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  1. Muley_73

    Looking for a 25-06

    Looking to purchase a 25-06. Preferably a Browning A Bolt, Remington BDL or Sako. Thanks All
  2. Muley_73

    New Utah Big Game Rules

    Without question I am in agreement of a need to address technology and impact it is having on not just Utah’s mule deer but mule deer across the west. So many things could be done to positively impact the herd health. But instead we went after the Mr Potato Head of the issue, Baiting. Then...
  3. Muley_73

    30-06 ammo for sale or trade

    30-06 Hornady Light Magnum 165gr full box 30-06 Hornady Custom Lite Reduced 125gr 15 rounds $50.00 for both or willing to trade for 25-06 ammo 22 LR CCI MAGNUM LARGE RIFLE PRIMERS 4831 SC or H1000 powder
  4. Muley_73

    Any Spot and Stalk Cougar Success

    Curious what everybody saw or heard about the spot and stalk cougar tags this year. I knew of one cat killed on the Zion during the rifle deer hunt, but that was it.
  5. Muley_73

    5 point or Better Any Bull

    With all of the talk about unlimited any bull elk I think it would be a great time look at pushing for a 5 point or better on the Any Bull units. If we are looking at going unlimited this would be a way to insure that there would still be bulls left to mature a year or two and get the breeding...
  6. Muley_73

    Dual pedastal ideas

    Looking at doing a dual pedastal mount for the my last two muleys. Would love to see some ideas from everyone.
  7. Muley_73

    WTB Browning 22 Hornet

    Looking to but an out of production 22 Hornet Browning Micro Medallion. I know they are hard to find but figured I'd see if anyone had an old safe queen.
  8. Muley_73

    Wounded Animals

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-31-18 AT 03:24PM (MST)[p]I figured I'd add to the long range debate and throw out some actually numbers from this past season. I spent 49 days on the Vernon Unit this past season. Talked to a lot of hunters on all three of the hunts and kept a close eye on the unit more so...
  9. Muley_73

    Vernon Unit

    I know it may be a surprise to many on this site but I do actually go out and hunt on occasion (not just interweb bicker) I've spent most of my 44 years chasing Muleys in south central Utah and on the Cache Unit. Never thought much about the Vernon unit until I moved to Santaquin a few months...
  10. Muley_73

    First whitetail hunt

    Was able to go on my first whitetail hunt last week. It was definitely a different experience but I loved every minute of it. Hunted 10,000 low fence ranch in south Texas. First buck was considered a cull as he as was super narrow. To be honest I would have been have happy just taking this...
  11. Muley_73

    Grizz and Friends

    As I was saying last week...
  12. Muley_73

    WB Meeting

    Hmm, Just pasted that the Pauns rifle hunt goes through the end of Oct every year. The hunt would still start on the same day at the general rifle hunt. Interesting decision, that puts the rifle hunt in 2020 at 15 days. Whats your thoughts all?
  13. Muley_73

    Remington Mountain Rifle 30-06

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-08-17 AT 05:30PM (MST)[p]Looking to sell or possibly trade a Remington Mountain Rifle in 30-06. Rifle has less than 100 rounds fired and is topped with Leupold VX3 4.5x14 scope. It has the detachable magazine and I will also throw in 6 boxes of Hornady Custom 165 grain ammo...
  14. Muley_73

    Unit 23 coues

    After 6 years of hunting unit 27 for coues my son and I decided to switch to unit 23. Plenty of deer and some great bucks over the years in 27. But the last couple years with multiple face to face run ins with armed drug runners has us rethinking our coues deer hunting in New Mexico. I've got...
  15. Muley_73

    Mouth full of feathers

    Couple pics of the pup this Nov. Utah Rooster Idaho Rooster Utah Rooster
  16. Muley_73

    Nov Upland Adventures

    This Nov I was able to send some amazing time chasing birds with my family and our dogs. Here are some pictures from a 3 week stretch that had us chasing in South Dakota, Idaho and Utah. I didn't type a bunch on this post I'll just let the pics speak for themselves. First trip was 4 days in...
  17. Muley_73

    Boone & Crockett and Longrange

    There has been a lot of discussion on Longrange hunting recently. I've seen quite a few people referring to the comments of Boone and Crockett in regards to the issue. What I find most interesting about this is that in 2004 Leupold actually named their Longrange reticle the "Boone and Crockett...
  18. Muley_73

    Are you All ok with losing AZ access???

