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  1. unclebuck

    Antelope advice

    Hi Guys, Looking to take my son and 12 year old grandson on a Wyoming antelope hunt.My son and I each have 6 points and grandson has 1. Will be applying as a group. Just looking for some ideas for units. Willing to go in the special draw. Will be traveling from Washington so prefer to stay to...
  2. unclebuck

    2017 Desert Sheep Mount

    Thought I would share my Nevada ram I killed last year. Just got it back and could'nt be more pleased. Wildlife Revolutions in Reno did it. Great to work with and a fast turn around.
  3. unclebuck

    Opening morning Antelope

    Here's the buck I killed on the opener. My son and I bedded a stud the night before but could'nt turn him up in the morning. We spotted this guy and 4 does near the top of a 7000" peak. After a hour and a half stalk I gave him a warning shot right over his back at 385 yards. Heading up to make...
  4. unclebuck

    61,62,64,71,73 Antelope

    Hi Guys, I drew a rifle tag for these units. I have spent some time in the area before . Just wondering if anybody may have any info to share. I know conditions have been hot and dry. I wanted to order the guzzler map on f&g site but the link does not work . I'll call them tomorrow. I do know of...
  5. unclebuck

    Unit 11 deer

    Hey guys, I drew a early deer tag for unit 11. I last drew in 2001. Just curios if anybody has hunted or has any resent experience in the unit. I know the quality has dropped off from what it once was. Thanks UB
  6. unclebuck

    Area 6 Bull Elk

    My son was fortunate enough to draw a bull tag for early 062, 064, 066-068. Have spend sometime in the area. Anybody willing to share some words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks! UB
  7. unclebuck

    101-108 early rifle

    Hi guys, Myself and my son drew this tag as our 4th choice as non residents. I've hunted Nevada on three other occasions but have not set foot in this area. I know this country will is rugged as hell and will kick your butt. I'm 56years old and can still hang with my 32 year old son pretty...
  8. unclebuck

    Beulah Antelope

    Hi Guys, I drew a beulah rifle non-res antelope tag. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks UB
  9. unclebuck

    Snake River Mule Deer

    Looking for any insight on snake river mule deer.I know the Oregon mule deer situation is bleak. I have 7 NR points and thinking this my be the year to burn them.Any info good or bad would be appreciated.Also open to any other suggestions. Feel free to PM me. Thanks UB
  10. unclebuck

    Snake River Unit

    Just looking for opinions on this unit for deer and elk.Has anyone ever used Shaun Steens as a packer? Thanks UB
  11. unclebuck

    nevada antelope

    Here are a couple bucks a buddy and I killed on the nevada rifle opener.
  12. unclebuck

    067-068 antelope

    My partner drew this tag. Anybody have any input on this area? Thanks,UB
  13. unclebuck

    NV 071-079 early

    Hi Guys, I drew this area for early rifle, not familiar with the area. Anyone willing to share a little info would be appreciated. Also drew 072-074-075 for antlelope so plan to take extra time to scout for deer. What would be a respectable buck to hold out for ? Thanks for the help. UB
  14. unclebuck

    Drew NV antelope and deer

    Hi Guys, Drew 072 074 075 antelope, and 071-079 deer rifle. Have never hunted any of this country. Any information on areas to start or trophy potential would be appreciated. Have never hunted antelope what would be a respectable buck to hold out for ? Thanks,UB
  15. unclebuck

    031 nevada

    I was wondering if anybody out there is familiar with this unit. I hunted it 8-9 yrs. ago. Did not see many deer, but a couple of decent bucks but could'nt seal the deal. I did really like the country. I have 9 points as a non res this year and would hope to draw a rifle tag. Anybody have any...
  16. unclebuck

    teanaway muzzleloader tag

    Drew a late teanaway muzzleloader deer tag . Haven't hunted there in years. Use to hunt up stafford creek. Anybody got any suggestions? Thanks,UB
  17. unclebuck

    king salmon moose

    Hi Guys, I have a september float hunt for moose on the King Salmon river planned. It is self guided with 4 of us going. Its a 66 mile float starting in the Katmai preserve.Going for 10 days. Any imput would be appreciated.Thanks, UB
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