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  1. Cahunter805

    Wanted 300 RUM Ammo

    Have a buddy looking for the following ammo. Needs at least 2 boxes. If you have any let me know. 300RUM Factory Loaded 180gr Scirocco
  2. Cahunter805

    Rifle Found in AZ

    Saw this and figured it wouldn’t hurt to put it up here.
  3. Cahunter805

    Tri tip

    Cooked these up Wednesday on the Red Oak BBQ. Forget to get a pic of the full plate but served it with beans, salad and sourdough garlic buttered bread. I aged these for a little over 1 month in my refrigerator in vacuum sealed bags and they were amazingly tender.
  4. Cahunter805

    SOLD OnX WY chip

    Looking for a WY chip. Let me know what you might have laying around.
  5. Cahunter805

    Unit 16C Elk

    Anyone draw a tag for 16C elk this year? A good buddy drew a NR 1st rifle tag and I’m trying to help him with some info. Have some good intel already but anything helps.
  6. Cahunter805

    Smoked pork loin

    Forgot to post this last week. I picked up a nice whole pork loin at Costco. Cut in half and froze half and brined the other half overnight. Seasoned with Holy Voodoo and smoked it on the Traeger. It was pretty darn good for my first attempt at smoked pork loin.
  7. Cahunter805

    Fresh fish tacos

    My buddy gave me some fresh halibut he caught this past weekend. Decided to make some tacos with it. Mango salsa with avacado, hot sauce, white sauce and cabbage slaw is all that was needed. Low carb tortillas also.
  8. Cahunter805

    For Sale Kuiu Tiburon pants 34

    Kuiu tiburon size 34 Verde 1.0 These pants have been hemmed to 31” inseam. Pants are used with some piling, pulls and a few tiny holes. $75TYD
  9. Cahunter805

    Beef stew

    My buddy gave me a bunch of home grown carrots so had to use some up. My girlfriend made a delicious beef stew last night in the Instant pot. Added potatoes, onions, mushrooms, peas and red wine as well. Beyond full after this bowl.
  10. Cahunter805

    Wanted Rem 700 bolt stop

    Anyone have a Rem700 bolt stop laying around? Needing a few if possible. Thanks. They look like this.
  11. Cahunter805

    This is ridiculous!

    Our DFG is so far from anything normal it’s ridiculous. The last sentence in the article is the best!🤣
  12. Cahunter805

    Wanted Rem 700 Magnum action/rifle

    Looking for a RH LA magnum action or complete rifle. Let me know what you have collecting dust in the safe.
  13. Cahunter805

    3-2-1 Ribs

    Picked up a 3 pack of Baby backs from Costco last week and threw them on the Traeger yesterday while doing some work around the house. I made 2 racks with some BBQ sauce(modified Sweet baby rays) and the last rack with some butter and seasonings as I’m not a huge BBQ sauce fan on my ribs. Sure...
  14. Cahunter805

    WTB a few sets of mule deer sheds

    If anyone has a few sets of mule deer sheds they wanted to sell PM me. Need a few sets for an outdoor project. Thanks.
  15. Cahunter805

    SOLD Kuiu Icon Pro bag and accessories

    For sale Kuiu Icon Pro 3200 bag only. Verde 2.0 Bag is in great condition. $120TYD Kuiu Load hauler. Vias. Like New. $30TYD Kuiu Bow bucket. Vias. Good condition. $20TYD Buy them all for $160TYD
  16. Cahunter805

    Elk Burger’s

    Made some Elk/chorizo burgers last night. Forgot the picture with all the fixings but included spinach, tomato, spicy Mayo, mustard and avacado on a toasted brioche bun. They were delicious.
  17. Cahunter805

    Wanted Rem 700 SA 22-250,243,etc

    Hey guys. Looking for a M700 SA in .473 bolt face. Caliber isn’t important. Rifle can be well used also. Let me know what you have collecting dust.
  18. Cahunter805

    Deer unit 89

    Did anyone from the MM crowd hunt 89 this year? Considering burning some points in 2021 and would appreciate any insight on this unit. Thank you.
  19. Cahunter805

    NM Recap

    Myself and 2 buddies drew a NM rifle elk tag this year. To say we had a good time would be an understatement. We scouted 2 days and found some nice bulls but certainly had company on opening morning in those spots. Opening day both my buddies filled their tags. I missed a nice 6pt the next day...
  20. Cahunter805

    WY Elk unit 11

    Hey guys. Have a buddy with a unit 11 tag. Wondering if anyone has been in the unit lately and if the bulls are still fired up? Thank you.
  21. Cahunter805

    Unit 34 1st rifle

    Despite the odds myself and 2 buddies ended up with 1st rifle Unit 34 tags this year. I have poured over paper maps, OnX and google earth. I know there are elk all over the unit and have some general areas picked out already. If anyone has hunted this unit I’d like to discuss some logistics as...
  22. Cahunter805