    It is totally unbelievable to me to see all the negative post about theDixie SFW chapter and the stance on Fedral Land issue. Yet at the very same time people are posting that the Feds are trying to shutdown a big chunk of the strip for another National Monument. That post has 1 comment...
  19. Muley_73

    Biggest Enemy of Hunters

    After being eyeball deep in many debates, and antics myself I can without a doubt pinpoint the biggest enemy of the modern day hunters. Long range hunting.....Nope Special Interest Groups.....Nope Tag Cuts.....Nope Loss of Habitat.....Nope Loss of ethics.....Nope It's the INTERWEB!!! It's...
  20. Muley_73

    Coues Mount

    Just got my 2012 NM coues buck back from the taxi (my little brother). Figured I'd share a pic rather than just my usual opinion. On the wall In the field....Maybe not worth 2k but I like this pic! Love hunting these little guys, and they don't take up a ton of wall space. Think I better...
  21. Muley_73

    My Fishlake Archery Hunt

    Well I have to admit I'm a muley addict and that usually means I don't apply for elk in Utah. But over the years I have hung on to 5 points and figured someday I might cash them in. Well after looking at odds and realizing I could draw an achery tag on the Fishlake I decided this would be the...
  22. Muley_73

    Summer Cats

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-04-13 AT 11:29PM (MST)[p]
  23. Muley_73

    Family Fishing Weekend

    Just got back from a weekend down south fishing with the family. Spent the first day down in the lower country fishing one of the small creeks. The next day headed out to a little lake I havent fished in 19 years. After a decent hike we werent disapointed. A little rain and...
  24. Muley_73

    Own your words

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-09-13 AT 12:06PM (MST)[p]Can someone explain to why there are so many posters that disable there profiles. If you are willing to post your words why are you afraid to own them? You all scream for transparency yet personally hide behind screen names.
  25. Muley_73

    Thanks for a great 2012 NM

    Had a great year in New Mexico. Hopefully more to come.
  26. Muley_73

    First Coues

    Just spent a week in NM with my little brother and some friends chasing coues bucks. I beleive I will return. Opening Morning sunrise. Can't ever walk past a tree like this without a picture. Sometimes you find a great place to glass from for 9 hrs! However 9 hrs in one spot is still 9...
  27. Muley_73

    Cache Moose

    Been seeing a very good bull on the Cache. If you're interested drop me a PM. He was there again last night.
  28. Muley_73

    Board Meeting

    Leaning back in my chair and chuckling as I read posts. Crazy times gents, crazy times
  29. Muley_73

    Thank You New Mexico

    Two for two on NM draws the past two years. Barbary last year. Coues deer this year. Super excited to head south and spend some time with my little bro!!!!
  30. Muley_73

    Don/SFW vs Randy/RMEF

    As I have read the many posts and followed this debate talk I decided to take a little deeper look at real issue at hand. I have come to the conclusion that this debate really does not come down to the North American Model at all. It comes down to a bad blood fight and power struggle between...
  31. Muley_73

    Hoping to return

    Just finished up and sent in my application for NM. I ended up putting in for Coues. I have made two previous trips to NM, one to hunt quail and one to hunt Barbarys this past Feb. Both hunts ended with great memories. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a third trip this fall! I enjoy NM more...
  32. Muley_73

    Monroe Coyotes

    Was talking to my brother this afternoon about his day checking does with the DWR. He said it was a really intresting and educational day. He talked to the helicopter pilot for a bit and was told that recently, over a two day period the pilot and his gunner had shot 55 coyotes in Bear...
  33. Muley_73

    Urban Legends of MM

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-02-12 AT 01:00AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Mar-02-12 AT 00:56?AM (MST) I have listed a few Urban Legends of MM. Things that are always talked about but never really confirmed. I started a small list. Please feel free to add on. SFW Caymen Island Accounts Mossback Road...
  34. Muley_73

    Dedicated Hunter or Extra Bonus Point???

    Just curious how many of you out there think the state should continue the Dedicted Hunter Program? I have been in the program and while I enjoyed the added time afield I do not believe the added pressure is what our herds currently need. I also understand that the DWR counts on those labor...
  35. Muley_73

    Willard Nanny

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-08-11 AT 00:56AM (MST)[p]Well my brother does not post much so I decided to post a few pic of his goat hunt for him. I live right next to unit so I was able to spend alot of time scouting the unit. Beatiful country and I was able to watch goats every time I went up including...
  36. Muley_73

    CO 3rd season with 2lumpy..Thanks Dad!!!

    I recieved a voice mail last week while hunting with a friend on the Paunsy. It was 2lumpy letting me know that he had picked up a couple 3rd season CO tags. (I like voice mails like that). We have been scrambling to gather info about the area and scrambling to get ready to leave. I could...
  37. Muley_73

    Sons Nothern Region Buck

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-02-11 AT 01:32AM (MST)[p]My son drew a Northern Region tag as his second choice. After spending alot of time scouting for Grandpas moose and Uncles Mnt Goat he was a little concerned about finding a buck. Opening morning we decided to load up the packs and hike in about 3...
  38. Muley_73

    Thanks, Storytellers

    Just wanted to thank all the MM storytellers that are willing to come on and share the stories and pics. I know there are lots of magazines giving prizes and pressures the keep units hush hush. So I really do appreciate all those that choose to share their hunts and personal victories and...
  39. Muley_73

    A little fishing fun

    Finally got some pics from my trip to Mexico downloaded and thought I'd share a few. The Marlin fishing was unbelievable!!!!! Dorado taste great...
  40. Muley_73

    Family Fun!

    As the draw results have started to roll in this year our family excitement have grown. Dad-UT-Cache Moose Brother-UT-Willard Peak Nanny Son-UT-Northern Rifle Deer UT-Spike Elk Me-UT-Northern Rifle Deer UT-Spike Elk NM-Barbary Sheep Pending WY draw for pronghorn. Can not wait to...
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