sitting on 14 elk preference points and 16 bighorn sheep preference points. I have applied for an elk tag this year and...
  22. Mackey

    Non Resident Elk- You in or just points?

    I’m in! Burning 14 PP’s.
  23. Mackey

    Bighorn Sheep draw

    We need DJT to divert some resources from Operation Warp Speed to this sheep vaccine! I’m 65 years old with 16 preference points. Running out of runway quick! Mackey
  24. Mackey

    This Christmas really got me thinkin

    I don't know if it was his best post, but it was a good one! Mackey
  25. Mackey

    Thorofare Outfitter?

    I hunted the Thorofare with Lynn Madsen and Yellowstone Outfitters 13years ago. I highly recommend it. Do their 10 day hunt. The long ride in on the first day was killer. My butt and knees still hurt. But after acclimating to riding the horses things got better. I killed a bull about 100...
  26. Mackey

    Deseret sheep tag

    We?re not worried about your spelling. Just send pictures of your wife! With a dead ram! Enjoy! Mackey.
  27. Mackey

    Somewhere out there.....

    Littlebighorn! That's exactly what I was looking for! A great Wyoming sheep story with a happy ending and a spectacular picture! I'm sure you and your son cherish those memories. I can't wait to share mine with you one day. Thanks so much. Mackey.
  28. Mackey

    Somewhere out there.....

    in the wilds of Wyoming tonight, there's a guy with a sheep tag in his pocket. He?s probably camped at about 10,000 ft and today he probably spotted the ram he plans to shoot tomorrow. Dinner was a Mountain House freeze dried something and afterwards, hopefully, just a smidge of Jack Daniels...
  29. Mackey

    Elks 1 under max best option

    >I agree that 24 is what >you are looking for. Anybody know any good outfitters in area 24? Thanks. Mackey
  30. Mackey

    Elks 1 under max best option

    Very interested in this line of discussion. I'm in the same boat. One PP under max. And at 63, I'm running out of runway. I've got to use these points next year! Thanks to all who contributed! Mackey
  31. Mackey

    Drawing Sheep tag and little $ to spend.

    Draw the tag. Then worry about the money. You?ll find the money. It's the tag of a lifetime. I'm not an advocate for borrowing money for things that aren't necessities, but in my mind, I believe this would be justified. BTW, I just got my 15th ?unsuccessful?. At 63, I'm running out of...
  32. Mackey

    WY advice

    Ebby, Just sent you a PM. Mackey Germantown TN
  33. Mackey

    My WY archery elk

    Nice bull! Do you mind sharing area#? Just curious.
  34. Mackey

    Yukon Dall sheep

    My dream hunt! Very nice! Congratulations!
  35. Mackey

    Area 7 Wyoming Griz

    I think I'd call Boulder Basin Outfitters. I think he has a score to settle with a griz that chewed up one of his clients and one of his guides last year. I bet he'd be happy to put you on that bear! Mackey
  36. Mackey

    Any luck?

    14th sheep point for me. 62 years old here. Running out of runway! Can you take a walker on a sheep hunt? Mackey
  37. Mackey

    Fred Bear RIP

    Back in my college days I worked at a gun and archery shop in Staunton Va. One of the owners, Bob Errett, worked for Bear Archery and would tell me stories about hunting trips he went on with Fred Bear in Michigan. To me, Fred Bear was larger than life. A pioneer. An innovator. A...
  38. Mackey

    WY the future, moose and sheep etc

    62 with 13. About to be 14 as I just applied for 2018. I'm staying just to see how this all ends.
  39. Mackey

    Please contact our State Senators

    Just got this from Big Game Forever: "Dramatic decline in western moose since wolf introduction Here's what I read from another hunting site forum: "America?s moose are in serious trouble. You and millions of other sportsmen, America's true conservationists, may be the last hope to save...
  40. Mackey

    Please contact our State Senators

    I just looked at who your other Senator is. What about contacting Mike Enzi?
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