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  1. Utahlefty

    ISO Barnes .375 300gr TSX

    I've been looking for two years now and any help greatly appreciated!
  2. Utahlefty

    Selling non-resident Wyoming Party Elk Hunt, 14 point share

    I spoke with three individuals at WYFG today and this is apparently perfectly legal (and common). The minority point holder can compensate the major point holder however they wish - WYFG doesn't care under the current regulation.
  3. Utahlefty

    Bipod on backpack hunt

    I use a detached telescoping tripod - stout enough to double as a walking stick
  4. Utahlefty

    Hunters feeding the hungry and the like ??

    First season bull tag and yes, it's looking like processing it myself and giving the packaged meat way is a way better plan financially. I'm just confused as to what these organizations are actually doing with any money they receive. They don't seem to be doing any of the work or paying any of...
  5. Utahlefty

    Hunters feeding the hungry and the like ??

    We're mostly empty nesters now but have been fortunate enough to have raised three kids without ever buying meat in a store -- not exactly "cost effective" but we've been virtually 100% subsistence hunters for 25+ years now, often donating packaged (frozen) meat to local pantries. I have a unit...
  6. Utahlefty

    In the market for a new game cooler

    I have one Yeti, 1 Canyon, and 3 Engel coolers, all in the 125Q range. All will keep ice for 8-10 days in summer conditions. The Engel is my fav.
  7. Utahlefty

    Would you eat it?

    Rock/Paper/Scissors someone to sample it is going to be the only way to really know. Most of it should be fine as long as he wasn't septic. I'd make a point of labeling packages carefully (R/L) and wouldn't grind any from that leg lest you contaminate the whole batch.
  8. Utahlefty

    Falsely obtaining Wyoming hunting licenses.

    My family has hunted in WY for 22 years, maybe 80 tags in total. I can recall exactly ONE year we weren't checked by a warden. One. For the two unit 55 elk tags I've had, we were "casually" checked daily at the trailhead. I've been checked more in WY than all other states combined, maybe by a...
  9. Utahlefty

    Obvious Poaching Problem In Wyoming?

    I"m too lazy to look it up, but Wyoming seems pretty lax about pick-ups. I've seen several guides saw antlers off wolf kills and other hunters openly talk about hauling out whole found skulls. dunno about the tape angle, but I think there's a better than even chance any rando could walk off...
  10. Utahlefty

    Falsely obtaining Wyoming hunting licenses.

    the obvious solution here is that he should've left his cell phone plugged in at his parent's house in wyoming in between trips, no?
  11. Utahlefty

    Moose Hide

    they're really heavy. I cant imagine hauling it out if you're not going to tan it. I have three hair-on moose hides and in my opinion it's well worth the effort. I would tan it hair-on.
  12. Utahlefty

    Shockey Monster Moose

    is this how he's spending all that client money he refused to refund after COVID cancelled last season?
  13. Utahlefty

    Dwindling Deer

    you really can't kill off a population with buck hunting no matter how aggressive you get at it. backing off the number of tags can help, but not as much as one might hope. most of the problems in the Book Cliffs are related to degraded range. Drought & horse overpopulation are the primary...
  14. Utahlefty

    meat processing - grind hamburger Utah county

    I do exactly the same thing if I've got over 50# of burger meat to grind. I use Mtn West Meats in Ogden. It's a little far maybe for you but the new owner Jason is very fast on the turnaround.
  15. Utahlefty

    Why so long..?

    COVID time is turning out to be very different than the MST we've become accustomed to. In normal MST, a year and change is pretty standard but COVID time seems to be about double that. (I have several non-taxidermy projects that are stretching to 2 years due to lack of supplies rather than...
  16. Utahlefty

    Thoughts on bears while backcountry hunting

    Just keep a clean camp, food far enough away you'll want to put shoes on to go for a snack. I've had both black and grizzly bears in camps over the years (while I was away). If there's not much to smell there's not much damage. Honestly, I've had more trouble with Ravens than bears. 3-4...
  17. Utahlefty

    Water purifiers....

