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  1. trophyhunter

    Crossbow ideas

    My friend has an opportunity to hunt whitetails in OK with a crossbow. He may only hunt a few time so he doesn’t want to dump a ton of $ bit he does want decent quality that he can had down to his Grandson. They already have top of the line compound but in his private ranch you must use...
  2. trophyhunter

    New to Whitetail:

    First time going to OK. For whitetail, what calls do hunters recommend. Thanks in advance.
  3. trophyhunter

    Ground Blinds: Does anyone make ground blinds with a floor to keep out critters?

    DOES anyone make a ground blind with a floor to keep out critters?
  4. trophyhunter

    UTV reviews

  5. trophyhunter

    Loading Issue

    I have been loading for 50 years. I have an issue and looking for input. I purchased RCBS dies in .308. I adjusted the sizing die then went to the loading die, I have been trying to adjust the bullet depth. I tried three Winchester cases and here?s my problem. I ran a sized empty case perfectly...
  6. trophyhunter


    Well back in the day we use to get some awesome posts from photographers like red rabbit and others...really enjoyed the photos now not much happening on this fourm anymore......bummer.... ))))------->
  7. trophyhunter

    Joke Time

    I just had to pass this joke on.... " There was a guy walking down the street in front of a mental facility. As he was walking he could hear a large group on the other side of the tall wall...chanting....13...13...13...13...he became curious and found a small hole in the wall..he put his eye to...
  8. trophyhunter

    100 gal poly water tank

    I have a 100 gal poly water tank never used for sale $175 ....L 48in x W 36in x D 18in fits in pickup or utility trailer....location Fremont , Calif
  9. trophyhunter

    100 Gal. Poly. Water Tank

    I have a 100gal. Poly Water tank never used For Sale, $175 Fremont, CA pm if interested
  10. trophyhunter

    PSE Carbon Air

    Well it finally happened...our Grandson Logan has grown up into an adult bow....OMG you need to check out this new 2016 Carbon Air bow so light and so fast....they say lightist bow in the world right now...shoots lights out at 60 vibrations dont even need a stabilizer....bow...
  11. trophyhunter

    What Happened?

    Well we used to enjoy some awesome photos posted to this thread...but lately those experts stopped posting pics....why? Please post.....
  12. trophyhunter

    How Long hold draw

    Well I am getting older and its getting tougher every year to maintain my upper body strength......I think its time for me to do the dreaded thing I have been putting off the last couple 66yrs old and a bit of lower back issues....I think its time for me to dial down my bow a...
  13. trophyhunter

    OK Post 2016 Pics

    Let's see some pics and stories.... ))))------->
  14. trophyhunter

    2016 whose go'n

    Ok I always look forward to the stories and pics of those big racks. Seems like posts were a little low last year. You going again this season Appleman? Who else is making the trek? ))))------->
  15. trophyhunter


    Somebody tell me an A zone story...""opening today""...or post up some pics as things worked out for me this year I can't hunt till weekend of 7/27 bummer.... ))))------->
  16. trophyhunter

    My 2015 Archery Buck

    "GOT YA" 😁 ))))------->
  17. trophyhunter

    Hips Archery Targets

    I picked up one of the Hips Archery Targets in 24x24 inches last year. They are made in Texas and claim to be durible as well as easy to pull arrows. I took this target to the mountains target practicing with broadheads. On a steep side hill moved the target to three diffent ranges before the...
  18. trophyhunter

    Old Revolver Night Sights

    I have a Colt Trooper Mark 3 and a Smith & Wesson 38sp that I purchased back in 1982. They have the original sights and I was hoping to upgrade them to some quality night sights. I am hoping that you experts out there can point me towards a company that may provide night sights for these older...
  19. trophyhunter

    Old Gun Night Sights

    I have a couple old revolvers a Colt Trooper Mark 3 in 357mag and a Smith and Wesson in 38sp. I purchased them back in the early 1980's. They have the original sights. I would like to convert both to some quality night sights that would fit the frames. I am hoping some of you experts can point...
  20. trophyhunter

    J-12 youth hunt

    I got some info from a couple of MMers a few months back on this hunt. It's getting closer to June 1 and I am trying to figure out the process of our Grandson applying for the hunt. Many here have experience with this process so I was hoping someone could take a minute or two and shoot me a PM...
  21. trophyhunter

    Danger: Unsafe Hunter close calls

    This was a long time ago in our younger years. My friends were road hunting on one of the friends ranch. Picture a 1969 Chev. Pickup stepside. Driver, one friend with a 7mag bolt action in the middle, the other friend riding shotgun with his 7mag. The friend in the middle was generally a safe...
  22. trophyhunter

    Lighted Nocks

    In the past I have tried several brand lighted Nocks like Lumenocks, Easton with a magnet, etc. and have had bad luck getting them to work when it really counts. Hopefully they have made advancements and more reliable lighted Nocks these days. I am hoping some of you guys can steer me towards a...
  23. trophyhunter

    Elk Korean style.

