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  1. WeminucheWapitis

    Grass land Camo recommendations

    Multicam hands down for low country. Depending on the manufacture you can find some with more browns or greens depending on what you need.
  2. WeminucheWapitis

    Torn Meniscus....?

    I partially tore my left a few years ago. Similar click as you talked about. Most things were unaffected, climbing uphill was fine but downhill it felt sloppy and well from time to time I tumbled, looking like an idiot. Talked to surgeon and he said it would be an easy fix but about two months...
  3. WeminucheWapitis

    300 mag 2.5" high 100 yards, 3" high 200 yards?

    As mentioned above your scope is obviously higher than your barrel, so two different angles to reach “zero”. Your rifle is likely at zero closer to 300 yards. Just like if you were sighted in at 100 yds, if you took a shot at say 25 yds you would have to aim high.
  4. WeminucheWapitis

    Need 7mm 168 Berger’s

    Yes factory 168 federals with sierra bullets.
  5. WeminucheWapitis

    Need 7mm 168 Berger’s

    Awesome thanks, I can’t find any locally or on line.
  6. WeminucheWapitis

    Need 7mm 168 Berger’s

    Have lots to trade 270 140 Berger VLDs Lots of 9mm, 40, 45 and 5.56 Federal premium match 308 in 168 I thought I had plenty of 7mm but have several boxes of 270 in the Berger’s instead.
  7. WeminucheWapitis

    Unit 76 colorado

    That clearly shows 17 points for the early rifle tag, so you burned an additional 5 points to draw. And if you didn’t see a single bull on the early rifle hunt that’s brutal. As a resident the regular 1st rifle can be drawn with 6-7 points. Without much effort you should be able to turn up a lot...
  8. WeminucheWapitis


    One last reply, what have you yourself, this year done to help-preserve wildlife on your home range. I can give hours and receipts here on animals I will only watch. You love/care about them all? What have you done besides pull a trigger or pick up a shed this year. We’re all waiting...
  9. WeminucheWapitis


    It appears I wasted my time on this idiot. Enjoy that platform of crooked rocks you have built that platform from. This one will hit hard for you and I’m sorry. You jump to put anyone or anything down and it makes you feel good in the moment. When you don’t have this or another forum to spew...
  10. WeminucheWapitis


    Exactly your better than me, I welcomed you more than once. Spread love and positivity and you just wanna knock down a fellow hunter. Good on you man. I’ll wake up at 4am, put on my vest and protect my “Colorado”. Wish you the best, there’s always a better hand at play. Would have enjoyed your...
  11. WeminucheWapitis


    Arguing in a public forum behind a super awesome screen name is kinda a waste of time. Hit me up if you want to hear my side and I’ll listen to yours. Otherwise you have a wonderful life, imma do the same.
  12. WeminucheWapitis


    No man I called you out, I work for a living. Said PM me or come down for a vacation. No work implied. You could come hunt my “surplus” animals. Tonight it was about 40 elk, 6 legal bulls. 100 deer, nothing worth shooting yet but I’m hopeful. Fall flock of turkey numbering well over 150. It’s...
  13. WeminucheWapitis


    Yes let’s turn wolves loose in front range Colorado to eat yuppies puppies and see how they vote. I can only speak for me but I AM a true Coloradan and hit me up with a PM and let’s talk on the phone. Your spewing bullsh*t with what I can assume is only “troll” mindset expectations. Run your...
  14. WeminucheWapitis


    Ok maybe not directly. But Colorado is equal parts wildlife and equal parts ranching on the west slope. Unless you live here and have first hand knowledge maybe keep your comments to yourself. Don’t believe me, CPW has a pretty extensive report in 2016 explaining how much wolves would hurt...
  15. WeminucheWapitis


    AK and Colorado are exactly the same so I see how your comparison and opinion make any sense...
  16. WeminucheWapitis

    Rut activity in Southern CO?