    As a preface to my commentary, I think it helps to make a distinction between "emergency" water filtration and "daily" water filtration. I think the Sawyer mini works well in the "emergency" category and we do have a few we keep for "go bag" use. They're SLOW though and not super practical for...
  18. Utahlefty

    160 grain barnes For 7mm

    I may be able to accommodate this. PM me and I'll check. I'm pretty sure I have a surplus of 160 TSX. Will ship at market price.
  19. Utahlefty

    Careful folks

    the fly-boys must've had their hours in this month already. I live at the base of the mtn here and there's a helo extraction about every 3 weeks or so. I've been on site for 2 or 3. Apparently they need a certain number of hours to maintain their "standing" and it' was explained to me thusly...
  20. Utahlefty

    Bro's Wasatch Bull

  21. Utahlefty

    Falconry Friday!!

    First bunny of the season!!
  22. Utahlefty

    How about a Nebraska sub forum?

    Ouch! I felt that one way over here! Lefty, RF aficionado, and falconer. can we work that in there somehow? I promise I'll post pic daily! :) :)
  23. Utahlefty

    2021 UTAH Sportsmans tag holders elk, 420+

    It was 100% wasted. Overnight temps in the 50*s, hide on, ungutted. Look closely at the pics, it's stiff as a board and every pose is identical. And i bet it really stank....
  24. Utahlefty

    Easy way to preserve velvet?

    freeze drying, IMO is the best. Take it to your fav meat locker and leave it for a bit until if dehydrates.
  25. Utahlefty

    2021 UTAH Sportsmans tag holders elk, 420+

    as a USDA accredited veterinarian, what I would object to most in this scenario is the "leave it overnight" mentality. Nighttime low of maybe 50*F, daytime temps in the 80*s ? The meat was completely ruined, full stop. They wanted that head at any cost--I'd love to see a video of that guy...
  26. Utahlefty

    Utah college hookie bull, our first of 2021

    Thanks for the kind words all! This was a Utah CWMU tag - those are open to any weapon Sept 1 to Oct 31 (?). I've gotten two moose and 5-6 elk on this one -- it's also only 30 minutes from home so is great for accommodating college kids' schedules. It's not big enough to be able to control...
  27. Utahlefty

    Utah college hookie bull, our first of 2021

    My son snuck home from college for opening day - not quite as big as his CO bull from last year but this is about as big as they make it in this area.
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  30. Utahlefty

    Anyone here an expert judge of bison?

    my son's Book Cliff bison from a few years ago, 119" broomed, would likely be mid 120s unbroomed
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  33. Utahlefty

    You should play Indy, it's later than you think

    My good friend and mentor Matt Winfrey passed on this week. Winfrey was a giant in the river community, having run most of the big water in a dozen countries, and just maybe the best friend I'll ever have. We had most of the next two years worth of river trips all mapped out and then a little...
  34. Utahlefty

    Snake river 2021 (first trip anyway)

    most of the pictures come from lunch counter. We went M-W and the private ramps were pretty much empty. I think we had 5 other parties the whole trip. The commercial ones were running but not like on the weekends - maybe 10 groups total.
  35. Utahlefty

    Snake river 2021 (first trip anyway)

    Great crew, great camp, about 55 miles worth of runs at optimal water levels. We've run this section from 4100 cfs to 17,000 cfs and 7-8K is ideal, which held steady over three days. (these are photos from one of those commercial photo companies --flotographs-- which are way overpriced but the...
  36. Utahlefty

    Elk Screenshot

    one of my hawks (Luna, a 3 YO ferruginous) looking down at where she last saw that rabbit
  37. Utahlefty

    Back pack to do it all for my son?

    I was about to +1 , but I always confuse Kuiu and Kifaru. I have the Kuiu Pro-pack system (several, I guess) and mix & match bags and Frames to fit just about anyone. The harness system is fully adjustable. The frame itself comes it 3 sizes, IIRC. The bags go from 1800-7800 cu-in. It also...
  38. Utahlefty

    How many tags and hunts this year?

    lean year, this one, we have two 2-doe antelope tags in UT, a Utah CWMU bull elk tag and a Colorado 61 bull elk tag
  39. Utahlefty

    Deseret Antlerless Elk

    my son had this tag 2 years ago (he was 17) but yes, it's mostly a drive around with a short stalk. we had 3 hunters in a pickup and one of them had a 9 YO girl in tow. IIRC, there were 3-4 other youngsters present on our hunt date too.
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    too pointy.....
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