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  1. hawkbill

    Nevada Muzzy Muley

    Very nice, congratulations
  2. hawkbill

    GIANT idaho unit 45 deer

    Keep looking, last week looks good with the wheather
  3. hawkbill

    Video Utah Shiras Archery

    Nicely done- congratulations on a great Bull
  4. hawkbill

    Henry’s Muzzy Buck

    Fantastic- great Buck
  5. hawkbill

    New "Coon" Trap

    Our family has been trapping them for years. Good luck
  6. hawkbill

    Disabled daughter on elk hunt

    Congratulations to the whole family, that’s a whole lot of love. Thank you for sharing. I have an Autistic son, he is the only one in the family that does not hunt, he doesn’t like blood or the smell of dead animals, so I took him to the haunted house of Albion last night, the place smelled of...
  7. hawkbill

    North slope moose tag

    It’s total BS, I to put in a lot of time this year scouting for Moose. I love every thing about it and saw some incredible animals. If I ran into someone having problems hunting do to health,inexperience or unfamiliar with the area I would go out of my way to help them so would most guys on...
  8. hawkbill

    A proud father

    Looks great
  9. hawkbill

    Wish me Luck!!! First Hunt

    Good luck have a great time
  10. hawkbill

    Moose Sportsmans tag

    We should take everyone’s trail cam pictures and have an auction site here on MM and sell all the mature animals off. It looks like ChadE12 finally found away to sell off animals before SFW can at the Expo
  11. hawkbill

    WY Ram Success

    Congratulations- very nice Ram
  12. hawkbill

    New Rifle with a Can? What should I get?

    My girls and wife started with the 243, I asked the same question to some old timers and they both said the 7MM-08. They all now have their own 7MM-08’s with muzzle breaks, they have dropped almost every animal they have shot at including a big Bull Moose last week, what an awesome caliber.
  13. hawkbill

    Wasatch Mid Season Bull

    Congratulations- great bull
  14. hawkbill

    New rifle for general purpose

    I shot the big 300’s when I was a late teen and early 20s with no problem, my last one being a 30-378 Wheatherby. I moved to the 7MM Remingtons in my 40’s and my wife and girls all shoot The 7MM-08. I would most definitely put a muzzle break on in, not only will it reduce recoil, but it will...
  15. hawkbill

    Boring rifles

    That is a good looking rifle, I like everything about it from stock to barrel
  16. hawkbill

    Sons muzzle loader bull

    Congratulations- great bull
  17. hawkbill

    Another One Bites the Dust - WY Antelope

    Congratulations Blank, great Buck
  18. hawkbill

    52a Mule deer

    Lets see a picture, congratulations
  19. hawkbill

    Idaho ranch

    I also love seeing the old artifacts of the west. My father is quite a collector
  20. hawkbill

    Moose Sportsmans tag

    Innovative tech HD, it’s not to Hard to track you down, or Chad E. You are one heck of a sportsman.
  21. hawkbill

    Idaho ranch

    That’s a cool story, I live in Idaho. I did some work for a man and he told me a story of a collection of stone tools found on a farm on the Camas prairie, it’s one of the most valuable collections ever found. It is now on display in Twin Falls at the Heritage Museum.It is called The Simon...
  22. hawkbill

    Ruby Mountains Nv Cow Elk Tag (First Ever Big Game Tag)

    You are on the right track, you have already found Elk.
  23. hawkbill

    Tagged an Idaho buck

    Congratulations- nice.Buck. I really enjoyed being out in the week of storms
  24. hawkbill

    Moose Sportsmans tag

    I just spent 10 days scouting and hunting Moose with my daughter. I think you are a real jackass for coming on here and trying to sell that animal in the middle of the season. I would also like to shove all your trail cams up your. No respect for wildlife. That’s why trail cams should be...
  25. hawkbill

    Moose Sportsmans tag

    Looking for a finders fee?
  26. hawkbill

    Big muzzy bull for my son

    Great Bull, congratulations
  27. hawkbill

    Hunt help

    Congratulations to you both, great fun and memories
  28. hawkbill

    Giant California Mule deer down!

    Congratulations nice buck
  29. hawkbill

    Ruby Mountains Deer

    Congratulations to you both, nice buck young man
  30. hawkbill

    First 2021 Milestone...

    Congratulations on the wife and a great life. The parties not near over, anyone can tell by your writings and your pictures that your sharper,smarter and funnier than you have ever been.
  31. hawkbill

    4th Season Gunnison Basin-Camp or Hotel?

    What are the roads like with snow and mud. If it snows a foot can you get around. Truck or Tahoe, is a razor worth the trouble.
  32. hawkbill

    Early Rutting Activity

    The Elk are rutting late, so are the Moose. We just got our first snow a few days ago, I don’t think I will see a rutting Buck until 3rd season Colorado
  33. hawkbill

    4th Season Gunnison Basin-Camp or Hotel?

    I just found this one today in the mountains of Idaho. It still looks useable
  34. hawkbill

    2021 Alaska moose hunt

    Congratulations on a beautiful Bull. I am out looking for a Big Bull for my daughter. Yesterday was magical, I saw over 30 Moose yesterday
  35. hawkbill

    wolf pups killed by feds

    If men took Wolf hunting seriously, the Feds wound not be needed in their helicopters. All Biden has to do is sign his signature and the parties over.
  36. hawkbill

    Cool Trail Camera Photo In AZ

    Good picture, nice Ram
  37. hawkbill

    Bipod on backpack hunt

    It’s sounds to me like your rifle is to nice to be out in the elements. I’d stay with your bi-pod
  38. hawkbill

    Good old Kali

    Biden owns 10% of the largest battery plant in China, would you be surprised if that stock was up 300% since he took office
  39. hawkbill

    Moose hunt recap video

    Thanks Marley for the video, I’m leaving today to go scout for my daughters Moose hunt.
  40. hawkbill

    4th Season Gunnison Basin-Camp or Hotel?

    Hey Foreman good luck to you, check your personal messages
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