    SOLD 6.5-06

    Trying to help my brother move another rifle. I have a Wby Vanguard LA, action face trued and threads recut, it’s got a custom Douglas SS #4 1-8” twist 26” long barrel chambered in 6.5-06, factory trigger tuned to 1lb 9oz, B&C stock with aluminum bedding block and barrel free floated, factory...
  23. Cahunter805

    Unit 34 cow tag

    Anyone know of a unit 34 landowner cow tag available?
  24. Cahunter805

    SOLD 28 Nosler

    My brother just finished this. Trying to help him move it. Rem 700 LA trued -Lugs lapped and bolt face trued - metal KG gunkoted matte black -fluted bolt knob -.250” recoil lug - bartlien 3B fluted 26” 1-8” twist - 3 port precision brake - mcmillan hunter edge stock OD green with tan and black...
  25. Cahunter805

    SOLD Or Sale- Kuiu Frame

    Looking to Trade a Kuiu Tall frame for an Xtra Tall frame. Frame is in good shape. Frame is taped on the bottom and up the sides a bit which eliminated squeaking. Would consider selling it also for $125. Will get pics up tonight if anyone needs them.
  26. Cahunter805

    SOLD Vortex Razor UHD 18x56

    For sale Vortex Razor UHD 18x56 Binos are in like new condition. Used probably 3-4 times. Comes with box and everything included from Vortex $1550TYD
  27. Cahunter805

    For Sale 9/16x24 Slabbed Muzzlebrakes

    I have 8 slabbed 9/16x24 Mini Magnum Muscle Brakes. they are all .22 cal and need be opened up to what ever caliber you are installing the brake on. They are .850” tall 1” wide and 1.70” long. $45 shipped each $80 for two.
  28. Cahunter805

    SOLD Kuiu Icon Pro 7200 bag

    Kuiu Icon Pro 7200 bag Verde This bag is like new. Used maybe 3 times. $180TYD
  29. Cahunter805

    SOLD Kuiu Pro 6000/Kuiu 5200 bag

    Looking for a Pro 6000 or Icon Pro 5200 bag. Prefer Verde but let me know what you have laying around.
  30. Cahunter805

    SOLD Vortex Ranger 1800

    New in the box! $300TYD
  31. Cahunter805

    NR Deer Tag return question

    Couldn’t seem to find the answer online. Can a NR return a deer tag for the 80% or just a combo license?
  32. Cahunter805


    For sale Leupold VX3 4.5-14x40mm LR Duplex reticle Factory CDS dial in MOA with zero stop This scope is in great condition. No ring marks and glass is excellent. $450TYD
  33. Cahunter805

    WTS 6.5-06

    For sale Rem 700 6.5-06 Rem 700 Long action- Action Face has been squared and threads cleaned up. 25” 8 Twist Mullerworks #4 barrel B&C BDL stock Factory trigger has been resprung, stoned and tuned to 2lbs All metal cerakoted Coyote Tan Rifle weights 7.9lbs Test fired only. $1500 shipped to your...
  34. Cahunter805

    Custom 28Nosler

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-19-19 AT 12:00PM (MST)[p]I'm probably gonna regret this but up for sale is a Custom 28Nosler. Specs as follows TL Industries Hunter Action- 700 clone 26? Frozen Fiber Carbon Barrel- Custom contour about a #5. 8 Twist MBM 3 port Lil Beast Muzzlebrake Rem BDL Bottom Metal...
  35. Cahunter805

    Rem 700 6.5-06

    For sale Rem 700 6.5-06 Rem 700 Long action- Action Face has been squared and threads cleaned up. 25? 8 Twist Mullerworks #4 barrel B&C BDL stock Factory trigger has been resprung, stoned and tuned to 2lbs All metal cerakoted Coyote Tan Rifle weights 7.9lbs Test fired only. $1500 shipped to your...
  36. Cahunter805

    Thermarest NeoAir pads

    Both sleeping pads have been used for 4-5 trips. Both are in great condition and will come with factory stuff sack. No leaks. Have 1 patch kit. Whichever pad sells first gets the kit. 1- NeoAir Xlite Size Regular- $100TYD 1- NeoAir Xtherm Size Regular- $140TYD. This pad has seam sealer dots...
  37. Cahunter805

    Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX boots

    For sale Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX Size 9.5 Men?s Boots are used with a few scuffs and nicks but overall still plenty of life left. $110TYD
  38. Cahunter805

    Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX boots

    For Sale Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Size 9 Boots have been treated with waterproofing spray. Used but good condition. Maybe 4 hikes on them. $120TYD
  39. Cahunter805

    Custom 6.5SAUM

    For sale -Gunwerks GRB action 20MOA bases - 6.5 saum .120? freebore -Brux #3 1-8? twist finished at 24? -Wyatt's extended mag box - PTG orbendorfen bottom metal - TT primary set at 1.75lbs - Mesa precision altitude stock bedded - cerakoted in cobalt, the bolt is Factory coated in NP3 low...
  40. Cahunter805

    WTT Kuiu Waist Belt

    Have a Kuiu Icon Pro S/M in verde 2.0. Want to trade for a L/XL. Anyone have one to trade?
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