    Trying out a homemade recipe we took some elk and venison steaks and marinated them overnight in Korean BBQ sauce and half of can of beer. Put the steaks on the BBQ hot fire and cooked the steaks to medium rare. About a minute on each side. Fabulous Enjoy😎 ))))------->
  24. trophyhunter

    Night Sights

    I am hoping that some of you hand gun guys can recommend some manufactures of good quality night sights that are resasonibally priced. I don't want to purchase junk so hoping for so input from experienced shooters. We will usually be walking out with head lamps on. Will that effect the...
  25. trophyhunter

    Loaded ammo cleaning

    I have a bunch of loaded 9mm ammo with brass cases that is beginning to corrode. I haven't been shooting much with ammo so hard to get over the last couple of years. I pulled a box down off my storage area and saw the issue. I guess I could polish them up with some steel wool or should I just...
  26. trophyhunter

    Bear issue 76

    We have a nice big bear 400 lbs plus becomming an issue in unit 76 that seems to lurk in the area of Diamond Creek Road and the intersection Smoky Canyon Road and vicinity during deer and elk season. Lots of camps in the area and some just don't know how to camp in bear country.... Hope one of...
  27. trophyhunter

    Storms Update # 2

    Well they say up north you guys are going to get a bunch of rain and hopefully increase the snow pack next few days. Let us know what is happening in your neck of the woods. Would be nice if they seeded the clouds like last severe drought and not wait till our Lakes and Reservoirs are bone dry...
  28. trophyhunter

    Big Bucks ?

    So every year I look forward to reading posts and looking at pics of big bucks comming out of Old Mexico. So this year it's been pretty quiet. Was the hunting bad, did the bandio's or drug guys kill all the hunters? Been a lot of negative stuff on Sonora Outfitters over the past year. So what's...
  29. trophyhunter

    Amazing Technology "BUT"

    Well they finally did it. This company came up with a new high tech technology for a rifle, sighting, and firing system that never misses its intended target. I can see thing for Law Enforcement , SWAT and military applications. Something like this IMO has no business being made available to the...
  30. trophyhunter

    Broadhead Flash

    Ok so I am a bit eccentric about our arrows not giving us away while hunting. For years we always took a black tipped felt pen and completely blacked out our Broadheads so there would be no shiny flash. I tested this method about 10 years ago out to 70yds and the thin ink does not effect our...
  31. trophyhunter

    Restoring Sheds

    Once I get the shed's scored. I will need to fill and sand a few places where Squirrels did some chewing. What is the best material to use as filler prior to coloring the rack. What type of stain is better for the job? Do you use regular wood stains? Thanks in advance, ))))-------->
  32. trophyhunter

    Mounting Sheds

    So a question to all you shed hunters. Archery Hunting with my Grandson this year during early archery here in Kali. I ran accross a set of 2013 sheds off a monster Blacktail buck that are unique as well as pushing 30 inches. Heavy horned like a big mulie. I know it is a pure Blacktail cause I...
  33. trophyhunter

    RC Controlled Vanes

    Hang on to your hats guys. RC Controlled vanes are being developed. Soon were going to be making those long range shots like the rifle hunters. Wow 200'yd shots dead on with that RC controller. Shoot the arrow, then you put the bow down, you have plenty of time to pick up the RC Controller and...
  34. trophyhunter

    So what's up

    Ok been watch'n this thread for years. I know you guys up there are hiding something. :) Keeping all those bucks in your back pocket not posting or bragging posting pics so non-residents don't come shoot your :) Tell me with a straight face I'm wrong. :) ))))------->
  35. trophyhunter

    Storms update

    A good start to our rainy season. In the SF Bay Area south Fremont near the Tesla Car Plant in my backyard rain gauge these are the totals. The Storm after Thankgiving gave us 3.75 inches of rain. The big storm last Thursday/Friday was intense here. My gauge registered 4.75 inches total...
  36. trophyhunter

    10mm Auto

    We just picked up a couple of 10mm's. picked them up mostly as a sidearm when archery hunting. Anyone here ever shoot an animal with a 10mm. I picked up some 180gr. Hollow points figure that bullet weight should be ok. I wanted an auto rather than a wheel gun for the added mag. Capicity. Any...
  37. trophyhunter

    Pheasant dish wanted

    Anyone have a good pheasant dish? I need one for whole birds and breasts only. Thanks in advance. ))))--------->
  38. trophyhunter

    Sat. Phone Rentals

    This year we rented a Sat. Phone for calling home while on our backcountry archery elk hunt. We used a company called Cellhire. They are hooked up with Verizon. It was better rates going directly through Cellhire than through Verizon. They had best rental and minute rates we could find. Rent...
  39. trophyhunter

    Wildfire smoke

    Can anyone tell me the direction of the smoke from the 3 wildfires above Blackfoot Hwy 34. Thanks in advance... ))))------->
  40. trophyhunter

    New Record?

    So with the state of things these days. Maybe we need to start keeping track of the components since our lovely states men are doing their best to take our guns and ammo. Basspro: RL22 powder ...41/2 months on backorder ...filled now Cabelas : Nosler E-tip 270 win....6 months on...
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