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    31 coues

    OW's copy-paste is where any new-to-AZ hunters should start. AZGFD unit information is 2nd to none from a state agency perspective. Lows might brush the upper 30s, highs will probably touch upper 60s/low 70s mid-afternoon --- give or take of course. Should be much more seasonable than the...
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    How many tags and hunts this year?

    OH whitetail NC whitetail NM Elk NM Mule Deer CO Mule Deer
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    Camping on state land

    Under most circumstances in NM, no. Really sucks too.
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    Importance of Pronghorn mass

    Wow. That's quite educational for sure
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    Tags in the mail?

    Deer tags received last Thursday
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    Colorado unit 67 4th season!!!

    They will be extra stupid during those dates but you could be hunting leftovers if weather is right for 2nd/3rd seasons. Good luck! I will be there for 2nd season.
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    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    Sheesh, I almost tried that but decided on 67 instead. Glad I pivoted over.
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    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    Unit 67 2nd season tag for me which I was cautiously optimistic about (had quite a few more points more than past years). I was surprised dad picked off a Unit 551 2nd season tag with 3 which is where that unit has been fluctuating past 4 years in the 2/3 points range.
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    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    Hit for deer. Fall schedule is officially full.
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    Quota proposals

    Too many
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    Quota proposals

    The leftover reissue system enabled many folks to do just that (me, guilty) for many years. With that now changed, I'm bringing a decade worth of points to the table for a unit less than half that.
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    results up. all red!

    Couple?!?! Details...
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    results up. all red!

    Green Green!! 2 for 9 between dad and I. I pulled 3rd choice elk tag that my dad had 2 years ago. We killed a nice bull late rifle that year, I've got the 1st rifle tag this year. And dad pulled our 1st choice deer tag, unit where he killed a slob back in 2017 - hope to repeat that...
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    Results Today!

    Ditto, clearly means we drew.
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    Colorado point creep

    Excellent, that's 3 fewer apps I have to worry about as I'm sitting at 9
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    Colorado point creep

    Ya, I'd bet a substantially weighty sum that Unit 67 won't go for 3 points 2nd season. I'm in at 9 points for that tag - I feel good, but not cocky "it's a lock" good. With 9. I look at it as buying a slightly early 3rd season tag "on the cheap." Weather will be everything, could only be...
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    Season selection

    In with 9 pts on a tag that took 3 last year
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    Colorado point creep

    I'm thinking that's sarcasm he's going with...
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    Colorado point creep

    yup. I've got back-up plans to the back-up plans for this fall.
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    Colorado point creep

    I won't help either of you then...NR Unit 67 2nd season with 9 points. Creep, I'm telling you all, will be bonkers in those units where there is a massive gap between 2nd and 3rd season. I'm not all confident with 9 points.
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    68 third vs 66 second

    You may draw but dont be surprised if you are sitting at home.
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    61 Muley guided vs 67 DIY...second season

    Yep, no brainer. That said, 61 isn't an easy unit for the DIYer.
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    Results are up

    I know this has been discussed before, but... No dice in the draw but I also don't have one more BP than I did last year. Still stuck at 2, should be 3 now. That will update sometime soon I presume?
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    Colorado 4th season bucks?

    Good grief, that's a giant.
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    Dads 3rd season Bull

    Dandy! You consistently put down the big critters.
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    My CO buck. Best in a long time

    My oh my, great buck - thanks for sharing! And kudos to your friends for the assist.
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    First CO buck

    Congrats, fine buck! I swear we were on that buck's twin tonight with the exception his split was on the other side. He survived thanks to a public-private boundary - officially lost his mind though. Again, great buck!
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    3rd season tactics

    Unit we hunted was plagued with deer down low on private, working around boundaries trying to ambush a big boy was ultimately unsuccessful.
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    Heavy Idaho buck, score...

    176, I'm staring at one on the wall beside me that looks identical except your buck's forks are a little stronger + couple inches more out of the eyeguards. Puts him 9" over this one at 167.
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    Colorado unit 61 3rd season mule deer

    Yes, there are lots of deer (notice I didn't say all the quality bucks) down low due to the snow storm this past weekend. I've got that on multiple good accounts from folks in the area, that said - if this warm weather continues to peel off the snow cover quickly, many (most) of the bigger...
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    Colorado unit 61 3rd season mule deer

    I've got a cow tag for 3rd 61, will reach out if we glass up a big muley. Got a deer tag for 62 too, looking forward to it but wish the cold weather would stick around - doesn't look like that's going to happen.
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    Gila Bull

    Beauty - 3rds are SWEET.
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    A Buck for Dad

    Dang, love everything about this post except the obvious. Big C. Hope your dad comes out on top in his battle, in the meantime - what fantastic memories. Kudos to keeping the fire burning!
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    That's a heck of a weekend! Congrats to all
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    680 Ewe Hunt

    Great write-up and pictures, like 'sjhgraysage' said - look forward to the next update.
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    So when you enter a code within 5 seconds of it going live on the updated list and you immediately get the "Hunt code is not available for sale" message, blame that on bots? Did snag an excellent cow elk tag last week, so I'm not complaining, more just curious cause I'm pretty darn quick.
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    Good deer?

    Yes, he'll make that benchmark.
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    Bottomless Hot Tents

    They are a game changer. I have used a Cimarron/TiGoat stove for 4 years now and have no desire to go back to the old way of doing things.
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    Dirty barrel vs clean for hunting

    Beauty buck buckhorn!
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    Draw results up

    Nada for 4 species for both dad and I. On to the next draw... Congrats to those who drew
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