    30 or so elk and 2 smaller bulls were firing off in my hayfield right behind the house last night. Southwest Colorado
  17. WeminucheWapitis

    Proof Rifles?

    Have visited their factory, no trigger time but what they do seems top notch. Seemed like they were all about doing everything from start to finish in house to deliver the absolute best product they can.
  18. WeminucheWapitis

    Uncle’s bull

    Your uncle knows how to shoot!
  19. WeminucheWapitis

    CO unit 61 first season success.

    👆 Agreed with above, all that matters is your happy and that smile says it all!
  20. WeminucheWapitis

    SW Colorado deer or elk

    I am not
  21. WeminucheWapitis

    NR youth hunting

    Great info so far, thank you very much.
  22. WeminucheWapitis

    NR youth hunting

    Looking for info/clarification on a few things. My son is turning 8 and I know he’s eligible for big game as long as he has a hunter safety. My question/s are, for a non resident youth are tag costs the same as an adult, there’s nothing I can find in regs to explain that and do the same draw...
  23. WeminucheWapitis

    Sweet Buck

    Beautiful buck, prolly the nicest typical-non typical buck I’ve ever seen. And you do amazing work.
  24. WeminucheWapitis

    SW Colorado deer or elk

    I have a few options to trade. 3rd rifle deer with voucher realistic chance at 170+ for one. Also have horse pack in for any weapon for any season for elk or deer. This can be for two and will be in areas that you will see and have chances at game and if you put work in can realistically kill...
  25. WeminucheWapitis

    What do you think of this bull?

    335 is my guess, good looking bull for sure. I like the paddle look on his left side, mass can add up for sure
  26. WeminucheWapitis


    I’m relatively new here but he reached out to me as I’ve been a fellow sheepdog for a while now. Talked to him on the phone several times and he put in his time and did life right. RIP brother. We have the watch now, don’t have to check your six anymore. Final call off is here and you earned it...
  27. WeminucheWapitis

    Stucco and insulation

    My question is Elks above, if it needs chinked they are coped style logs not a D log so will not all be the same with voids behind the foam. To be done right it will need furred out or shear applied. If they put 1/2 inch (1 inch in my area is standard) foam, it will not look right and will not...
  28. WeminucheWapitis

    Rocketman and Rocket Dog?

    I’m also unaware that 76 is declining. Hunted it in the last few years and spend time in the unit every year. It’s a magical place
  29. WeminucheWapitis

    How's your city/county doing?

    48 cases, 0 deaths. La Plata County CO Heath department says there is anywhere from a 4-10 multiplier due to lack of testing.
  30. WeminucheWapitis

    Does this count?

    Shed hunting from a tractor counts...right??
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  33. WeminucheWapitis

    Your Thoughts..?

    I tried to send a PM and it said I’m not allowed. I’m the youngest old guy when it comes to technology so I don’t know.
  34. WeminucheWapitis

    Your Thoughts..?

    Nice to read about similar men in a hunting forum. I’ve been in the same profession for 13 years now and it sure is crazy how certain things touch you deeply, and the next call you are repulsed by “humans”. Thank you for your time you put in.
  35. WeminucheWapitis

    Looking for a new 7mm Bullet

    I’ve been shooting the 168 Berger’s out of my 7mm for years and love them. Have killed a lot of animals and a bunch of bulls and they have never failed me. Most of my animals only go fo about two feet...straight down to the ground.
  36. WeminucheWapitis

    I'd like a bull like this!

    6th and 7th on the left side are pretty weak...just kidding that’s a slammer!
  37. WeminucheWapitis

    Great Sonora Buck

    My question, what in that compost pile is growing 200” deer??!!
  38. WeminucheWapitis

    Some good fun when nothing else to be hunted

    West Texas free range
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  40. WeminucheWapitis

    Poacher Busted! Anyone here ever caught a poacher?

    Colorado has operation game thief that offers a reward. Called it twice for a poached Bear and deer. Both times got several days old response for action and no follow up.
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